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36 Best Wedding Monogram Ideas That Wow


Adding a wedding monogram to your gifts and decorations is a great way to customize your ceremony and reception and make your big day extra special. Many couples would love to do this, but struggle when it comes to what can be monogrammed.

That’s why we’re here!

Maybe you’ll choose a subtle space to place your monogram, maybe you’ll opt for a giant entrance way monogram, or maybe your initials will be emblazoned everywhere your guests turn. Browse or examples and advice, and get the inspiration you need to bring your wedding to the next level.

  1. Monograms On Wedding Invitations

If you’re going to be branding your wedding with a monogram by using it multiple times, your save the date cards and invitations are the perfect place to start.
Source: Louise Sinclair, Holly Usher via Instagram, Wonderland Invites & Design via Instagram

Showing off your monogram early will get them used to it, and make it more familiar when they encounter it elsewhere. Well-designed monograms for wedding invitations also add an air of officiality which is another great reason to start with the invitations.


Monogrammed Jacket or Handkerchief

The best wedding monograms designs will look great with a monogram on the back of your jacket.
Source: cabincalligraphy via Instagram, the_handkerchief_shop via Instagram, thelaurenschneider via Instagram

This clever addition will give your suit that designer look and enhance the overall appeal. If you happen to be renting your tux take the same idea and move it to a pocket square for all to see.


Monogrammed Ring Box

A great place to show off your wedding monogram is atop the ring box or plate. All eyes will be on the ring bearer as he or she walks down the aisle, and that monogram will add an extra touch of aww.
Source: nagomi.embroidery via Instagram, yokohamageihinkan via Instagram, littlealphi via Instagram

If you’re not much of a handmade, there are plenty of online sources that you can turn to for a fantastic job. Just make sure to look into this early so it’s not a rush job.


Initialed Seating Chart Signage

When considering where to place your monograms for weddings, the seating chart is a no brainer. This is typically a large artistic sign that your guests first encounter when entering the reception venue.
Source: salsabilmorrisonphotography via Instagram, paigescript via Instagram, whitecottageweddings via Instagram

Seeing your monogram in large format confirms they’re in the right place and adds an extra layer of custom creativity.


Monogrammed Bar

The bar where you serve your drinks is the perfect place for an etched glass monogram.
Source: Carasco Photography, Justine Ungaro, Barber Photography

You can also consider the same making monograms for a wedding idea for the officiant’s alter. If either of these options is restricted, you can always create a temporary version as a color print or thoroughly decorated panel of wood.

  1. Monogrammed Wedding Menu

To keep the continuity with your wedding invitations, use your wedding monogram on the cover of your menu if it folds open or placed at the top for a single-page menu.
Source: jill.elaine via Instagramyellowrosecalligraphy via Instagramthewildflowers_com via Instagram

If you’re going to go through the trouble of hand-picking the courses your guests are going to love, it’s a really sweet gesture to go all out with the printed menus.


Charming Wedding Cakes With Monogram

Your wedding cake is one of the few things that is 100% under your control. Choosing to place wedding cake toppers monograms is…well, the icing on the cake.
Source: Holli B Photography, Winifred Kristé Cake via Instagram, Robert Evans Studios

If you have your heart set on the classic Mr. and Mrs. figurines as your cake topper, head a little south and have your monogram written on one of your larger tiers.

  1. Monogrammed Desserts

For an added touch of flair, dress the top of your desserts with a chocolate version of the wax seal you used on your wedding invitations.
Source: kooky.crumbsandcrafts via Instagram, noellessweetsandtreats via Instagram, thefrostedswirlbakeshop via Instagram

You can do this with cookies and cupcakes, or virtually anything else that can be iced. Just use your imagination. Alternatively, send a box of monogrammed cookies home with your guests as wedding favors.


Monogrammed China

Monogrammed china is an amazing way to decorate your reception with something you can bring home and keep as a cherished memory.
Source: gbdesignhouse via Instagram, casaluxia via Instagram, stylejunkieantiques via Instagram

You can monogram the bottom of the plate with your design, or you can place it around the rim with a favorite bible passage, love quote, or line from your vows.

  1. Table Runner or Napkins With Initials

There are plenty of fabrics that you can have embossed, threaded, or printed with your monogram. Choose napkins with initials or wedding runners with monograms, or both!
Source: Rebecca Keeling StudiosThe Loveliest via Instagram, Kelly Hornberger

We are thoroughly encouraging you to monogram as much as possible so that your wedding brand is infused in the entire event. But, if you’re working with a tight budget and can only choose one from this list, you can get some great inexpensive deals on engraved napkins for wedding.


Monogrammed Bridesmaids Gifts

It’s best wedding monograms etiquette to feature the design on your gifts. A traditional bridesmaids gift like a bottle of wine can easily be decorated with your monogram on a custom printed label.
Source: anything__personal via Instagram, icustomlabel via Instagram, norasletters via Instagram

When designing your monogram, it’s always best to have a firm theme and color scheme in place. This way your monogram will suit your theme which also goes for your wine labels.

  1. Initialed Groomsmen Gifts

Another classic gift idea is custom steins or whiskey tumblers. Embellish these glass items with the wedding date and your personalized wedding monogram ideas for a moment that your groomsmen can enjoy for years to come.
Source: morningfogstudios via Instagram, bottle_your_brand via Instagram, wellwrittengifts via Instagram

Your monogram will be on all sorts of surfaces at various sizes. When designing your brand, test it and make sure that it’s legible no matter where you’re placing it.

Even though we’re providing you with some great examples of things you can monogram for gifts and decor, there’s really so much more. If you can print, etch, carve, or paint it, you can monogram it. Take a look through your current decoration plans and see if you can add your very own wedding monogram. It’s really a great way to kick things up a notch and make it extra special.