Naked Wedding Cakes Treding Now

Get Naked (Cake) For Your Wedding Day


Naked wedding cakes are the newest addition to the wedding style scene, and the earnest and straightforward atmosphere that they add to a usually formal event is charming and irresistible. These cakes, created to shine without an outer cloak of frosting or fondant, show off their architecture and fillings from all angles, and evoke a homey feeling that is sure to please. If you’re considering adding a naked cake to your wedding plan, consider these style options that can truly bring your wedding to life.

1. Barefaced Beauty

While traditional wedding cakes are so thoroughly coated in thick white frosting that they look more like a sculpture than a cake, the cake itself takes center stage when naked wedding cakes are called to mind. The sheer variety of cake types, frostings, fillings, and decorations available makes for a limitless creative palette with which to style your cake, and the opportunity to incorporate more natural elements such as flowers, herbs, and fruits makes for a gorgeous edible centerpiece.


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