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30 Beautiful Single-Stem Wedding Bouquets


Single-Stem Wedding Bouquets is the most popular trend of 2019. One unique flower can accurately convey the character and emotions of the bride. A sensual rose, a gentle peony, a chic branch of an orchid or an extravagant protea will be perfectly combined with the bride’s wedding look. Choose a flower that is perfect for you in our gallery.


Photo 1-3: Elegant  Single-Stem Wedding Bouquets

Source: M.K. Sadler Photography, O Dwyer Photography via instagramLucia Gill Photography


Photo 4-6: Charming Rose

Source: Anneli Marinovich via instagramAlea Lovely PhotographerSaskia Sandrock Photography via instagram


Photo 7-9: Beautiful Wedding Magnolia

Source: Tracy Enoch Photography, Fine Art Wedding Photographer via instagram, Buffy Dekmar Photography


Photo 10-12: Tender Peony

Source: Alimond Studio via Instagram, Elizabeth Messina via instagram, Modern Romance via instagram


Photo 13-15: Wonderful Protea In Wedding Bouquet

Source: Blush Wedding Photography  Sayulita Photographer via instagram  Lisa Hessel Photographer via instagram

Photo 16-18: Single Bouquet With Hydrangea

Source: Jordan Brittley Photography, Hydrangea Hydrangea via InstagramJessica Watson Photography


Photo 19-21: Sunflower Single-Steam Bouquets

Source: Buffy Dekmar Photographer via instagram, Paul Joseph Photography, Natalie Hilliard – Wedding & Portrait Photography

Photo 22-24: Ideas With Dahlia

Source: Elizabeth Messina via instagram, Curtis Wiklund Photography via instagram, Josh Gruetzmacher via instagram


Photo 25-27: Romantic Bouquet With Orchid

Source: Birdsofafeatherphotos via instagramTrish Honest Portraiture Photography via instagram    Kirsten Goslett Photography

Photo 28-30: Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets

Source: Elena Graham,  Jake Baudoux Photography Morrissey Photography via instagram