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42 Spectacular Buttercream Wedding Cakes


Buttercream wedding cakes are one of the most popular options for many couples. Decoration ideas of this beautiful canvas are literally endless. Buttercream cakes can be easily flavoured, coloured, decorated with piping or fresh flowers. We recommend to spend some time with your cake decorator to choose perfect taste and design after getting inspiration from our gallery of beautiful wedding cakes with buttercream frosting.


Photo 1-6: White Buttercream Frosted Wedding Cakes

Source: Kat Willson, Jen Fariello PhotographEmily Delamater

Source: Jen and Dayton Photography, Inkspot Photography, Erin Elaine Schiefen via Instagram


Photo 7-12: Buttercream Wedding Cakes With Flowers

Source: Britt Croft photographyErica ObrienMegan Reeves photography

Source: The Wedding Artist’s Collective, Key West Cakes, Ann-Kathrin Koch Photography


Photo 13-18: Buttercream Wedding Cakes With Fruits

Source: rosalindmillercakes via InstagramStefani Pollack via Instagram, Elizabeth Anne Designs

Source: Alders photography, Joel Bedford Photography, Dana Fernandez Photography


Photo 19-24: Buttercream Wedding Cakes With Fresh Flowers

Source: The Waldron photograph Co, Chris Scuffins Photo, Eyelet Images

Source: Dulce Desserts, Coco Paloma, Allyson Magda


Photo 25-30: Colorful Buttercream Wedding Cakes For Creative Couples

Source: Baked ExpressionsCakes 2 CupcakesCakes by Kim

Source: J Wilkinson Co Photographyboni_bakery via Instagram, Katelyn James Photography

Photo 31-36: Charming Wedding Cakes With Flowers

Source: littleleahskitchen via Instagram, justinandsimone via Instagram, Carly Arnwine via Instagram


Source: blondebakingmama via Instagram 


Photo 37-42: Naked Buttercream Cakes

Source: cake_ink via Instagram, Tyler Branch, soulcakeshop via Instagram


Source: jycakedesigns via Instagram, siftandgather via Instagram, Essence Photography

Main post image source: Charlie & Juliet