Fall Wedding Cakes That WOW 30+ Best Ideas

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Fall weddings mean fun, elegant and delicious fall wedding cakes. Fall seasonal touches mean a lot of rustic looks, however there are also a lot of options for modern, traditional and even romantic style cakes. Accents and decorations for these cakes are also plentiful. These fall wedding cakes can be designed with metallic accents, fruit or flower toppings, drip or even unconventional shapes. Each couple choosing the style that best expresses their wedding aesthetic and personalities, further customizing this style to their unique fit.
Keep reading to find a collection of fall wedding cakes ideas, so different, individualistic and unique that would inspire you to create your own. Whether you’re having a classic, rustic, vintage or modern wedding, there is the fall cake design that is totally right for you.

White Wedding Cake With Autumn Touches

A sleek white wedding cake would do well for fall with just a few touches here and there. The plainness of the white acting as a blank canvas on which anything is possible. Wedding cakes with fall colors can be tasteful additions to a fall themed wedding. Adorn the cake with foliage and seasonal blooms for that natural fall effect. White fondant flowers decorated with ribbon and pampas grass is another option to infuse that romantic autumn feeling.


Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

There are quite a number of trends for designing fall wedding cakes. Sometimes, too many to choose from. One of our favorites is a particular motif, chosen and printed in a pattern using s fondant printer. This print is then draped over the cake. If you would love an unconventional shape for your cake, then consider a square wedding cake, the tier of each square placed diagonally atop the other for a unique look. Complete with a wedding topper, or fruits of your choosing.


Creative Buttercream Fall Wedding Cakes

Buttercream wedding cakes are delightful, and decorating one for fall can produce the most gorgeous of wedding confectionery. Again, an all white cake, as this would be perfect for buttercream. Create a plain base and cover the rest of the cake in textured stripes. Add touches of color with dried grasses, fall leaves and luscious berries.
This buttercream confection, made by SusieCakes, was decorated with fall leaves, berries, and dried grasses. An all white wedding cake with just the right touch of fall.


Elegant Wedding Cake Ideas With Flowers

Fondant flowers can be just as elegant, if not better than real flowers on a cake. This however, will depend on the overall design of the cake. A buttercream wedding cake will do well with real flowers though. Get a rustic and yet clean looking wooden base that will beautifully contrast the white of the cake. Then decorate the cake with seasonal flowers like pink dahlia, peach roses and gold gilded leaves among greenery for a most gorgeous wedding cake.


Wedding Cake Decor Ideas With Sunflowers

How about a black Halloween cake for a fall wedding? If black seems too grim, you can stick with white for this three or four tiered wedding cake. Dress the plain cake with sugar sunflowers, berry branches, textured grasses and trailing ivy. You can add dried sunflowers for an even more dazzling effect. This design would work well with an all black or all white fall wedding cake.

Burgundy Fall Flowers For Wedding Cake

One color that goes great with fall is burgundy. If you want a cake that looks too good to eat, consider a color palette that has burgundy in the mix. This palette would be great for a boho wedding cake, classic or even vintage. Add a delectable twist to your favorite cake. Could be a naked cake, buttercream or even white fondant. Adorn the cake with flowers in the muted tones of fall, such as blush blooms, burgundy or red hued foliage and berries. With this, you are sure to achieve the romantic and magical feels that come with a fall wedding.


White And Orange Wedding Cakes For Fall

A fall color wedding cake in delightful burnt orange icing would be a sight to see on your dessert table. One that would most definitely mesmerize your guests, something memorable to take from your special day. This chic color can be used for a mini sized or a large cake with tiers and decorated with white and other colored blooms.
Another option for this bright, pretty color is a drip wedding cake. A naked autumn cake or even one of white fondant covered in burnt orange drip. Add other fall shades with seasonal flowers and gold gilded leaves.

Tall Wedding Cake Ideas With Golden Touch

Consider a chocolate wedding cake adorned with gold gilded fruit. A unique and gorgeous creation that will catch the eye of even your furthest sitting guest. This beauty will stand apart from most and is a lovely choice of fall wedding cake.
Another option of autumn wedding cakes with a gold touch, is the classic white fondant cake in three or four tiers. The plain white decorated in brushes of gold and mounted on a rustic wooden stand. Adorn the cake with gold dusted berries, fall flowers and gold gilded leaves. A delight not only to look at, but to eat.


Rustic Fall Wedding Cakes With Fruits

Whether you are in need of small fall wedding cakes or larger ones, a rustic aesthetic will always be a good idea. Dress up a white or naked cake in seasonal accents and colors. Consider little citrus fruits; their color and taste work well for most seasons, including fall. You could also play with the flavors, combining a raspberry filling with vanilla and citrus lemony flavors for a truly tasty confection.
The cake can also be adorned with fresh figs, greenery, ferns and eucalyptus branches for a real fall finish.

A fall wedding would be incomplete without a fall wedding cake. One to introduce all the romantic feelings and natural colors of this magical season. Each one of these cake ideas, an inspiration for the uniquely crafted wedding cake you deserve on your special day.