Wedding Light Ideas Guide 2024 + FAQ

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One of the most important tasks to complete during wedding planning is lighting. Unfortunately, it is the jewelry of event space, an underrated feature even though wedding lighting is powerful enough to set the overall mood of the celebration. Besides this, it lends beauty to all the details you’ve spent time putting together by showing them off.


You must also think about the guests that need lighting for the wedding to find their path, eat their meals and rock the dance floor. Now, we can’t forget the photos that should look exquisite, and this can only happen with the right lighting. So, if you don’t how to go about choosing your sparkles, here are some wedding light ideas to fit your style.

How to create wedding lighting?

Before you begin the hunt for wedding party lighting, do a thorough walk-through of your venue so that you will understand the need for specific spaces. This will be complementary to the natural lighting. It is always better to check out the venue around the time of day that you plan to hold your wedding. Go with a lighting designer, please.

Know the wedding lighting cost for starters, so that you can plan to buy or rent lighting for the wedding. For the venue, locate the light outlets, know how much more outlets can be built-in, what type of lighting has been provided.

Now, if you are hosting a romantic wedding, string lights, candles, and crystal chandeliers will help maintain a soft glow and warm cozy ambiance. For rustic style, antique and paper lanterns, Edison bulbs, marquee lights, and pendant lights give off the at-home natural feel. For a modern or glam look, floating candles, LED lights, candelabras, topiaries, and other dramatic lighting are just perfect.

Wedding Lighting Decor Ideas

It is important to know your types of lighting before anything else. If you’re a fan of cohesive wedding reception lighting, opt for color washing which floods the space without highlighting any area in your choice of color. If wedding monogram lighting, motif, or patterning is your choice, use the gobo lighting wedding custom template to lightup the floor, ceiling, or wall. Going cost-effective? Opt for LEDwedding lighting for long-lasting and vibrant coloring on your dance floor and bar areas. For the best suspender lights, use the pendant wedding up-lighting fixture to hang over your reception table casting an intimate glow over everyone. Perfect centerpieces lights don’t come better than pin-spots, which are perfect for illuminating small areas. Bistro lighting wedding options or string lights are the most versatile of them all and they light up any space from ceremony to reception. For your aisle, altar, or backdrops; choose up lighting for a wedding.


Wedding Reception Light Ideas

Outdoor wedding lighting ideas for classic reception spaces include crystal chandeliers and wall scones, which add an elegant ambiance. If you are going the glam and glitz way, choose silver candelabras as wedding receptions lighting for the dining table to give off a soft glow. Do you prefer the modern look? Then mount pillar candles in glass hurricanes for a touch of romance. Rustic or eclectic? Line the pathways and aisles with luminaries, mason jars, or Edison bulbs. For the dance floor, show off a monogram with gobo lights. Show off an ice sculpture, bar, or cake with a spotlight. If you are under the stars or want to create a starry illusion at your indoor venue, twinkle lights bring on the magic among other wedding reception lighting ideas.


Wedding Centerpieces Lights

Throw in strings of fairy lights to create magical wedding centerpieces lighting. For a more chic, modern, or industrial look, twist greenery around candles or surround pin spots with floral centerpieces and pine cones. If you prefer a rustic-looking table, fill glass jars and candle lanterns and hang them overhead of the dining table. Some other cheap lighting wedding ideas include running fairy lights through birch logs at country weddings. If you are outdoors, put the fairy lights in mini lanterns for your tale. If the venue allows flame, tea lights, and foliage are beautiful centerpieces lighting options for vintage weddings.


Lighting for Wedding Ceremony

Candle lighting ceremony wedding is a classic décor idea that will never lose effect. To get the best of these candles, hold your ceremony at dusk and line your aisle with different heights of votive candles for an ethereal look. To create a dreamy backdrop, place large tree stumps at your altar and aisle holding tapered candles of varying heights. Roll these candles with string lights to create the perfect wedding decorations lighting for the ceremony. For a romantic, modern, and warm feel, string candles along with your tent if you are outdoors. Going whimsical? Hang chandeliers or drape string lights about your wall and throw in gold accents to the backdrop with white paper lanterns.


Wedding Party Dance Floor Lights

For the dance floor, you will need a wedding lighting company to help because it is more technical. If you want to create a soft glowing and romantic effect on the dance floor, pepper it with twinkle lights, chandeliers, lanterns, and some minimalistic light features. For a more glamorous look, create a canopy of flowers and fairy lights above and color-changing LED lighting wedding décor to wash off the wall. However, you must go easy on the LED wedding décor lighting because they are brighter than incandescent light, and this could kill the mood. So, if you install an LED, accompany it with a dimmer.

Backyard Wedding Lighting Ideas

For a backyard affair, use string lights for wedding decor lighting. Line them between sturdy trees and mount votive candles on every table. If you have a bigger space, up-lighting will help enhance the natural elements and features like your grass, trees, and tents if any. Create an epic sunset background with topiaries and lanterns depending on the size of your space. Dazzle your family-style table with overhead alfresco lights and curtained lights running parallel to the candles on the tables. This backyard wedding lightinghelps create a magical contrast of dreamy lines and a curved ceiling.


Wedding Tent Light Up

For wedding tent lighting, open flames are not safe. The closest option to the beautiful candles are LED candles which look real and even flicker. They are perfect in tea light holders and lanterns that will sit beautifully on your tables, line your walkways, and even the aisle. Regardless of how wide your tent is, string lights are budget-friendly options that can cover it. From the roof, creating a star-studded night, to the tables, and furniture, wedding tent lighting ideas don’t get better than string lights; or maybe they do. Chandeliers for your tent can bring all the extra glam to your wedding. When they are suspended in the tent, it adds a touch of luxury. If you want wedding tent lighting DIY, lanterns are simple and stunning options that lend a fairytale to any tent wedding. For a beautiful splash of color to your wedding, use globe or bottle lights to create a simple yet amazing soft glow effect.

String Light Wedding Ideas

String Light Wedding Ideas are cute, cheap, and very versatile for both outdoor and indoor weddings. Light up your wedding aisle at dusk or night by running double string lights along to create a bright walkway to the altar. Separate areas of your wedding venue with string bulb borders. They also perform a double duty of lighting the way for foot traffic. Ditching traditional string lights? Fill up simple candles in mason jars, string them at the rims and cluster them on the roof, over the dining areas or aisle.


Lighting Ideas for Wedding Photos

Depending on the time of day wedding reception photography lighting can make or mar your photos. For evening weddings, tapered candles will form beautiful backdrops casting a sunset glow on the skin. Sparklers, spotlights, and tea lights work best to define angles in the sunset, giving a glowy profile. Keep the décor simple and without metallic accents to avoid casting shadows on the pictures.

DIY Wedding Lighting Tips

There is no better way to customize your venue than DIY wedding lighting. Transform your space with up lighting as it sets the mood and gives the reception a wow factor. Simply drop the lights on the floor around the room in different shades. For glam looks and stunning backdrops, personalize your venue with monogrammed lights. Take it a step further by putting your names and wedding dates in the lights. Place them strategically behind the cake or head table for the backdrop of all dreams. To get your cake and centerpieces popping with DIY wedding reception lighting, opt for spotlights that are super affordable and easy to fix.

The best place to start sorting through your wedding lighting ideas is to know your venue, types of light, and wedding theme. Then build your lighting vision and search online for indoor and outdoor wedding lighting rental. You can do it yourself or hire a professional, taking inspiration from all the creative options in this post.