Bring The Tropics To Your Wedding With These Trendy Tropical Wedding Decor Ideas

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There’s everything to love about tropical wedding decor ideas. If you are having a destination wedding at a tropical location, then great. However, if you are having a tropical-themed wedding in your location, great too. With the right wedding decoration ideas, you can turn your wedding venue into an oasis of tropical splendor. This exciting theme presents so many possibilities for having the most fun and colorful wedding day.


From trendy banana leaf prints to vibrant blooms, lush greenery, and tasty coconuts, allow us to show you how to infuse your wedding with all the feels of a tropical paradise. No matter the location for your wedding, home, or abroad, you are sure to have the best time of your life.

Tropical Wedding Decor For Ceremony

While it is not limited to one season alone, tropical wedding décor is more suited to a summer wedding with this theme. As your wedding invitations often set the tone for your big day, consider making this theme consistent in all your wedding stationery. Colorful flowers, bright colors, bamboo, and palm leaves should feature also at your wedding ceremony venue, tying the theme together perfectly.


Wedding Arches Decor

Portray your wedding theme in the best way with a tropical-inspired wedding arch. You could rent an arch and customize it or create one yourself with bamboo and totally deck it out in tropical wedding décor. The wedding arch is a piece of the wedding that can make a bold statement, so it is a great idea to have it scream your theme. Consider draping the arch in billowy aqua or white fabric and/or decorate with palm branches, ferns, and seasonal blooms.



Wedding Aisle Decor

The wedding aisle is another important part of your big day that should not be left out of your theme décor. Some tropical wedding theme ideas include lining the aisle with palm leaves, sand, or beautiful petals of the magnolia flower. Using bamboo or wood chairs will also go a long way in sprucing up your aisle tropical style.



Wedding Chairs Decor

You don’t have to stop using bamboo or wooden chairs for your guests. You can add some extra flair to your seating. Create miniature bouquets of seasonal flowers combined with palm leaves and lush greenery to hang from the arm of each chair to get your guests more in the tropical mood.


Tropical Reception Decor

Your decor becomes easy if you consider going with flowers to create that tropical vibe, then everything is easy. Choosing to use bright colored flowers in your décor means that you can tone down the color with everything else. Big palm leaves and island flowers like Lilies, Protea, Alpinia, Hibiscus, Magnolias and more, will ensure that every color is represented.


Tropical Table Decorations

One of our tropical wedding decor ideas to consider for such a colorful celebration is to have a crisp and clear base to start with. So, if you decide to use tablecloths, think white. Dishware can be white as well, with gold or copper accents and bamboo plates or big leaves for chargers. Use seashells for table numbers, and glass vases with colorful flowers for centerpieces.



Tropical Centerpieces Wedding Decor Ideas

There are so many possibilities for centerpieces with a tropical theme. Place seasonal blooms and greenery in clear and copper vases. You can also use colorful fruits on platters with palm leaves as bases placed strategically on each table. Another attractive option is clear bowls of water with flowers floating in them, sand and seashells at the bottom for that dreamy tropic feel.


Tropical Wedding Decor Ideas – Setting Place

Your table setting can give off that tropical vibe without that much effort. To fully represent your tropical wedding reception theme, you can replace glass cups with vessels of hollowed-out coconuts. This would even make the simplest cocktail taste better and more fun drinking from straws. Add origami napkins and leaf place cards, centerpieces of ferns, orchids, and roses adorning fruits such as bananas and pears, and you have a winner.



Tropical Table Setting Cart

Something more to add to the table setting for your tropical wedding reception decorations are flamingo-shaped escort cards. Asides from being on the theme, they are just fun to look at. Also, if you are outdoors in the summer, you can create leaf-inspired fan programs placed strategically on the table for each guest.

Don’t run out of ideas for your tropical wedding decor. Check out our favorites to ensure that you stay on theme. You can’t go wrong with bright tropical colors, fruits and flowers arranged and used strategically for your big day.