Enchanting Decor Ideas To Spice Up Your Barn Wedding Venues

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Barn wedding venues are the toast these days, and we are here for it. Cozy, rustic, magnificent, and incredible are some of the offers by wedding barns. These wedding venues are perfect for couples who want an intimate yet down-to-earth environment oozing with sentimentality. The beauty is in its rough edges and naked authenticity.


There’s plenty to do with a country wedding venue, from the high ceilings to backdrops, lighting, floral arrangement, and décor. So if you envision a barn wedding, whether simple or flamboyant, we’ve got you covered. Check out these amazing farmhouse wedding ideas complete with some of the best wedding barn venues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are barn weddings so popular?

Weddings in a barn are popular because they use venues that are rich in history. They express nature which gives an extra charm and character. Barns are bank canvases making them versatile for any décor.


Clever Ways to Decorate Your Barn Wedding Venues

Country wedding venue décor is incredibly intimate, taking advantage of the inbuilt elements in the venue. See some décor ideas below.


Use The Ceiling Height

Old wood, large oaks, bits from cedar, and everything in between, barn venues are known to have high authentic ceilings. Take advantage of this height to create something celestial. Try hanging garlands or drapes amidst twinkling lights for a romantic ambiance. For a grand affair, hang chandeliers to bathe the venue in light while making it a focal point.



Use The Barn As A Backdrop

Create elements of beauty against a woodsy backdrop using overhead fairy lights. Make it more intimate by incorporating chiffon, tulle, or Chantilly lace drape in between these lights. Finish this look by throwing in natural and intimate elements to complete this look. This combination makes a stunning backdrop without being overwhelming.



Create Your Own Altar And Aisle – Say “I Do” Outside

Turn your barn venue into an outdoor altar with your feet on the ground while you say your vows. Run twinkle lights under the stars with your barn doors as a backdrop. Place an arch or stage at the door and line the aisle with colorful candles to create a soft intimate focal point.


Set Up Farm Tables From Your Barn Wedding Venue

Whether you’re for the laid-back or glam life, work with floral additions. Twisted vines, wildflowers, pampas grass, dahlias, and more. They can be curated to suit your style. Greenery can be added as cascading table runners. For centerpieces, installation of floating bouquets, slabs of wood, and fruit mason jars, bottles, and cans are perfect. Throw in exotic tabletop linens in rich pinks and velvet greens to spice up the look.



Lights Decorations

Consider flooding your wedding barn venue with an assortment of lights to complement the woodsy backdrop. Seeing that barns bask in the beauty of natural lights, lend heart to it with a cocktail of string lights overhead and through tons of greenery. Line candles along the aisle in a cocktail of colors for elements of romance. If you are introducing vintage flavor, opt for gold or brass lanterns strategically placed around the venue and surrounded by floral.

Top Barn Wedding Venues

When looking at a barn venue for a wedding, the first thing to check is the logistics, what they offer. This includes location, capacity, comfort rooms, what the rental covers, liquor license, insurance, and curfew. Next, you must look at weather concerns and contingencies, like if it is climate-controlled. Also check for vendor arrangement, if you’re allowed to hire yours. Lastly, look out for outdoor critter plans, parking space, and topography for the guests’ comfort.



Rancho Dos Pueblos in Santa Barbara, California

Situated in Santa Barbara, Rancho Dos Pueblos is a treasured wedding venue barn that existed from the 1500s. Presently boasting 214 acres, it is known for its beach, orchard, avocados, and the cherimoya exotic fruits. You will also find gardens, barns, historic buildings dating back, and a mansion. It is perfect for country and intimate beach weddings.

This place offers three locations at different price packages. They include the ocean bluff and beach, the barn, and historical Casa Grande Estate lawns and gardens. These venues accommodate up to 350 people. The starting price is about $10,000 during peak periods and about $8500 off-peak. Rancho Dos Pueblos is an only site venue so you can hire your vendors, however, they have a vetted list. It is a shuttle and wheelchair accessible.


The Barn of Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

If you are looking for elegant barns to hold an ultra-romantic wedding, The Barn of Chapel Hill is where to be. Sitting on twenty-two acres, this is a family-owned flower farm and barn that gives a whimsical feeling as you move through nature. The climate-controlled barn also features a greenhouse, flower fields, and gardens with packages that begin at about $8600.

The packages consist of tables, chairs, and access to two separate dressing areas. You also get chalkboard art, and a custom, garden-inspired floral design based on your tastes and budget. However, there is a 3% administrative fee added to the package. They don’t cater but have a vendor list, and the venue requires clients to use flowers starting at $4500 minimum. The venue sits over 300 people comfortably.



Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake, Washington

For the perfect country wedding that oozes passion, vintage elegance, charm and offers a stunning backdrop, think the 200 acres Kelley Farm. This is one of the most beautiful rustic barn wedding venues boasting privacy and ethereal grounds. You will find large spaces and rooms for guests, a bridal cottage, patio, garden, barn for ceremony outdoor and indoors, and soothing staff. Not forgetting modern conveniences like heated floors, AV equipment, and comfortable rooms.

Kelley Farm sits 300 people and if you want the outdoors, you’re blessed with the spectacular sweeping view of the pasture and Private Park like setting from the courtyard. The rental fee on this venue ranges from about $2000 to $9500. Events are held for 10 hours and anything beyond attracts a fee of $200/hr. for event insurance, the venue requires a refundable fee of $500. The package covers everything. But there are few restrictions like BYO alcohol, no rice or birdseed confetti, and using their vendor list.


The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park in Evergreen, Colorado

Are you an adventurous bride who loves the wild but searching barn venues for weddings? The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park is the best spot for your wedding with its rolling meadows and restored cabins. Become one with nature on this 100-acre private ranch. The geese, muskrats, coyotes, horses, a migrant heron, elk, and more give you the best backdrops.

Famed for its Lewis buffalo herd, it boasts a functioning chapel and columbarium, six gardens, and five old barns. The barn is home to antique stained glass windows and large picture windows overlooking the mountains and 48 acre-feet working reservoir. The price for this venue ranges from $2800 to $5700 depending on the day, hours, and season. It can sit up to 200 people at three levels. The fee covers a one-time setup, trash supplies, field usage, table, chairs, food prep area, and buffet counter. Everything else will be covered by the client up to assembling and removal of rentals.



The White Sparrow Barn in Quinlan, Texas (near DFW)

Talk about the countryside, shabby chic, or romantic vintage… The White Sparrow Barn is one of the best barn wedding venues that comes to mind. Cocooned in the Texas union valley, it is an open field surrounded by oak trees, flower gardens, swings, groves, and a feed shed. The barn itself is 45ft tall and 7200 sqft of whiteness inside out, with natural wood floors, and vintage elegance. It can seat 275 guests and stand 300 guests.

The White Sparrow boasts a banquet hall, cocktail area, kitchen, bathrooms, office, and patio. It also has a couples housing-quarter complete with modern trappings. Renting this place for 12hrs costs between $6500 to $9500 for the ceremony and reception. This covers everything including da off coordinator but excluding catering. There are also coordinator packages; however, an extra fee applies if catering is brought in.

Barn wedding venues around the world have one thing in common – natural beauty. While you should never alter barn venues, there are many ways to elevate them which we have shown you. More so, if you are still on the hunt for a country wedding venue, see the tips and selections we left you. They are budget-friendly, tasteful, and pure romance.