42 Trendy Tall Wedding Centerpieces For Reception Tables

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One of the highlights of weddings is the floral arrangements from ceremony to reception. A focal point at the reception is the tables where the guests will spend the most time. So impress them by opting for tall wedding centerpieces. Move from classic mixes of peonies, roses, and hydrangeas in tall glass vases for a traditional affair to structured vessels for contemporary weddings. Greenery, accents, candles, trees, and herbs are also a must feature in this array of tall centerpieces for the wedding reception table. For more information on dreamy tall centerpieces for weddings, consider the collection in this post.


Brides Often Ask

How tall should tall wedding centerpieces be?

Tall table centerpieces for wedding reception towers between 30 inches to 36 inches high. When you mount them on a vase, they should reach four to five feet for a grand look.


Floral Wedding Centerpieces

Tall floral wedding centerpieces are magnificent with cascading blooms and vibrant designs. See some ideas for every theme.

Bohemian Wedding Centerpieces

The bohemian wedding theme gives you a free card to go all out and bold. Opt for ethereal colorful vases and terrariums with bold blooms and succulents. Add some feathery details, berries or leaves, floating candles, and spikes to finish the look.


Gentle Bouquets in Tall Transparent Vases

Tall transparent vases are the most obvious choices for wedding centerpieces, as they come in endless shapes and styles. Fill a statuesque pilsner with gigantic flowers for a garden theme or trumpet vase with rounded white blooms. You may also opt for a clarinet vase filled with cherry blossoms to create a silhouette or any other arrangement you love.


Charming Tree Wedding Centerpieces

Whether you host a woodland, barn, forest-themed, or enchanted wedding, tree centerpieces add texture, style, beauty, and impact. Consider some curly willow, stock, thick branches, greenery, driftwood, birch, and more. They stand tall, and the varying colors will add a rich warmth to your ambiance. Pair them with your favorite flower stems in tall vases for maximum effect.

Tall Candelabra Ideas with Flowers

Tall floral wedding centerpieces with candelabras are the pinnacle of table décor luxury. Adorn blooms and greenery of your choice on a slender crystal holder and accent with a taper candle for a rand charm. You can also light a centerpiece with gold candelabra or opt for gilded candelabras decked with trim blooms for sophistication.


Tall Herbal Wedding Centerpieces

Tall herbal centerpieces will go well on your garden-inspired reception tables. Not only are their presence soothing, but they are perfect wedding favors. Rosemary, lavender, sage, mint, and other types of herbs will sit well in candelabras or trumpet vases. You can combine these herbs with flowers like a baby’s breath or leave a touch of rustic/country on them.

Modern Wedding Centerpieces

Modern wedding centerpieces are authentic and creative. See some ideas that you can adopt.


Budget-Friendly Greenery Centerpieces

Greenery tall table centerpieces for wedding receptions are a huge trend. These greenery centerpieces help make table space while standing outs. Opt for materials like tall clear vases or geometric metallic stands filled with lush greenery arrangements. Include large leaves, herbs, and foliage to make a statement. You can also work with destinations and themes like the monstera and banana leaves for tropical weddings.

Stunning Minimalist Centerpieces

Minimalist wedding centerpieces are stunning creations that don’t require too many blooms, making them less overwhelming. Plus, they are easy to DIY or recreate. Incorporate a monochrome, ombre palette, or solo flower bundle centerpieces as alternatives to flowing blooms. Other options include tall mason jars, casual or rustic assortments, and candles.


Gorgeous Tall Unique Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Tall wedding reception centerpieces will transform the venue immediately. To pull off this look, enlist crystal vases, candelabras, or gilt risers filled with lush blooms of your choice. Florals like roses, dahlias, orchids, tulips, or a mix of unique flowers are perfect. Add some foliage to these lush arrangements or bring in trees to create an opulent atmosphere.

Spring Wedding Centerpieces

Spring wedding centerpieces are understated yet attention-grabbing. See them in their variations for some inspiration.


Nude wedding centerpiece ideas

Spring is a season of flowers that allows you to channel huge but soft and romantic pastel-hued centerpieces for texture and perspective. The nude wedding color palette perfectly pairs with red, pink, and blush to express sophistication. Think of coral and crimson floral or non-floral charms in nude-colored vases. Tall nude tree slabs, accents, and natural creations are also viable options like you will see.

Soft Rosy Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Rosy tall flower wedding centerpieces are synonymous with traditional and modern weddings. They range from red and orange to white and blush, complete with their classic charm. There is no specific method to create rosy centerpieces from single bright blooms to bursts of colors. Use gigantic open lanterns, tall pots, blend with other succulents and garnish with accents for a whimsical flavor.

Elegant Flower Wedding Centerpieces

Elegant tall wedding centerpieces are best in lengthy skinny vases so that the guests can interact across the table. Also, they are a perfect fit for long, narrow, or round-shaped tables, lending an ethereal beauty to the overall aesthetic. Floral arrangements should incorporate focal flowers like lilies, carnations, daisies hydrangeas, and more. Follow focal setups with secondary flowers like delphiniums, hypericum, snapdragons, and the likes. Finish with filler flowers or greens like baby’s breath, Eucalyptus, Gypsophila, Leather Leaves, and Leucadendron Proteas.

Fall Wedding Centerpieces

Fall is a romantic and whimsical time of the year. See tall fall centerpieces options that express the season.

Beautiful Tall Candlesticks

Candles are some of the best tall wedding centerpieces ideas because of the understated beauty of romantic weddings. They know how to steal the show without being over the top with their classic and timeless beauty. Opt for tall crystal taper or votive candlesticks in different shapes and colors. You may also incorporate candelabras for a traditional touch. Explore flamed or flameless options depending on whether your venue is indoor or outdoor.

Glamour Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Rustic tall centerpieces for wedding reception tables bring the family vibe to its fullest. They are easy to assemble with magnificent options. We see lots of simple tall garlands of greenery and gigantic traditional floral setup. There are also show-stopping table installations and even edible varieties. Use beautiful tall vessels, larger-than-life mason jars with tall arrangements, piled high fruits, floral surrounded gigantic candles, and more.

Fall Flower Tall Wedding Centerpieces

Tall fall wedding centerpieces are colorful, spirited, and vibrant. Think of fresh leaves, vegetables, fruits, and berries expressing their decadent touches in tall clear, mercury, or crystal vases. You can also opt for bold classical floral variants that bring the autumn spirit to your big day. But for the deep and moody, opt for dark floral tones in the sublime tall bud, trumpet, pail, or pitcher vases.

Tall wedding centerpieces have ways to make your wedding reception tales the focal point. They are sophisticated, budget-friendly, and contribute to the overall décor. So regardless of your wedding palette and theme, there is something here for you. Check out our catalog for tall centerpieces ideas.