Native American Wedding Blessing Samples

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Whether you want to honor your indigenous ancestry or you need non-religious vows that are also different from the norm, you could try some Native American wedding customs. There are different types of Native American wedding blessing samples from the various Indian tribes that are not only beautiful but deeply meaningful. Connect with your loved one in a traditional way that reverences elements of nature, as well as celestial bodies like the moon and the sun.

Whether Navajo, Cherokee, or just traditionally Indian, we have here a guide to Native American wedding blessings that you will love.

Apache Wedding Blessing

Apache traditional marriage vows have become pretty popular over the years at modern weddings. This non-denominational Indian wedding blessing is not exactly of Native American origin. A beautiful tribute for any couple to recite on their wedding day, the popular wedding reading apache blessing was a poem written for a Western novel by a non-native American author.

This was made even more famous after it was turned into a movie, that starred Jimmy Stewart. However, this apache wedding blessing history aside, it is used in all types of weddings these days, and even for vow renewal ceremonies. You would use it too if you wanted something unique and so meaningful for your wedding day.

“Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be a shelter for the other. Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warm to the other. Now there will be no loneliness, for each of you will be a companion to the other. Now you are two persons, but there is only one life before you. May beauty surround you both in the journey ahead and through all the years. May happiness be your companion and your days together be good and long upon the earth.”


Cherokee Wedding Blessing

Another beautiful native Indian wedding blessing is that of the Cherokee tribe. Whether to honor your roots or to make your wedding ceremony more special and meaningful, this Native American Indian wedding blessing is one you should consider. A reading that gives reverence to all of life and nature. From the earth to the water, sky, as well as your loved ones.

You are sure to have an all-encompassing Native wedding blessing that is deeply meaningful, but also lovely to hear. Allow the powers of nature and of the universe to flow through your ceremony as you unite and grow forever together.

“God in heaven above
please protect the ones we love.
We honor all you created as we pledge
our hearts and lives together.

We honor mother-earth
– and ask for our marriage to be abundant
and grow stronger through the seasons;

We honor fire
– and ask that our union be warm
and glowing with love in our hearts;

We honor wind
– and ask we sail through life
safe and calm as in our father’s arms;

We honor water
– to clean and soothe our relationship
– that it may never thirst for love;

With all the forces of the universe, you created,
we pray for harmony and true happiness as we forever grow young together.



A Navajo wedding ceremony blessing is a very spiritual reading and yet non-denominational at the same time. If you are looking to sidestep your usual traditions and still stick to something with soul in it; then you can have this read at your wedding. Even though many Navajo traditional customs are beginning to dwindle; there are some couples who still choose to follow their matrimonial outlines in their modern weddings. Navajo weddings are traditionally considered to be very private, with no photos allowed and only attended by close family and friends.

However, if it is only the blessing you want incorporating in your wedding; then you could personalize how your event is conducted without coloring too much outside the lines.

The wedding is traditionally opened with a prayer and closed with a dinner; while tribal elders speak words of wisdom to the couple.

“As I walk, as I walk
The universe is walking with me
In beauty, it walks before me
In beauty, it walks behind me
In beauty, it walks below me
In beauty, it walks above me
Beauty is on every side
As I walk, I walk with Beauty.”


Indian Wedding Blessing

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Including cultural or religious elements in your wedding is a choice you will have to make while preparing for your wedding. And, if you would prefer to honor your Native Indian heritage; or just have some elements, which are a bit different from the norm, but still spiritual and traditional. Then you might be interested in beautiful American Indian wedding blessings. Whether Cherokee, Navajo, or Apache, it is up to you which you would prefer.

This reading can be delivered by your wedding officiant or a guest of honor close to your heart. Some popular Native American wedding blessings are more fakelore than the original. However, that does not remove from the fact that many couples use them for the meaning behind their words. There is no single right way to say a wedding prayer, and you can find a way to make it your very own.

“Fair is the white star of twilight and the sky clearer
at the day’s end, but she is fairer, and she is dearer
She, my heart’s friend.

Fair is the white star of twilight, and the moon roving
to the sky’s end; but she is fairer, better worth loving
She, my heart’s friend.”

Find the Native American wedding blessing that is just right for you. Or use any of these as inspiration for words you can adapt to fit your personalities and wedding ceremony. With the different Native American wedding customs and tribes, you are sure to find the right words to make your special day complete.