Country Wedding Decor 20+ Best Ideas

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There is a special charm of country weddings that lots of couples just cannot resist. If you are one of such couples, then you might want an elegant country wedding to celebrate your nuptials. From picturesque rustic barn venues to idyllic rolling hills, pickup trucks and cowboy boots, there are lots of country themed wedding ideas that can be put together to make your dream wedding come to life.


A country wedding is all about nature, and using nature inspired ideas for a country wedding is one of the best ways of realizing this theme. Daisies, sunflowers, thistle, lavenders and baby breath are all blooms and foliage that will do well incorporated in this wedding theme. Your wedding can go from minimalist rustic to countryside vintage, depending on how you want to style it. If you are unsure how to move forward with this wedding country theme, then come along as we show you some of our top country western wedding decoration ideas.

What is a country themed wedding?

Wedding in country style – rustic motifs, the atmosphere in a modern city to feel harmony with nature, to feel the simplicity and comfort.

Romantic Country Wedding Arbors

Your country themed wedding decorations can begin right from your wedding arch. In keeping with the rustic or countryside vibe, it is a good idea to go with nature. Create an arch out of branches and blooms and you have a simple country wedding idea that is gorgeous at the same time. Another option is to adorn a wedding arbor with seasonal florals, vines, foliage and eucalyptus to give an ethereal feel to your wedding ceremony.


Lovely Rustic Country Themed Wedding Ideas For Backdrop

Consider the backdrop of your wedding ceremony and reception when thinking country style wedding decorations, as this will reflect in most of your wedding photography. You could create a gorgeous flower wall of wildflowers plucked directly from the hills, along with lush greenery for a statement backdrop.

Another idea for a country themed wedding reception at a farm, is to stand impressive bales of hay and decorate with floral monograms of Mr & Mrs or any fun bridal phrase you would prefer. An evening wedding would look especially magical under a tree with hanging Mason jars, each containing lit candles. A twinkly background that would hardly put a dent in your budget. Truly idyllic and unique country themed wedding ideas decorations.


Stunning Wedding Aisle For Country Wedding

For unique country style aisle wedding decoration ideas, consider this substitute for flower bases. Line your aisle with mini rain boots, each filled with an assortment of floral arrangements. Wildflowers or seasonal blooms will do well in this situation. Boots can be mix and match colors for a more picturesque wedding aisle. Rain is also a symbol of good luck, so whether it rains or not, this simple outdoor country wedding idea can serve as a bringer of good fortune.

Another option for country style wedding aisle is to go organic with wildflowers carpeting the aisle floor in a homey and relaxed creation. You can create the country style wedding reception of your dreams.


Simple Ideas For Country Reception

There is a limitless array of country theme wedding reception ideas available to any couple looking to have the country wedding of their dreams. For your venue consider using a warehouse in a unique look where country crosses with industrial. Decorate with wine barrels and lush greenery, and you have a very unique wedding location indeed.

A large barn in the woods is also never out of the question. Set up soft up lighting outside along the perimeter, and bistro lighting inside, to create a warm and romantic atmosphere for your wedding.

Create that country laid back feeling with mix and match centerpieces and chairs for a fun outdoor country wedding dinner. A beer bar with custom taps where guests can serve themselves also presents an opportunity to give them that country feel. Beer glasses can also be replaced with Mason jars in one more step towards fulfilling this unique wedding theme.


Genius Way To Using Hay Bale On Wedding

Hay bales can be used in several ways to work in the rustic, country magic at any wedding. Use hay bales in a wall arrangement for a statement wedding backdrop, country wedding style. Hay bales in the right amount, can always be great for outside country wedding ideas. In a simple wedding reception décor, you can drape individual hay bales with cloth napkins or fabric to use as seats. Arrange hay bale seats in half circles around a rustic altar for your guests. Decorate the altar with wood vines, burlap and seasonal foliage, to complete this cute country wedding idea. Not only will everyone have a good view of the wedding ceremony, but you would also have created the perfect picture of a country themed wedding.

Timeless Vintage Country Wedding Ideas

Vintage styles work perfectly infused in country or rustic style events. Create décor statements at your wedding with repurposed antique doors that can serve as signage at several points in an English countryside wedding.

Position an old fashioned wagon with wedding monograms at a unique space in your ceremony to add to the vintage country charm of your big day. Create a container to collect notes of well wishes from friends and loved ones out of a vintage suitcase that can be propped at the entrance of your wedding reception, complete with vintage fountain pen for that unique vintage feel.


Metal Buckets Elements In Wedding Decor

Another one of our favorite rustic country themed wedding ideas has to do with metal buckets. This will definitely be genius for a rustic country theme. Create a festive display out of metal buckets lined up, each with a filling of soil as well as seed packet for your guests. Prop mini shovels beside each bucket along with other farming tools for that additional rustic vibe. Guests will love these organic wedding favors to remember your wedding by.


Unique Country Wedding Ideas With Wood Palettes

Pallets are also gorgeous and simple decoration materials that can be used for small country wedding ideas. You can add the atmosphere of a country fair to your wedding reception. Create a popcorn bar out of budget pallets propped atop one another. Serve a variety of popcorn balls of different flavors. You can also send guests home with extra paper bags of your wedding popcorn. Edible wedding favors are always welcome and much loved by guests of all types. You could paint pallets in several unique colors for a brighter and more festive popcorn bar or decorate with seasonal blooms.



Beautiful Centerpieces For Country Wedding

Wedding centerpieces are an important element when decorating according to a certain wedding theme. For unique country wedding ideas, consider floral arrangements created with a variety of flowers picked straight from the countryside. You could incorporate various greenery alongside seasonal blooms and thistle for the most unique rustic styled wedding table centerpieces. You could also add foraged wildflower, vines and berries to make an even better countryside statement.

If you are thinking of a more organic feel, then you could fill carefully selected wooden crates with farm bounty to use as centerpieces. Anyone looking for that candid country vibe would adore this option. Enjoying farm fresh cuisine with these lush and organic centerpieces in view, will create the ultimate country wedding ambiance your guests are sure to enjoy.

Create the ultimate country wedding with any one of these country wedding ideas. Whether you are having a minimalist, vintage or rustic inspired country wedding, you can create the wedding of your dreams with the right scenery and nature inspired décor. Use the natural elements of your wedding location as inspiration to create the most creative and gorgeous country wedding ever.