Fill Your Day With Bright Blooms Of These Sunflower Wedding Decor Ideas

sunflower wedding decor ideas
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Sunflowers are a great way to radiate fun, joy, vibrancy, and prosperity at your event, so why not make them the center of your big day? If you are having a fall or summer wedding, then sunflowers can be the right choice to reflect that happiness you and your partner share at a time like this. This bright and bold flower can totally turn your big day into a fabulous success. There are so many sunflower wedding decor ideas that can help you incorporate this theme of choice into the fabric of your wedding.


From your wedding ceremony decor to your bouquet, your cake, and the wedding reception. Whether you want something subtle, unique, or completely bold, it is easy to choose. Asides from the romantic environment they can create, sunflowers are also a great choice for a couple on a budget. Scroll on for more inspiration on how to infuse sunflower wedding ideas in your wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sunflowers good for weddings?

Sunflowers are great to use in weddings of the late summer or fall. Whether you need giant blooms or dainty flowers for boutonnieres, bouquets, or corsages, they are readily available as they are in season throughout the year. Although they can be seen as a budget flower, there are so many tasteful ways to include them in your décor and brighten your day.


Sunflowers Decor For Ceremony

Brides who want a rustic, fall, or summer wedding are likely to enjoy the bright and pastel yellows that come with a sunflower theme. If you would like something more interesting, you could combine flowers and have sunflower and rose wedding decorations instead. Sunflowers are very good at combining well with greenery and other flowers. So, for a more natural and sunny look, best add sunflower elements to your wedding ceremony.


Sunflowers Decor For Arches

What can be brighter than a sunflower wedding arch? Adorn your wedding arch with a gorgeous arrangement of sunflowers, tropical greenery, roses, daisies, Amaranthus, and more. Such a magnificent backdrop is sure to result in spectacular sunflower wedding pictures.



Sunflowers For Aisle Decor

Create a gorgeous wedding ceremony aisle with sunflower arrangements with hints of other colored flowers on either side of the aisle. These arrangements can be in glass or copper vases. They can also be tied with blue ribbons and hung on the arm of the aisle chairs for a unique display.


Sunflowers Decor For Reception

Give your sunflower-themed wedding reception a beach vibe with fabulous sunflower arrangements. To make it even more colorful, you could try a combination of rose and sunflower wedding décor. Create tie-backs for your chairs of white sheer fabric with arrangements of sunflower, roses, white flowers, and eucalyptus tucked into each one.


Sunflower Wedding Decor Ideas – Centerpiece Ideas

Whether you’re having a sunflower and rose-themed wedding or a theme of just sunflowers, it would be great to know that sunflowers can stand well all on their own. For a rustic or casual look, you can display long-stemmed sunflowers in mismatched bottles or mason jars as bright and colorful centerpieces. You can also use unique copper or ceramic vases or bowls to display pretty bunches of average-sized sunflowers.



Wedding Flowers Arrangements

For DIY sunflower wedding decor ideas, you can consider wrapping clear glass bottles or vases in pretty lace paper or fabric before placing sunflower bouquets in them. This would be great for a rustic or vintage-themed wedding. Another option is to place them in medium-sized wood crates, a unique choice for an outdoor celebration.


Sunflower Wedding Decor Ideas – Table Decor

Substitute a traditional table runner with rows of long-stemmed sunflowers arranged in clear glass vases right down the middle of the table. Atop clear white table linen, this would look magnificent. Create lush garlands or a carpet of greenery and bright sunflower blooms as a rich table runner for each table.


Sunflowers For Wedding Bouquets And Boutonnieres

Sunflowers are so versatile. You can create an elegant bouquet or a rustic-inspired bouquet with these lovely, bright flowers. Create a cascading bouquet for a summer sunflower wedding with smilax, sunflowers, white roses, eucalyptus, and blue thistle for whimsy and yet elegant arrangement.
Choose small, bud sunflowers and some greenery to create the most colorful wedding boutonnieres to match your theme.

Sunflowers For Wedding Cakes Decor

Add some bright color to your fondant or buttercream wedding cake. Sunflowers will look great whether you are having a traditional white cake or an unconventional black one or even a naked cake. Decorate your cake with a garland of sunflowers trailing down the side of the cake. Or use a bunch of them as a topper. You can add accents of lace, fruits, or burlap for a completely unique look.


Sunflowers Wedding Invitations

Give your guests a taste of what’s to come with sunflower theme wedding invitations. Be sure to implement this unifying theme in all of your wedding stationery. It could be as simple as a sunflower background and bright colors for each invitation. Would you like more detailed sunflower rustic wedding ideas? You could incorporate lace and burlap in a material combo for your wedding stationery.

Sunflowers Wedding Favors

You don’t have to stop at a sunflower wedding venue or sunflower wedding party. Send your guests home with sunflower wedding favors they will love. Give them packs of wildflower and sunflower seed kits to take the joy and vibrancy of the sunflower home with them. A keepsake from a most memorable day.

Capture the joy and brightness of sunflowers with sunflower wedding decor ideas for your big day. Gether as much inspiration as needed from our top décor ideas to give yourself the wedding you always dreamed of.