How To Write And Give A Killer Sister Of The Bride Wedding Speech

sister of the bride speech
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While sisters might always have reason to squabble, it doesn’t change the fact that they have a bond. This sisterly bond makes weddings extra special among sisters and is the reason the sister of the bride speech is so important.


The feelings and all the sentiment, giggles and tears wrapped up in this special moment is something worth experiencing on such a special day. If your nerves threaten to get the best of you, or you’re not sure where to start, we have here a guide to writing the most adorable sister of the bride wedding speeches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a sister of the bride speech be?

Your sister of the bride’s wedding speech should be at the most between 5 and 7 minutes. While the bride’s sister might have a lot to say, wedding speeches are best kept short.

What if We Have Other Siblings?

If there are other siblings in the family, it’s essential to determine the order of speeches before the wedding day. The usual order of speeches is the father of the bride, followed by the groom, the best man, and then the maid of honor. After that, the microphone is passed to other speakers, including the siblings. If the bride has multiple sisters or brothers, it’s best to speak in the order of age or importance to the bride. For example, the oldest sister or brother can go first, followed by the others in descending order. However, if the siblings can’t agree on the order, they can draw straws or decide based on what feels right for them. Whatever the order, it’s crucial to support each other and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to speak.


Sister Of The Bride Wedding Speech

It is a joy and an honor to speak at a sister’s wedding. While siblings might have a lot of differences growing up and living together, family celebrations are a time to come together. They’re a time to share the love of loved ones, and also a time to express that love and share beautiful memories.

The wedding speech for sister of the bride usually follows anytime after the best man has made his speech. This extra special moment between sisters is often filled with jokes, laughter, tears and nice memories about the bride. As long as you’ve taken time to write, rehearse and perhaps even record your speech to hear how it sounds, you have no need to worry. You can relax in the presence of family and friends and give your speech.

Being there for your sister is what’s most important. And, with our guideline, you can be sure that you would be able to do that, putting your best foot forward.


Wedding Speech Tips For Sister Of The Bride

Whether you’re giving a younger or older sister of the bride speech, these tips can get you through it.

  • Be unique: There’s no one like you, and no one else has the type of relationship you have with your sister. So, resist the urge you might have to copy some generic speech and take the time to write your own.
  • Be emotional: A lot goes on between siblings, and no doubt a wedding would bring some emotions to the fore. Allow those emotions in when giving your speech. Whether you’re talking about a time she bailed you out, or the many things you learned from her, allowing yourself be emotional lets your sister see just how much it means.
  • Add humor: Humor is always a good idea, so try to think about a funny memory first. A great first line is one that is comical.
  • Share memories from childhood: Childhood memories are often the strongest, and the innocence of that place in time can make for the best stories. So, dig up a good one if you can.
  • Make it personal: If you want to give a good speech, you should talk about someone that you know best, yourself. If you can connect the impact of your sister’s love and memories of her to yourself, then you have succeeded.
  • Get ready in advance: Work at this speech. Don’t just write it down in advance, practice it. Stand in front of the mirror and say it. Record it if possible.
  • It’s ok to cry, but there should be no drama: A few joyous tears are okay, but don’t let it go too far. You want the main focus to be on your sister, and not on you.


Wedding Speech For Sister Of The Bride: Outline

Looking for what to say in your speech or how to structure it? Take a look at this outline.

  • Introduce yourself: Always start with an introduction. Though everyone might know who you are, there are still some who would need the introduction.
  • Welcome guests and newlyweds: Continue by welcoming the couple, the guests that came to celebrate with you all, and thanking them for attending.
  • Share some stories about the bride: Take a walk down your sisterly memory lane and share some jokes from your childhood. Non-fiction humor tends to be funnier and is the reason behind the phrase, “it’s funny because it’s true.”
  • Bragging Rights: You have the right to brag about your sister, especially on a day like this. So, pack on the flattery and gush about her until she blushes.
  • Say some words about the groom: If you share a bond, now will be the time to say a thing or two about that. You could also insert some anecdotes about when they met and say some nice things about his character too.
  • Recognize what makes your sister and her partner a great couple: Propose a toast to your sister, highlighting the good she has done, her love as a sister and just for the person that she is.
  • Talk about your parents: Don’t leave your parents out, they are part of the bigger picture. You could talk about a story that includes them, their reaction to meeting your new brother-in-law, etc.
  • Wish something to the couple or give advice: It could be comical, serious or something lighthearted you know they would love to hear.
  • End with a toast: Finish your speech with a toast to the newlyweds. Include all that you wish for them, and the love that you have for them.


Sister Of The Bride Speech Examples To Find Inspiration

Below we have sister of the bride speech examples that can inspire you when preparing your speech for your sister’s wedding. While it is best for your speech to be original and unique, these examples can give you ideas on the structure to follow and the balance in humor, emotions, and sentimentality. There are no hard and fast rules for writing wedding speeches. However, whether you’re looking for younger or older sister of the bride speech samples, the basics are the same.

Start with an introduction, share your memories and emotions for your sister, talk about family and the groom, and don’t forget to toast the bride.

Hello everyone! I think most of those present here know me personally, but for those who see me today for the first time – my name is _ and I am the younger sister of _.
_ has always been a great example for me in life and today is the day when my heart is full of joy and pride at the same time – today she is a bride! Look how beautiful she is, what a magical dress she has, and what a beautiful wedding, it’s just a fairy tale, the dream of every girl. I remember how in childhood we talked about our ideal weddings, and you know, today everything is exactly as _ wanted!

What can I say about the groom? He is every girl’s dream too! A smart, handsome guy, _ you are very lucky!
I wish you many sunny days together, many bright emotions, and incredible happiness!
Let’s raise our glasses to our newlyweds!

Hey! My name is _ and I am the younger sister of our charming bride.
I have never liked public speaking and I confess to all of you that I am very nervous right now. I rewrote my speech at least 5 times and today I again wanted to make some changes to it. In the end, I forgot it at home.
But nothing! At least something I’ve remembered.
I would like to tell you that my sister is just an incredible person – she is the kindest and nicest person I know, mom and dad, I’m sorry. All girls dream of meeting their prince and _’s dreams have come true!
It’s just incredible, we are so happy, our whole family! _, now I have not only a sister, but also a brother!
Let’s raise our glasses and wish our newlyweds to live at least a hundred years together in idyll and happiness.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who is here with us today, on such a special day for my little sister, me, and our family. This is very valuable because I know that some guests flew to us from other countries!
_ you are incredibly beautiful! I have a question for our guests – do you know that the dress that you can see on her today – she drew it herself and created it together with wedding couturiers? Yes, yes, my sister is also so talented. This dress took 6 long months to be done and I think we all have a few new gray hairs, but this masterpiece is worth it!
_, what can I say, welcome to our family! Love my sister, be her support, and make her the happiest woman in the world!

Good day to all of you! I am so happy today because my little sister got married.
I remember how we discussed our future ideal husbands when we were kids and she always said that she wanted to marry a man in uniform. and as we can see, she married a fireman! Now we all know that dreams come true, it all depends on how much we believe in them!
I don’t even have any doubts that this is her destiny! I don’t even have doubts that these two are made for each other! From the first moment they met, no one had any doubts that one day we will all be here!
Be happy and give birth to many, many children! Cheers!

What Not To Say In Brides’ Sister’s Speech

While it’s important to know what to say in your wedding speech and how to say it, knowing what not to say can also be helpful. Below you can find a list of some of the things that it is better not to use in your speech for your sister’s wedding day.

  • Do not add some bad memories: It’s a day of celebration. The last thing you want is to dredge up memories that will make your sister and the family unhappy. Focus on the good and enjoy a wonderful day.
  • Do not cry too much: While watching your sister get married and reliving your memories can be emotional, it’s important not to cry too much and ruin your makeup. More smiles and less tears, hopefully?
  • Do not joke too much: Humor is always good, but only in the right amount. When jokes are too much, they run the risk of crossing the line from funny to downright offensive, so try to find a balance.
  • Do not make it too long and boring: A speech should not be so long that guests get bored, or too short that they don’t get the message. Find that sweet spot around five to seven minutes long.
  • Do not mention the bride’s exes: A big no-no is bringing up the bride’s exes in your speech. They are in the past and belong there. Focus on the present.

While family is dynamic and can be sometimes annoying, they are always there for you. This is also reflected in the relationships of sisters. The special bond makes the sister of the bride speech important on that special day. Avoid common wedding speech mistakes and use this guide to write and deliver the perfect sister of the bride speech.