Best And Popular Hip-Hop Wedding Songs

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Hip hop artists are lyrical pros, and they express themselves through rhyme and verses. Although a bit crude, they’ve managed to come up with great hip hop wedding songs for their die-hard fans. Hip hop and rap is a genre that is rough, cold, and hardcore, yet very rich in lyrics.


Most of its lyrics are also buried in profanities, so this genre isn’t for the faint at heart. So, if you love hip hop and want it at your wedding, see our list of decent wedding rap songs.

Hip Hop Wedding Entrance Songs

These are the best hip-hop wedding songs you can dance to as you walk down the aisle or reception entrance.

  • Love won — Jelly Roll & Struggle Jennings

This is one of the most romantic hip-hop wedding songs ever sung. This R&B music talks about how you and bae came to be. The first sight, the falling, the waiting time, and how you came to be. Today, you say “I do”. For both of you, love won.

  • Bonnie and Clyde — Jay Z & Beyoncé

This is one of the wedding rap songs that talk about commitment and love. It talks about a ride or dies kind of love. You’ve been missing it, but you’ve got love. In this world of sin, all you need is your lover to smash through the entrance with you.

  • Let’s get married — Jagged Edge

An oldie but a goodie, this is one of the best rap songs ever. A classic that talks about taking the commitment to the next level. Perfect for walking down the aisle, this song says let’s get married and cement this love. A spouse that can’t wait to call you HIS.

  • I like it like that — Cardi B

This is arguably one of the most fun wedding entrance songs. This is one of the new songs that help you enter with a bang. You love good things and you’ll enjoy it together. This song isn’t romantic but has all the energy needed to light up its entrance.

  • Good feeling — Flo Rida

A fun and happy song, it talks about all the good feelings you’ve got. You can actually dance to this as you step in. You feel like royalty, you can climb the mountain, you can walk on water. You’re getting married to your beloved, so the feelings gotta be good.


Hip Hop Wedding Reception Songs

From the entrance into the wedding reception to the first dance, the dinner, and the last dance. See some hip-hop favorite wedding reception songs.

  • It takes two — Rob Base

This is one of the hip-hop wedding reception songs that deserve to be on your wedding playlist. It says it takes two to get everything right. Talking about unity, both of you need to make things happen. This song is perfect for the first dance song.

  • Arms around you — Xxxtentacion

This song is a beautiful one for the wedding reception. It’s hardcore and romantic at the same time. It says he doesn’t want any harm to come to you. He wants to put his arm around you to protect you. You drive him crazy, and he can’t stop touching you.

  • You’re all I need — Method Man ft. Mary J Blige

A beautiful story of love between two people. You can make it your story because they’re all you need. It says they hope they die together. Your marriage is till death do you part, so it’s an affirmation. They’re all you need to pull through life, and you’ll never be alone.

  • Just us — DJ Khaled

This is a deep heartfelt hip-hop wedding song for the reception. Together you’re undefeated, together you can take over the world. This is the kind of lyrics and affirmation you need to start your life as a couple. It’s a reminder that you’re enough for each other. A reception hit!

  • Please me — Cardi B

For some romantic sexy first dance, this is the perfect hip-hop wedding reception song. With this song, you’ll give the guests a show they’re never going to forget. Please your baby on the dance floor. After all, you’re made for each other and have the license to be together.


Best Rap Wedding Songs

For lovers of rap, you want quality rap songs with great lyrics that you can vibe to. We’ve curated a list of rap songs suitable for any kind of event. See the list below.

  • How to love — Lil Wayne

Looking for one of the best rap wedding songs that are both romantic and reception appropriate? We find a perfect one in Lil Wayne’s how to love. It speaks to the heart of lovers, telling them the best way to love. How love seeps through all the tiny cracks in your heart.

  • American boy — Estelle

Thinking of how to serenade your American lover boy to a great rap song? The legendary Estelle gives you the perfect number. Talks about how beautiful he is. How he challenges her, is smart and confident. How she keeps falling for her American boy. Perfect lyrics for a romantic lover.

  • California love — 2pac Shakur

A fun rap song that all hip hop lovers can groove to. He talks about the beauty of California and the love he found; and how he’s been grinding for years. He talks about the uniqueness of the Wild Wild West and all the things you’ll definitely find.

  • Beautiful — Snoop Dogg

Snoop gets all mushy and lovey-dovey on us with this song. Rap in all essence is the energy god talks about the beauty of his lover. And how she’s all that he ever wanted. If you want to serenade your girl and she’s a lover of rap, this is perfect.

  • Celebration — Tyga

A beautiful modern piece from Tyga, this is a happy-go-lucky song in the rap genre. It’s great for every kind of celebration as long as you’re a rap lover. From the club to picnics, weddings, after-party, etc. He says turn up, get your drinks up and celebrate.


Hip Hop Wedding Dance Songs

You can dance to hip-hop songs and rock the hell out of it. See some of the best upbeat songs below.

  • Turn down for what — DJ Snake & Lil Jon

Your wedding is one of the most special and happiest days of your life. It’s the first day of the best days of the rest of your life. Turn down for what? You’ve got to turn it up, celebrate, and dance your heart out. This is a perfect fun song.

  • Let’s get it started — Black Eyed Peas

After saying vows, exchange of rings, and signing the marriage certificate, the anxiety is off. So, what are you waiting for? Time to get the party started! This number is one of the upbeat songs that sets guests in the mood immediately. Time to party, have fun and celebrate

  • Wobble — V.I.C

Wobble by Vic is an oldie that never fails to drag the guests to the dance floor. A fun hip-hop dance song that’s not so romantic, but perfect for a wedding after-party. If you’re not big on profanities associated with the rap world, this may not be your song.

  • Cupid Shuffle — Cupid

In the spirit of celebration, get all the guests on the dance floor. Fix them into a line-up and go dancing to cupid’s shuffle. It’s a classic, an old song that remains evergreen at weddings. Fun, romance, and energy are what this song depicts. We live a cupid’s shuffle.

  • Drop it like it’s hot — Snoop Dogg

Do you want to show your style and your swag on the dance floor? This is the perfect number. Drip the fire and drop it like it’s hot on the dance floor. This is a hip-hop dance hall song. Everyone is well allowed to show the stuff they are quite made of.

Hip hop wedding playlist on Spotify

Hip-hop wedding songs are very interesting and pack all the energy a couple needs to set the floor ablaze. With perfect lyrics for every stage of the wedding, there are enough songs to choose from. Although hip hop is not the conventional genre of music for a wedding, there are die-hard fans and lovers. So, if you’re a hardcore hip-hop fan who wants the genre on the wedding playlist, we’ve made your dream a reality. From classic to a new school, see the post for a list of the best hip-hop wedding songs in history.