30 Beautiful And Simple DIY Wedding Decorations

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Whether you’re getting hitched at an exotic destination or locally, leaving personal touches is everything. One of the best ways to do that is through your decor. The guests will see it and never forget it. They may even take inspiration for their upcoming event.


However, ensure that you have the time and can pull it off perfectly. Also, it’s all about your budget, personal style, and vision; so be original. Forget about Pinterest because they hardly apply in real life. Lastly, see some ideas for wedding decorations that we’ve outlined.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you not DIY at a wedding?

Unless you’re a professional, don’t DIY your food, floral arrangements, photography, wedding cake hair, make-up, music. Etc. Leave these tasks for professionals so that you’ll get the most value.

Should I DIY my wedding decor?

Yes, you can, but don’t go overboard. Diy your wedding decor only if you can begin months in advance without the burden of other tasks. Give enough time to hire professionals in case of errors.


Ceremony DIY Wedding Decorations

Ceremony DIY decorations should be calm but vibrant. See some ideas below.


Aisle DIY Wedding Decor

Make a statement aisle decor following the shape of altar shape. Incorporate flowers or lush greenery along the aisle or seating area. Add some birch and pine complete with candles in mason jars or lanterns strategically and at the altar.



Ribbon Arch and Setting Decoration

Create dangling wreaths using ribbons and hang them on your arch. You can also run colorful ribbons through greenery or flowers on your arch. Ribbon streamers with the suspended bouquet is another beautiful option that works for every wedding.


Reception DIY Wedding Decorations

Go all out for your reception decor with these cute DIY ideas.


Balloons DIY Wedding Decorations

Stun the guests at your modern wedding by creating a colorful chandelier of balloons for the reception. Opt for rainbow-colored balloon centerpieces or balloon arch over the reception table at rustic weddings. For a stunning balloon wall, use an ombre or single palette to grab the attention. They’re easy to make with twines, glue, and pins.



Table Birch DIY Decorations

Make stunning standing wreath table decor by joining the backs with wood glue and clamps. Decorate with pinecones, baby’s breath, and assorted berries. You can also turn slim birch logs into luminaries by drilling them enough to accommodate votives. Alternately, paint slim log flower vases to look like birches.


Macramé Wedding Backdrops

Straight from the 70s era, macrame has given of the Bohemian and rustic flavor at weddings. They’re fanciful stunning backdrops when used as curtains and tapestries. In these modern times, add some flair using them as hangers for balloons and suspenders for succulents. They are also holders for suspended paper lanterns.



DIY Paper Decorations

Regardless of your wedding type, papers are budget-friendly decor materials to use. Set up dreamy backdrops by making bunting, tassel, hanging hearts, or map garlands incorporating places that you’ve been. For a glam wedding, opt for glitter, starry nights, or fringe garlands. They’re easy to make using paper cutters, glue, markers, etc.


Lights Decor Ideas

Mix florals with string lights to get a garden-inspired or contemporary feel. Industrial-chic bulbs hanging low across your reception will give a romantic ambiance. For a vintage and modern feel, incorporate geometric, chic pendant fixtures. You can also create an overhead light runner over your reception table for that cozy glow.



Candles Table decorations

Candelabras are awesome. Simply place tall candles at the ends of your tables or surround them with blooms in the middle for an enchanting feel. For a rustic look, go earthy with tabletop succulents, greenery, and birch wood candles. You can also try out the high-low candles with cascading florals for a whimsical feel.


Flowers DIY Decor

Go seasonal with your flowers and home touch with materials. Delphiniums, roses, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, orchids, etc are easy to find. Fix them in mismatched jars or themed ones. You can run ribbons and lace fabrics through them for a rustic, modern, or contemporary look.



DIY Sign Ideas

Signage is a cute wedding decor addition. To DIY for rustic, try out pallet board and for the text on the sign, use a chisel-tip white marker. Minimalistic chalkboards and upcycled cheese boards styles are also great for traditional weddings. To add some glam, light them up.

DIY wedding decorations are nice initiatives if you have the time. And if you’re not crafty, that’s no issue because you can learn. However, we’ve put together trendy and easy ideas for wedding decor. They’re budget-friendly and way to achieve.