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If you aren’t a fan of traditional wedding cake or you just can’t choose one perfect cake for your wedding, you can choose non-traditional wedding desserts. People are looking beyond the traditional solutions, they need creative and extraordinary desserts. If you are one of those couples, and you need a creative solution for your wedding dessert, we offer you to look through our new listing of non-traditional wedding dessert ideas below. We hope you will find something to your liking here.

What is the difference between wedding cake and regular cake?
The difference between wedding cake and regular cake is first and foremost the size. Wedding cakes are typically larger.<br> They are decorated with plain colors such as white, off-white, champagne colors, or pastels. Their design are typically more conservative as well. This is because Wedding Cake are meant to be timeless.<br> It's mean to still look beautiful as the years passed, and the couple look back on their wedding day to reminisce. That's why they are less likely to be decorated in loud, abrasive colors or passing fads and popular culture (personalization of this sort can still be done - but typically in a understated and subtle touch).
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What size are wedding cakes?
This highly differs from the size of tiers and how many tiers are there. There are even wedding cakes that are only one tier, or even wedding cupcakes!<br> In our case, the most common ones are three-tiers, that were about 30 cm - 22 cm -16 cm in size for all real cakes.
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