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39 Cheap Wedding Decorations Which Look Chic


Elegant doesn’t mean expensive if you know what you think over a wedding theme beforehand. Just get some inspiration and some simple materials, such as greens, different kinds of fabric, seashells, wood, bottles, and ribbons. They will help us to make beautiful and unique cheap wedding decorations. See our gallery and make sure it is easy!


Photo 1-3: Creative And Cheap Suspended Decorations

Source: Harlow Bliss Photography, Pedro BellidoMarei via intagram


Photo 4-6: Cheap Decorations For Wedding Table

Source: Louise Griffin , Emily Wren Photography via Instagram, Photo By Julieta via instagram


Photo 7-9: Amazing Paper Decorations

Source: Lia GriffithDawn E Roscoe via instagramBethany Young Photography


Photo 10-12: Creative DIY Ceremony Decor Ideas

Source: One Love Photo, Soul Pics via InstagramClayton Austin


Photo 13-15: Wedding Decoration With Ribbons

Source: Alicia King via intagram, Xavier Navarro , Ashley Bartoletti Photography

Photo 16-18: Simple Wedding Decor With Fabric Draping

Source: Bethany Small Photography, Brandi Toole Photography, Stephanie A. Smith Photography


Photo 19-21: Budget Friendly Baby’s Breath Ideas

Source: Blush Floral Art, Kristi Midgette Photography, Hunter Leone

Photo 22-24: Not Expensive Flower Wall Create Romantic Atmosphere

Source: Elizabeth Daniels via Instagram, Cara Robbins Studio, Jamie Fischer Photography


Photo 25-27: Budget Friendly Ways To Use Lace For Your Wedding

Source: Sarah Postma Photography via instagram, Bari Elexa Events via Instagram, Oly Studio via intagram

Photo 28-30: Cheap Wedding Decorations With Pallets

Source: Brandi Welles, This Modern Love, Louise Griffin


Photo 31-33: Stylish Neon Ideas For Wedding Party

Source: Ashdownandbee via Instagram, Rebecca Wilkie Weddings via Instagram, Olguin via intagram

Photo 34-36: Beautiful Ideas With Candles

Source: Jennifer + CJ Nichols via Instagram, Greta Tucker Photography, Olguin Photography


Photo 37-37: Garlands Of Lamas In A Wedding Decor

Source: via Instagram, Megan Welker Photography via Instagram, Two Young Photography