27 Moissanite Engagement Rings: Top Rings for the Elegant Bride-to-Be

moissanite engagement rings
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Diamonds may be forever, but moissanite is giving them a run for their money. Moissanite engagement rings are quite the contender when it comes to style, elegance, and quality.

What is moissanite? Discovered by Henri Mossian, a Nobel Prize-winning French scientist, in 1839, these gemstones are formed of silicon carbide. They are said to be the gemstone of the stars. And we’re not talking about Hollywood celebrities!

Moissanite engagement rings, while less expensive than diamonds, are truly a work of art! One of the best things about moissanite engagement rings is that they are more durable than diamonds. Therefore, they are not as delicate. As well, they have a brilliance that is rivaled by many! Hence, they make the perfect choice for engagement rings!

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Brides often ask

How long do moissanite rings last?

Yes. Moissanites are strong, long-lasting gemstones. Moissanite should last for your entire life without losing its appearance or becoming damaged. If you choose a setting that’s made from a high-quality metal such as platinum or gold, a moissanite ring will last for a very long time.

Can I shower with my moissanite ring?

While they continue to sparkle, their appearance still becomes more muted as dirt and oils collect. Swimming, showering, or hot tubbing with your Moissanite ring on once or twice probably won’t present any major threat to your ring, but long-term exposure will take a toll.

Can I wear a moissanite ring every day?

Durability. Moissanite is a 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, so it is suitable for everyday wear.

What Does A Moissanite Engagement Ring Symbolize?

Moissanite is said to represent romance and love. It is believed to symbolize an unbreakable bond between two people. Thus, it is the perfect way to express your undying love. As well, moissanite is said to have deep spiritual meaning. As it originally came from space, formed out of a fallen meteorite, it is said that it enhances one’s connection to the universe. In addition, moissanite is believed to aid in cleansing one’s mind, body, and spirit.

How to choose Moissanite Engagement Ring?

Keep in mind that when you shop moissanite engagement rings, their color quality is either “colorless” or near-colorless. Grey moissanite stones are extremely popular, so you might want to consider this style as they are quite stunning!

One of the most redeeming qualities of moissanite is that it looks equally stunning in every metal: from platinum to rose gold to white gold, yellow gold, or even silver. Of course, for a moissanite engagement ring you will want to stick with white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum.

As far as the cut, moissanite stones come in a variety of cuts from pear to emerald to princess cut and beyond. Each of these cuts is quite remarkable. The best way to ensure that you are choosing the perfect moissanite engagement ring for your love is to find out what cut is her favorite before you start shopping!



Best Moissanite Engagement Rings

Regardless if you are shopping for 3-carat moissanite engagement rings or a simple moissanite engagement ring, there is something for everyone.
Here are some of the best moissanite engagement rings this season. They can be designed to your liking, from vintage to traditional to contrary. Knock her off her feet with one of these gorgeous rings!



Rose Gold Engagement Rings

These rose gold moissanite engagement rings are all the rage right now! With coppery tones that only enhance the stunning moissanite stone, she’ll cherish this ring from the moment you slip it on her finger! Another plus for rose gold is that it perfectly compliments every other shade of gold.



Solitare Moissanite Stone Rings

Solitaire moissanite and diamond engagement rings will never go out of style. Nothing is more elegant than a solitaire diamond. We guarantee she will swoon for one of these moissanite stone rings with a dazzling solitaire diamond. Yes, they may cost a bit more but seeing her smile is worth every penny!



Ring With Stunning Grey Moissanite

Grey moissanite engagement rings are becoming quite the trend! As they can range from a deep smokey grey to a pale dove gray, there is something special about grey moissanite stones adorned with sparkling diamonds! The hue of the grey moissanite can change depending on the lighting, making this ring a thing of utter beauty and sophistication.



Chic Halo Rings With Moissanite

Would she prefer halo diamond and moissanite stone engagement rings? The elegant halo setting is a stunning way to display the center moissanite stone. It can enhance the brilliance of the stone while accentuating its beauty and shine!


Engagement Rings In Unique Style

Is your beloved one who likes to stand out from the crowd? How about one of these uniquely styled moissanite engagement rings? Whether she prefers a vintage look or something with a more modern edge, she will fall in love with one of these beauties!



Beautiful Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Oval-cut moissanite engagement rings have a truly vintage look and feel. They appear feminine and delicate but are still stunningly beautiful. If your bride-to-be is a sucker for vintage and antique heirlooms, why not capture her heart forever with one of these oval moissanite rings!


Floral Engagement Rings You’ll Love

Another trend right now is floral engagement rings. These rings pair nicely with a simple but elegant wedding band. Add a moissanite stone and this is truly a work of art! We are sure she will say yes when she sees one of these floral moissanite engagement rings!



Rings With Round Cut Moissanite

Does she prefer a more traditional round-cut stone! How about one of these timeless and chic round-cut moissanite engagement rings? They are truly breathtaking, especially in white gold or platinum gold setting. Round cut diamonds are always a showstopper!