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30 Pretty And Cheap Boho Decor For Wedding


If your wedding budget is limited, but you want to create a special atmosphere, pay attention to the bohemian style of the wedding. Stylish boho decorations are made from natural materials, feathers, macrame, greens and flowers, ethnic and vintage details. We have collected for you cheap boho decor ideas that look impressive.


Photo 1-3: Naturally Boho Wedding Decor With Greenery

Source: Emma Guidoni Photography, Thing Like That Photography , rosaliehartigfotografie via Instagram


Photo 4-6: White Lace Bohemian Wedding Decorations

Source: Jeremy Chou, Oly Photography, Simply Kissed Photography


Photo 7-9: Bright Ethnic Carpets Perfect For Boho Wedding

Source: Heart and Colour, michellerollerphoto via Instagram, Andrey Nastasenko


Photo 10-12: Cheap Boho Decor Ideas

Source:  Hayley Pettit Photography, hallstromhome via Instagram, Banksandleaf via Instagram


Photo 13-15: Budget Friendly Macrame Backdrops

Source: Macrame by Bailee Orr via instagram, Macrame by Bailee Orr via Instagram, mariabryzhko via Instagram

Photo 16-18: Trendy Pampas Grass Bohemian Decor

Source: Taralynn Lawton via instagram, The Evoke Company via Instagram, studiobloomiowa via Instagram


Photo 19-21: Suspended Flowers Wedding Decor Ideas

Source: Hudgins Photography, Kayla Johnson Photo, Erika Lynn Photography

Photo 22-24: Cute Table Plan Ideas With Flowers

Source: Creative Flux Photography, Laura Murray Photography, infraordinario via Instagram


Photo 25-27: Glamorous Boho Reception Under The Tent

Source: Lauren Scotti via Instagram, Jordan Voth Photography, Yaroslav & Jenny Photography

Photo 28-30: Fresh Bohemian Centerpiece Ideas

Source: Kate Neilen Photography, Blush Wedding Photography via Instagram, Caroline Frost Photography

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