Cheap Wedding Decorations [2023 Guide & FAQs]

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When most brides dream of their wedding, they imagine an elaborate affair with exquisite decorations, gourmet food, lush flowers and so forth. However, this is not always feasible in reality. But just because you don’t have a tremendous amount of money to spend on your wedding, you don’t have to give up your dream wedding.


Decorations are one of the easiest things to cut back on to save money. Cheap wedding decorations can be found online, in craft stores and in thrift shops. In this article, we will provide you with plenty of options for cheap wedding decor to help achieve the wedding of your dreams.

What are popular ideas for cheap wedding decor?

Flowers, candles, ribbons and tulle, dried flowers and greens will help make your decor impressive! And the costs will be minimal.


Cheap Wedding Table Decorations For Table

Cheap wedding table decorations are a great way to save money. There are dozens of ways to decorate the wedding reception table on a budget.

Lanterns with candles and flowers make perfect centerpieces. As well, you can use colorful mason jars as vases with beautiful floral arrangements. Confetti can be scattered around the table to add a vibrant touch.

In addition, you can use simple place settings. For example, you can tie the napkins with a velvet ribbon or make personalized place mats for your wedding guests. One of the best things about cheap wedding decorations is that you can make your own for half the cost of store bought wedding decor.




Cheap Wedding Decorations Ideas: Chair Decor

Looking for cheap wedding decoration ideas to decorate the chairs? This can include the chairs at the wedding as well as those at the reception.

You can decorate the backs of the chairs with big bows and flowers. As well, homemade floral wreaths are an ideal chair decoration and your guests can even keep their wreaths as a wedding souvenir. Vases of flowers are also another option for cheap wedding decor.



Cheap Wedding Ideas For Decorations Ceremony

How about ideas for cheap wedding decorations that look expensive?  You can purchase faux pearls and other faux gemstones and use these as part of your decor. Paint votive gold, silver, or white to give them a more formal flair.

You can purchase stylish carpet rolls or squares to use as your wedding runner.  Tulle and ribbon are simple tools to dress up your wedding decor to make it look extravagant.

Homemade signs and photo displays are another way to both personalize weddings. DIY wedding favors are also an option to help you save money on wedding decorations.



Cheap Elegant Wedding Decorations With Candles

Candles are always an excellent addition to wedding decor. In fact, they are perhaps one of the best ideas for cheap elegant wedding decorations. There are countless ways to use candles as part of your wedding decor. Lanterns, candelabras, votive, tea lights….the list is endless.

If you are concerned about an open flame at your wedding, LED lights and candles are the perfect solution. In addition, fairy lights look lovely when paired with candles as part of your wedding table decor.



Cheap Wedding Decorations For Reception With Garlands Of Lamas

Garland is one of the most creative concepts when it comes to cheap wedding ideas for decorations.  Garlands of llamas are quite popular right now. Imagine beautiful greenery adorned with elegant flowers as a table runner. Or garlands of lamas covering the altar or choopa at your wedding ceremony. As well, they can be used to decorate staircases or the backs of chairs.

As you can see, cheap wedding decorations are not as hard to come by as you think. From table runners to candles to floral wreaths, you won’t run out of cheap decorations for your wedding to make your day memorable. We hope you incorporate some of our ideas into your wedding to make it a day to remember forever in addition to cutting back on your wedding expenses.