Cheap Boho Decor For Wedding [2024 Guide & FAQs]

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Are you considering a budget-friendly Boho theme for your wedding? Boho weddings offer simplicity and elegance at a reasonable cost. Affordable Boho decor options are readily available, and many items can be crafted by hand, helping you save money. Discover trendy cheap boho decor ideas for your wedding decor that resonate with your style.


Brides Often Ask

What do you need for a boho wedding?

Greenery, wild flower arrangement, wooden elements and stunning dried flowers will help you create great boho decor ideas. Complement them with candles and garlands and a magical atmosphere is provided for you.


Cheap Boho Decor Ideas With Greenery

Greenery is one of the most popular and also cheap boho wedding decor ideas.  Add in elements of wood and a plethora of flowers to add to the boho chic theme. Decorate a chuppah or wooden pillars with natural greenery and wildflowers. You can also use these to decorate the ends of the pews or to make stunning centerpieces for the reception.  Cacti can also be used.

Another idea for cheap boho decor is to add a wall hanging with greenery and flowers or palm spears adorned with flowers and greenery. Boho chic is all about nature and simplicity.

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Lace Boho Wedding Ideas On A Budget

When most people think of lace, they think of fancy weddings. However, lace is a big part of the boho chic theme. If you are looking for cheap boho wedding ideas for decorations, do not underestimate the elegance and simplicity of lace.

Lace doilies can be used as part of the cheap boho decor. They can be placed on the tables as the reception and used as part of the general decor. As well, the bride and the wedding party can wear lace ribbons in the hair and lace can be used in their bouquets.


Ethnic Carpets In Boho Decor Cheap

One of the biggest new trends in boho weddings is ethic carpets. They are affordable, and you can even use them as part of your home decor after the honeymoon!

These ethic carpets are not only cheap boho decor, but they can be used as the runway for the bride. They look especially stunning on a beach wedding. And they tie in perfectly with the boho chic with their brilliant colors and gorgeous boho designs!


Seating And Tables Macrame Decor

If you are looking for boho wedding ideas on a budget, you won’t be disappointed. There are plenty of cheap boho wedding decoration ideas. And the best part is most of them you can make yourself! From the flower girl basket to macramé keychain wedding favors to lace table runners, the possibilities are endless.

Wooden candles, lanterns, feather and burlap garland, distressed wood, macramé, lace,  wildflowers, and greenery…these are just a few of the items that can be used as boho wedding decor on a budget!

Budget Boho Wedding Décor: Macramé Backdrops

Another popular wedding trend for boho weddings are macramé backdrops. Macramé is a major part of the boho chic theme. Imagine exchanging your vows under an incredible macramé backdrop on a beach. As well, macramé backdrops make for stunning wedding photos.

 One of the best things about macramé backdrops is that they are indeed budget friendly boho wedding decor!  And as a bonus, you can later incorporate the backdrop into part of your home decor!


Cheap Boho Wedding Decor Ideas With Pampas Grass

One of the most trendy and cheap boho decor ideas is pampas grass! Not only is it inexpensive, but it is absolutely breathtaking! It can be used as part of the centerpieces for the wedding reception. Or you can place tall vases with colorful pampas grass at the end of the wedding aisle near the altar. There are dozens of uses for this fun and creative boho trend!

Cheap Boho Wedding Decorations For Reception

Now let’s talk about cheap boho wedding decorations for reception. We already mentioned using lace doilies, macramé or pampas grass as centerpieces for the tables. As well, you can incorporate wildflowers, greenery, paper lanterns and distressed wood. Wooden table numbers are a fun addition to your boho theme.

One of the most fun things about a boho wedding is the food. Picture vintage food trucks and charcuterie boards with distressed wood. There are tons of ideas for cheap boho decor for the reception!


Cheap Boho Décor For  Centerpiece

As mentioned earlier, you can use cheap boho wedding decor to make your centerpieces for the wedding reception. Pampas grass makes a stunning centerpiece and is one of the hottest trends in boho weddings.

As well, you can use antique lanterns, candles, wildflowers, lace doilies, or feathers. Don’t forget to incorporate greenery such as palm or eucalyptus leaves as part of your cheap boho decor for wedding centerpieces.

Lighting Cheap Boho Decor

Enhance your boho wedding atmosphere with budget-friendly lighting and candles. Incorporate fairy lights, lanterns, and candles in mason jars for a magical ambiance. Draping them around arbors or hanging them in trees adds a rustic charm.

Where to Find It: Search thrift stores, online marketplaces, or even your own backyard for unique, affordable finds. Mix and match vintage lanterns with inexpensive LED candles for an enchanting glow.

Now that we have inspired you with some cheap boho decor ideas for your wedding, you can start planning. From invitations to wedding favors, you won’t fall short of ideas of fun and creative boho wedding decor! Natural colors, flowers, and greenery go a long way when it comes to boho themed weddings!