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The wedding cake is the centerpiece of any wedding and often the only guest with its own table. Delicious and decadent, it is the perfect way to end any wedding banquet and for many guests, it can be one of the most memorable parts of the wedding. The emergence of micro weddings, intimate gatherings, and virtual celebrations meant a major shift in how we celebrated weddings last years but in 2024, we are looking forward to the return of exciting cake designs, be they elegant and grand, modern or rustic, simple or chic. We predict that there will be a greater focus on cake flavors, with immune-boosting and healthy options being top consideration for many couples.



Ruffled Cakes

Ruffled wedding cakes mimic the exquisite folds and ruffles of wedding dresses by designers such as Chanel and Vera Wang. Soft, feminine and romantic, these cakes are striking whether unadorned or not. The sugar ruffles are created from wafer-thin strips of sugar paste which are frilled and molded into shape before being carefully placed onto the surface of the cake.



Small Wedding Cake

Small wedding cakes have come to prominence recently due in part to extended lockdowns and restrictions limiting the number of wedding guests. This has led to small weddings, intimate gatherings, and micro weddings. Wedding cakes for such weddings have therefore been limited to just one or two tiers. As the current health restrictions also do not allow for open dessert tables, couples have turned to individually plated and packaged treats and wedding favors such as cakesicles, handmade chocolates, and decorated wedding cookies and biscuits.



Wonderful Ombre

Ombre is a color that is shaded or graduated in tone and it’s a technique that’s been used in cake decorating for quite some time. The soft fading effect works really well with pastel colors, although the effect is also stunning when it comes to bold colors. A great way to incorporate bridal colors into a wedding cake that stuns and delights the guests.



Stylish Boho Ideas

Boho wedding cakes are ideal for relaxed weddings that are less formal in style. It’s an opportunity to play with wedding cake design and including shapes, to create something very unique. Boho cakes can range from naked cakes, buttercream cakes or sugarpaste cakes with unusual adornments such as wafer paper, feathers, bas relief or even dried flowers. There has been a rise in the number of brides brave enough to break away from the norm as they opt for unique and unusual wedding cakes which makes a wedding distinct and unique.



Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes and patterns on cakes have been a growing phenomenon. They appeal to the sensibilities of modern brides with their structured patterns and elegant clean lines. Geometric cake designs rely on symmetry, light, and shade to create repeat patterns in unique ways. Also, many cake designs feature diagonals and isometric patterns that guide the eye.


Flower Cascade On The Cake

Wedding cakes and flowers are a match made in wedding heaven. Pretty blooms can elevate an otherwise plain cake and turn it into a show stopper. While a variety of flowers can be used on cake, it is important to make sure that the flowers are edible and nontoxic. Floral cake designs can range from random scatterings or carefully placed arrangements to dramatic waterfall cascades that go all the way to the floor.



Trendy Rustic Ideas

Rustic wedding cakes tend to be organic and natural in nature and are best suited to garden weddings or barn weddings. The cakes can either be completely naked or covered with the thinnest layer of icing. They are then decorated with berries, greenery, larger fruit like pears and figs, vines and fresh flowers. The beauty of rustic cakes lie in their wholesomeness as they look like they could have been made by a loving mother or grandmother.


With Gold Details

Wedding cakes with gold details look and feel decadent and luxurious. Gold works well with handmade sugar flowers in any colour, from pale pastels to dark jewel tones. Gold cake designs are also very versatile and work well for summer weddings as well as autumn and winter weddings. The sheer variety and versatility of gold details on cakes can be seen on gold leaf cakes, sequined gold cakes, glitter gold cakes, baroque gold cakes and crackled gold cakes. For anyone who loves gold, the sky’s the limit in terms of cake designs.



White Wedding Cake

White has traditionally been the colour of wedding cakes. White wedding cakes were popularised by Queen Victoria as it denoted purity, and was also a status symbol because only wealthy families could afford pure white sugar. While white wedding cakes have retained their popularity over generations, have evolved and will never go out of style. The beauty of a white wedding cake is the many ways in which it can be dressed up with traditional or modern elements. It can be decorated with ruffles, sugar flowers, geometrics, piping, fresh flowers and even gold leaf. The list is endless and this is why a white wedding cake will always be a top choice for couples.


Unusual Marble Cakes

Marble wedding cakes are very cool and chic and much loved by modern couples. The marbling is created by partially kneading a little colour into fondant and rolling it out. Most marble wedding cakes tend to be unadorned, but marble cakes work well with metallics such as gold or silver and also with geodes to create a stunning impact. For the minimalist bride, marble cakes are a contemporary and stylish option.

So there you have it. There are a plethora of wedding cake designs to choose from. But remember that whilst visually pleasing, a cake has to taste even better than it looks, so ensure you organise a tasting or a delivery of a cross section of cake samples before choosing your cake maker. 2022 is set to be the year where luxury wedding cakes will once more take their rightful place. Here’s to a good recovery for the luxury wedding industry as we pin our hopes on more positive news and the return to normalcy. Visit Elizabeth’s Instagram page and her website for more beautiful cake designs!