Trendy And Creative Covid Wedding Ideas

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At the moment, the world is almost at a standstill. Everyone is uncertain about when this will be over, hence postponing their weddings. If you’re one of these people, you can still celebrate your big day in style. There are many unique covid wedding ideas available at your disposal.

Sure, your wedding will look different, but the bottom line is that the day is special. For this reason, we did our research and came up with answers to all your possible questions concerning having a wedding during covid. Also, you’ll find some of the best covid 19 wedding ideas in this post. Discover all you need to know as you plan a wedding during covid.

Brides Often Ask

How to get married during coronavirus

Having a safe wedding during covid 19 rests with you, your vendors, and the guests. Stay up to date with the news about covid from the Center for Disease Control. Work with your vendors and venue in maximizing space, ensuring safe gathering, and social distancing policies. Downsize your guest list, and ensure to remind the invited guests to protect themselves. Use a lot of signage to guide guests through what they need to do, hence minimizing human contact.

How to uninvite wedding guests due to covid?

The government has restricted public gatherings to specific numbers, so it’s important to downsize the guest list. For the uninvited guests, call them early enough or send custom notes to them stating your reasons. Apologize and offer to send them pictures via your website. You can also offer an alternative by asking them to join the wedding virtually. Additionally, you may host a post-wedding celebratory dinner that they can attend.

Wedding Planning Tips During Covid

One of the major consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic is the indefinite postponement of weddings. Below are tips to help you adjust while planning a wedding during COVID.’

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Your wedding postponed – what to do?

Keep planning and stay proactive. Opt for an outdoor wedding if it’s allowed, to maximize space. Stay up to date with the news and keep your guests informed of proceedings.



How to choose a venue?

When choosing a COVID wedding venue, opt for a large space or the outdoors. Ensure that the layout can accommodate your guests 6ft apart. Make sure that the venue implements an event-specific COVID-19 Preparedness Plan.

Choose a venue with onsite health screening apparatus for guests and workers. Ensure that there’s a plan to minimize human contact during the course of the wedding. Check their booking, insurance, and cancellation policies to see that it matches your choices.



Wedding insurance during covid

It is essential to get wedding insurance, especially during COVID. The two types of wedding insurance policies include liability and cancellation/ postponement insurance. The liability insurance covers happening during a wedding.

Such as property damage and bodily injuries to guests. A cancellation insurance policy provides a refund of deposits made to the vendors, for the venue, caterer, band, and florist. So, look at both insurance policies and see what meets your needs the most.



How to limit a wedding guest list?

Downsizing your guest list during COVID is tough but inevitable. Start by retaining only those who you can’t bear having your wedding without. Remove those with who you hardly communicate from your guest list. Also, scrap plus ones, especially if you don’t know them personally. Lastly, if you can’t bear to do these, offer them the option of attending virtually.


Attire shopping during covid

Buy attire off the rack and take home the same day. It’s also safer to shop online and return the dress if it doesn’t fit. You can also have the boutiques send sample sizes to you for testing, then ship it back. If you exhaust all measures, tilt towards alternative attire that is just as gorgeous.



Must-have items

To stay safe during a COVID wedding, some items are essential. Ensure that all wedding guests have masks on. Maintain at least 6 feet distance away from the next person. Make sanitizers and hand wash available. A non-contact hand temperature gun will also help in checking the guests at the wedding entrance. Keep wipes at strategies for that guests can pick them up as they go.


How to throw a virtual wedding?

Obtain your marriage license from your clerk’s office. Choose a platform that you’re conversant with, either Facebook, Google hangout, zoom, or Instagram. Send invites to the guests via email or Evite.

Do your own hair, and makeup, and dress the part. Decorate your venues regardless of where you are; some flowers, balloons, lights, signage, anything. Inform guests of the platform you want to you and have them practice in advance. Set up your camera properly and choose a perfect angle. Opt for a shorter wedding to hold the attention span of guests. Capture everything on film.



Useful covid wedding hashtags

This is a tough period and every little fun counts. A beautiful way to give your wedding a wider reach is by following popular COVID 19 hashtags. You’ll also find some memorable wedding ideas during COVID.

Some of the most popular hashtags include #coronaviruswedding #loveisntcancelled #covid19wedding #loveisnotcancelled #pandemicwedding #stillgettingmarried #covid19bride #socialdistancewedding etc.

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Covid Wedding Ideas

Expert Prediction
Super “Chill” Vibes
Another trend we suspect is that couples may choose to host more laid-back celebrations versus a full-scale wedding, such as an intimate dinner, a family and friends BBQ, or even a rented DIY space. We believe that a lot of couples are sick of playing the waiting game and do not want to go through the hassle of planning a big event amidst a pandemic with many unknowns.

To create a beautiful atmosphere while maintaining a safe environment, here are a few creative wedding ideas for COVID.



Posh hand sanitizing stations

Create a boho, vintage, or rustic theme by creating stations for sanitizers. Put sanitizers in personalized geometric shaped containers on vintage dressers. Have a huge station saying “live, celebrate, and sanitize” or “spread love, not germs.”


Offer custom masks to guests

Create personalized masks that fit your wedding theme, preferably disposable ones. Have your initials, wedding date, or symbols of them. Include them in the welcome box or as wedding favors for the guests. This will serve as keepsakes.



No-photo wedding

Refrain guests from taking pictures at the wedding because it’s a way to transfer germs. Have your photographer take pictures instead of phone transfers. If this is unrealistic at your wedding, make alcohol wipes available to wipe down phones.


Host a mini ceremony

Host a mini-ceremony with your loved ones present or virtually. You could make it legal or celebratory to have your wedding at a later date. Make the guest count small, order a smaller version of your cake, and have fun.



Host a shifted wedding

This is very unusual but fun, especially in this COVID 19 period. Hold your main wedding and get all the legal aspects done. Have guests attend shifts for the celebration. Between each shift, the venue is well cleansed and sanitized.


Invest in fun and educative signage

Keeping guests away from each other, especially at social gatherings is a task. So place signage at the entrance and other strategic areas reminding them of facts about COVID. Tell them what to do and rules to abide by respectfully.



Send out pre-wedding favors

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Prepare your guests for the wedding in advance by sending them preparatory goodie bags. Include masks, mini champagne bottles, sanitizers, safety rules, location maps, and snacks among other things. These wedding favors will keep them excited.


Send your partner surprise messages

Start the day by sending your partner surprise messages. You could write on the sole of their shoes or drop a note in their new wristwatch box. For something more unique, embroider a part of their attire with your initials.



Adopt a funky eating style

Ditch the buffet serving this period so that guests don’t touch the same spoon. Have your caterers serve the guests with individual bowls. Everything they need will be in there and they’ll dish it themselves.


Set up a cozy and intimate ambiance

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Enact the memorable nights with your venue, especially if you’re in a huge space. Use lanterns, fairy lights, creeping and tumbling flowers overhead and at the entrance. Make use of drapes in tones that you love for a romantic feel.



Adopt uncommon forms of entertainment

Playing board games where people touch is impossible at this time. So opt for games like tarot card reader where guests only point. Host an outdoor photo booth where guests strike poses for the photographer. Hire circus performers, play hopscotch, etc.


Set up break out lounges

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To avoid overcrowding, set up breakout lounges where a maximum of three people can stay at a time. Supply these areas with couches, custom headphones, tables, and refreshments. When they need to dance and unwind, they can move there.



Personalize everything possible

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Personalization is one way to make your wedding memorable and in many ways. Place handwritten notes on guest tables. Sign off on all stationery, centerpieces, place cards, and anything else. Name tables after your best fruits or places or serve signature drinks.


Host a drive-through wedding

Choose a venue where your guests can show up and remain in their cars. They will watch you take your vows, snap a lot of photos and join the music. Afterward, they will drop their gifts by the road for you to sanitize.



Enjoy individually boxed meals

This method of food serving is easy and fast as guests can grab a box and get off the line. Caterers have stepped up with basic boxed meals like sandwiches to colorful foods. This is a sound response to COVID


Host a car parade

Say your vows in private with loved ones and the officiant. After the ceremony, have your friends come around in their cars: horns blaring in a parade to celebrate you. This will make your wedding feel like a festival.



Choose a local sentimental venue

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If there’s a local spot that you love going to with your partner, get married there. It could be the local bar, horse track, or the restaurant where you got engaged. It may also be the first house you live in.


Opt for a virtual disco

Due to the social distancing rules, dancing together is impossible. Appease your guests by having your DJ host a virtual disco where you play everyone’s favorite song. Use a platform where all the guests can see each other and the DJ.


How To Avoid Planning Stress During Covid

Planning a wedding is hard, but during covid, it’s harder, making stress inevitable. Here are simple tips for avoiding stress as you plan.

  1. Speak always
    When planning your wedding, you’ll be sad, concerned, disappointed, or unsure about a lot of things. You’re not alone, so always express yourself to someone. It could be family, friends, planners, or vendors. Never bottle things up because your mental health is important. If it gets to the point where you need to cut out, by all means, take a break.
  2. Create a flexible plan and prioritize
    Nothing certain this period and the room for error and emergencies has widened. So ensure that your plan is flexible to accommodate surprises. Also, focus on the things that matter and ignore those that you can’t change.
  3. Stay updated
    Ensure that you’re up to date with the rules governing your area during this pandemic. Know the safety guidelines and always reach out to your local health department for information. This will help you and your guests.
  4. Broaden communication
    Physical contact is not so possible right now. Hence, communication must be broadened to avoid confusion. Stay in touch with your vendors, planner, family, friends, and guests. Set up your wedding website or a Facebook page where you can keep everyone updated with your journey.
  5. Let your hair down, keep your legs up, and exhale
    Take time out to unwind and take care of yourself. Go to the spa, take a short vacation, sleep more, eat well, and relax. If you feel too wound up, talk to a therapist.


How to deal with cancellations

Making cancellations against your wedding due to covid 19 hurts a lot. It could put you under stress and attack your mental health, but here’s a way to minimize it.

  1. Call up your planner and vendors
    This is the first thing to do because the earlier you call them, the less it costs to reschedule. Pick a date in excess of three months and negotiate new contracts with each individual. This will the pressure off you.
  2. Keep guests in the loop
    Immediately you decide to cancel, inform guests via phone, messages, or emails. This will help them cancel any commitments they’ve made towards your wedding. When you have a new date, inform them, but don’t expect a crowd to show up. They could have gotten affected by the pandemic.
  3. Look at refund possibilities
    Review the documents of your vendors to see if there is a possibility of refunds. Vendors didn’t create their binding documents with this magnitude of the crisis in mind. However, some of them have relaxed their policies in this period to meet couples halfway. Doing this will help cut down the stress that you’d have otherwise felt.

Covid wedding ideas are here to help you have the best day of your life, even with the virus present. You also get answers to all your covid wedding questions, including creative tips. Lastly, we’ve shown you how to overcome stress while planning or canceling your wedding. Have a safe and fun wedding celebration.