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The Top 45 Wedding Bouquet Toss Songs


Wedding bouquet toss songs is a must feature at every sophisticated wedding that there is. This helps usher in the age-long classic tradition of brides throwing the bouquet at the wedding reception. Like the garter toss, it’s believed that any lady who catches the bouquet will get married very soon.


For this, you need a playlist featuring bouquet and garter toss songs, but we’re particular about the bouquet toss. So, if you’re looking for the perfect songs, see our selection of funny, unique and top songs for the bouquet toss.

If you want to quickly jump to special wedding bouquet toss songs playlist, use the list below:

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Top Bouquet Toss Songs

There are top bouquet toss songs 2019 that are never missing from the wedding playlist. Very popular songs and a toast of all, they remain evergreen as couples can’t get enough. Do you fancy throwing the bouquet to top flower top songs? Then check out this category. “Crazy in love” by Beyoncé and Jay-Z is one that brings so much energy with it. A favorite for the bouquet toss. “This one’s for the girls” by Martins McBride is another upbeat bouquet toss song that stays evergreen. We have more top songs to look out for in 2019. Find them great smashing hits on the list below.


Unique Bouquet Toss Songs

You don’t want recycled, weak and tired songs for your bouquet toss, then you need something unique. You will find them in every style such as country, romance, upbeat and more. So, it all depends first on what you want for your bouquet toss. Once that’s established, you can choose songs that suit perfectly to your concept. You could make your selection from either classic, oldies or new wedding music, depending on your playlist line up. Some unique bouquet toss songs to look out for include “Greatest” by Sia, and “Call me maybe” by Cally Rae Jepsen. You’ll find more choice songs for bouquet toss on our list below. They are songs to look out for in 2019, and not your everyday music.



Chic Country Bouquet Toss Songs

The bouquet toss is an important affair and you can introduce a tone of your choice to it. It’s your wedding, after all, so let no one tell you that you can’t use country music. If you love country music, then they are perfect for the bouquet toss. The bulk of country music is melancholic, so you’ll just look for something, chic, upbeat with happy vibes and some energy. “Butterflies” by Kelly Musgraves, and “Who’s your daddy” by Toby Keith are two bouquet toss country songs we fell in love with. The beautiful part is that they can also feature as excellent garter toss songs. And this makes it possible for replay when it’s time to toss the garter. Find other good bouquet toss songs country style below.


Funny Bouquet Toss Songs

All your girls can go down the floor, scrambling for the bouquet while laughing their heads off. This is a feat achievable if you’ve got some funny bouquet toss songs in your wedding playlist. These songs are light-hearted, interesting and with so much energy. The bouquet toss doesn’t have to be a very serious affair you know? In all the struggle to be the one to win the bouquet, the girl should also have a reason to smile. Check out songs as “I like it” by Cardi B, “Wannbe” by Spice Girls and more on our list. For this stage, funny bouquet throwing songs are ideal.

Whatever genre you decide to go with for your wedding bouquet toss songs, remember that it’s about you first. So, you will decide what you want for every stage of the wedding and how you want it. This is because music is the highlight of every wedding and it must be activity appropriate. When you settle on ideas for the bouquet toss, check out our list to pick good bouquet toss songs. Throw the flower into the gathering and usher another bachelorette into the arms of her Prince Charming.