Bohemian Decor Ideas: Wedding Inspiration You Need Right Now

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We have some fantastic bohemian decor ideas for brides that aren’t necessarily religious, but are spiritual and want to retain tradition and a connection to nature. The beauty of boho wedding decor is that the rules are flexible and the execution is typically very budget-friendly. Most bohemian wedding decorations borrow from nature and a variety of cultures such as Pagan, Native American, Wiccan, Celtic, and Persian. It also has historical roots in the hippy movement of the 1960s.


Keep reading and we will show you individual examples that add up to a gorgeous, cohesive wedding motif.

When deciding on your bohemian wedding decor ideas, start with the main components such as the wedding gown, cake, and natural features of the venue. This will ensure that all other smaller details will have a visual relationship to each other.

Brides Often Ask

What are boho colors?

Boho colors almost always draw from nature. Neutrals, harvest colors, plant-based greens, wood, stone, and in-season floral colors are the foundational sources of choosing your pallet. Familiar color combinations include taupe, peacock blue, papaya, dried eucalyptus, sand, and baby yellow. You can deviate from this, but it’s always best to lean towards muted or pastel pallets to achieve the boho-chic look.

What’s the difference between rustic and boho?

Boho chic wedding decor generally includes a great deal of spirituality with eclectic styling whereas the rustic theme is more of a deep appreciation for the simple things in life with a focus on natural, outdoorsy vibes.


Wedding Mood Board For Boho Bride

Combining different elements that capture the essence of bohemian style is the key to creating a moodboard for a boho bride. Boho weddings are often characterized by a mix of natural, vintage and eclectic elements.

Here’s a guide on how to create a boho bride moodboard:

Color Palette:

  • Earthy tones: Include colors like muted greens, browns, rust, terracotta, and mustard.
  • Soft pastels: Incorporate soft pinks, blues, and lavender for a romantic touch.
  • Metallic accents: Add gold or brass details for a touch of glamour.


  • Lace: Incorporate lace details in the dress, invitations, or decor.
  • Macramé: Include macramé backdrops, table runners, or hanging decor.
  • Fringe: Use fringe elements in accessories, like a shawl or handbag.
  • Velvet: Integrate velvet textures for a luxurious touch.


  • Wildflowers: Choose a bouquet with a mix of wildflowers and greenery.
  • Pampas grass: Incorporate pampas grass for a bohemian and romantic vibe.
  • Succulents: Use succulents in bouquets or as table centerpieces.


  • Flowy dresses: Look for wedding dresses with flowing silhouettes and ethereal fabrics.
  • Flower crowns: Consider floral crowns or headpieces for a boho-chic look.
  • Barefoot sandals: If appropriate for the venue, consider barefoot sandals or bohemian-style shoes.


  • Vintage furniture: Use mismatched vintage furniture for seating areas or as decorative pieces.
  • Dreamcatchers: Hang dreamcatchers as part of the decor or as photo booth backdrops.
  • Candles: Incorporate candles in various sizes for a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Photography Style:

  • Natural light: Opt for a photography style that embraces natural light for a soft and romantic feel.
  • Candid shots: Capture candid moments that showcase the authenticity of the boho vibe.

Fonts and Graphics:

  • Use whimsical and hand-drawn fonts for invitations and signage.
  • Include bohemian-inspired graphics like feathers, arrows, or dreamcatchers.

Inspiration Images:

  • Collect images of boho brides, outdoor ceremonies, and bohemian decor.
  • Look for images that showcase the desired color palette, textures, and overall vibe.

Compile these elements on a digital or physical board to create a visual representation of the boho bride mood. You can use tools like Pinterest, Canva, or even physical cutouts from magazines to bring your moodboard to life. Adjust and customize the moodboard based on your specific preferences and vision for the boho wedding.


Bohemian Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Here is how to achieve the free-spirited Bohemian wedding ceremony decor you desire.

Bohemian Arch Ideas

Archways are the symbolic threshold to the couple’s nuptial home. As such, a boho arch should capture the spirit of this tradition and do so with as many bohemian features as possible to remain consistent with the rest of the decor. Flowers should be local and in-season and combined with another simple, natural features.

Pampas grass arches

Long stalk tufts of tough grass with feathery flowers add effortless texture and volume to your archway.

Wooden Arches

Use natural wood to create unique structures such as circles, triangles, or crescent moons. Many of these shapes possess special meanings, so choose wisely.

Hung macrame

Macrame is a staple of boho style. If you are a minimalist, this single item may be all you need for a stunning boho archway.

Sheer linens

A slight breeze will transform your boho archway from a stationary focal point into a dynamic threshold.

Flowers and ferns

In-season, local flowers and ferns add the dash of color your boho archway needs to flourish.


Ethnic Carpets Decor

African and Middle Eastern cultures such as Morocco, Turkey, and Persia (Iran) have been including beautiful rug designs to adorn their bridal aisleways for centuries, and boho brides have adopted this practice with great style.

Each pattern and color carries deep symbolism, so make sure you do your homework before settling. Once you’ve made your decision, you will be inviting a lot of comfort into your outdoor setting.

Backdrop Ideas

Archways are tied to the traditional couple’s first home and serve as a symbolic stand-in for that threshold. With the boho spirit (opposition to tradition) in mind, a backdrop may be a desired alternative for many couples. Similar to archways, here are boho wedding decor materials to consider working with.

Crescent moon

Visually, the crescent moon acts as a unique partial arch. Symbolically, the crescent moon represents new beginnings, which is a lovely fit. These can be simplistic or adorned with pampas grass, linens, and rope lights.

Macrame Backdrops

Hung macrame designs stand on their own as backdrops. For a little something extra, add sparing amounts of tasteful flowers, greens, or pampas grass.

Seasonal local flowers

Boho brides often seek harmony with nature. Local, in-season flowers are always best as they do not disrupt the natural ecosystem. The benefit is that flowers will be at maximum bloom and freshness, adding to the beauty.


The Native American culture and way of life perfectly align with boho values. Backdrops can either be a single, giant version or multiple dreamcatchers weaved together. Boho brides most often choose pure white designs to keep them authentic but have the option of choosing colored feathers to match their theme’s color scheme.


Natural light is preferred by boho brides, and fire represents cleansing and purity which makes it ideal. Erect a series of shelves to place your candles on or hang your candles from the top rung of a simple wood frame.

Rope Light

Nighttime ceremonies require lighting. Rope or string LED lights are a great way to highlight certain areas and components of the wedding. These particular lights are gentle on the eye and photograph well.

Fabric Backdrops

Wicker boho backdrops combine the airiness of fabrics, the naturalism of solid woods, and the unique appeal of crescent moons. It’s also very easy to weave rope lighting or flower stems throughout, making it the perfect combination for many brides.


Mother nature is a much better designer than most humans. This boho mentality is what drives the appreciation for beaches and other found woods.


Wedding Reception Bohemian Decor Ideas

The immediate reaction of your guests should be stress leaving the body. Let these examples steer your boho decor decisions and witness the free-spirit feeling wash over them.

Bohemian Table Decor Ideas

Your boho wedding table decorations should be warm, inviting, and free of too much clutter. One trend we love is a large single (or just a handful) of tables as opposed to a bunch of smaller tables. This way, everyone is eating together.


Table Runner In Boho Style

Sturdy antique wood tables are preferred by the boho bride. Choose macrame, neutral-toned linen, or a single, flat muted color for the table runner.

Alternatively, replace your fabric runner with a line of cascading florals for that ultra-natural look.

Wedding Centerpieces

Boho brides are usually fond of the reliability and simplicity of old-world items. Combine old thick glass, discs of wood, floating candles or flower petals, and single-color bouquets to adorn your table. Make sure to be consistent with your design choices and borrow from nature whenever possible.


Table Place Setting Ideas In Boho Style

The boho place setting is the perfect place to introduce metallics. Flatware and cutlery should avoid texture and patterns and muted or neutral colors.

However, you should feel free to make use of gold, silver, bronze, or brass to make the experience a little more classy. For an added connection to nature, consider printing your menu on seeded paper.

Wedding Signs

Frequent imagery or materials, such as a crescent moon or macrame, make sure to include them here.

Otherwise, keep things as airy and natural as possible. Use paint on a mirror, glass, or previously loved wood. Another charming trend to consider is replacing paper with linen or another printable fabric.


Greenery Rings Decor

Greenery rings are another fundamental element of boho wedding decor. These wreaths can be worn as a crown or around the neck.

They work perfectly when hung from trees and walls, strategically placed on tables, signage, or the backs of chairs, or even as an archway when giant-sized.

Flowers Arrangements Ideas

Asymmetry is yet another defining characteristic of the bohemian wedding style. Boho brides combine a large variety of sizes, textures, and species of flowers. Pallets are mostly muted blush and harvest colors with exposed leaves and other greens, and are a little more ‘rough around the edges than other bridal styles.

Bohemian Wedding Chair Decor Ideas

Boho wedding chairs should be light and adorned with tasteful fabrics and florals. Chair backs are typically woven or otherwise airy. With the boho spirit in mind, chairs can also be mismatched, which actually adds to the charm. Lounge areas should offer vintage furniture which prioritizes comfort over beauty.

When choosing your bohemian wedding ceremony decorations, keep a few key concepts in mind. Tranquility, peacefulness, nature, free-spiritedness, spirituality, individualism, and nonconformity are all keywords closely associated with the bohemian decor ideas. Keep this in mind while making your decisions and you are sure to pull off a gorgeous bohemian wedding.