Planning A Perfect At Home Wedding


From the cost of catering to having to pay a wedding planner, even small weddings held at a venue can break the bank. For a much easier and much less costly event, consider having an at home wedding, right in your own backyard (or living room, den or any other suitable area in or around your home).  An at home wedding is a great way to have an intimate celebration of your vows, without all the huge costs associated with more traditional weddings.

1. Perfectionists Beware!

While an at home wedding is less expensive than a venue wedding, it’s also more susceptible to things going wrong. A wedding at home is a lot more hands-on for you and anyone else involved in the planning.  An at home wedding means that you’ll be responsible for every tiny detail.  If your big day won’t be perfect unless it’s perfect in every detail, an at home wedding probably isn’t your best choice.


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