Naked Wedding Cakes Treding Now

Get Naked (Cake) For Your Wedding Day


Naked wedding cakes are the newest addition to the wedding style scene, and the earnest and straightforward atmosphere that they add to a usually formal event is charming and irresistible. These cakes, created to shine without an outer cloak of frosting or fondant, show off their architecture and fillings from all angles, and evoke a homey feeling that is sure to please. If you’re considering adding a naked cake to your wedding plan, consider these style options that can truly bring your wedding to life.

1. Barefaced Beauty

While traditional wedding cakes are so thoroughly coated in thick white frosting that they look more like a sculpture than a cake, the cake itself takes center stage when naked wedding cakes are called to mind. The sheer variety of cake types, frostings, fillings, and decorations available makes for a limitless creative palette with which to style your cake, and the opportunity to incorporate more natural elements such as flowers, herbs, and fruits makes for a gorgeous edible centerpiece.


2. Fillings As Decor

Because the whole of your cake is on display for the world to see, you can incorporate your fillings into the area surrounding your cake to create a cohesive display that is deliciously frank about what you can expect from the dessert at hand. You can design your cake to be precisely layered and sharp, showcasing the beauty of the ingredients individually, or you can muddle your fillings and fruits together to create a wild and untamed masterpiece.


3. Fun With Frosting

Not all naked wedding cakes are entirely frosting-free. Using frosting can create structural integrity as well as beautiful layering effects, and it can also be employed to fix fillings and decorations into place. Aside from these traditional techniques, you can also use frosting as a decorative element all of its own, instead of as the backdrop for further fun. Coating the top of the cake in frosting and transitioning to bare cake at the bottom can be a beautiful way to create a feeling of a reveal, or to show the cake as a process and inspire a feeling of action. Alternatively, frosting lattice work can be piped onto the surface to create a lacy masterpiece that invites your guests to peer in at the wonders hidden just beneath the surface.


4. Fresh-Baked & Friendly

While it isn’t usual to describe a wedding as “homey” or “comfortable”, current trends are moving towards this very idea, and we think it’s time to celebrate a more laid back style. There is truly something rustic and pleasant about naked wedding cakes, and the feeling of familial love and a cozy home that comes with looking at these culinary creations can make a wedding feel more intimate and special. You can incorporate elements and ingredients from the baking process into your cake display to make it feel as though the cake was crafted there on the spot and then left to enjoy.