Non-Traditional Desserts Ideas 2024 Guide + Expert Tips

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While most people prefer a traditional wedding and a traditional wedding cake, there are a few unique people who stand out and want something different. If you are one of those few, then a non-traditional wedding might be the right type of celebration you need. And that would be incomplete without a non-traditional wedding cake and the desserts to go with it. Since these are not as popular as the classic cake and desserts, we have put together a list of non-traditional cakes and non-traditional wedding dessert ideas just for you. Your wedding should without a doubt, be uniquely yours. And what other way to spell unconventionality than with unique wedding dessert ideas and non-traditional wedding cake flavors that will wow your guests.


Have a look at our collection, have the wedding of a lifetime with wedding treats that are uniquely you.

How much should you spend on dessert for a wedding?

While your guest count should dictate how much you can allocate for wedding desserts, an average of $5 per guest is recommended.

Which is a cheaper wedding cake or cupcakes?

In general, cupcakes are much cheaper than a wedding cake. However, depending on the size of the cake or the number of cupcakes, they could come at about the same price.

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What is the difference between wedding cake and regular cake?
The difference between wedding cake and regular cake is first and foremost the size. Wedding cakes are typically larger. They are decorated with plain colors such as white, off-white, champagne colors, or pastels. Their design are typically more conservative as well. This is because Wedding Cake are meant to be timeless. It's mean to still look beautiful as the years passed, and the couple look back on their wedding day to reminisce. That's why they are less likely to be decorated in loud, abrasive colors or passing fads and popular culture (personalization of this sort can still be done - but typically in a understated and subtle touch).


Non-traditional Tiered Wedding Cake

There are numerous ideas for unconventional and non-traditional wedding cakes. One of these is the non-traditional tiered wedding cake. And a good option is a mini cake paired with delicious cupcakes. This arrangement can still come with all of the flavors you desire, just more creatively. Your unique little non-traditional wedding cakes could have sage and coral icing. You can even decide to serve some of the best non-traditional fruit cakes. Just arrange them in tiers with the mini cake at the top and you have a perfectly tiered wedding cake.



Creative Desserts Ideas To Impress Your Guests

From unique cakes to non-traditional wedding desserts. There is more than one way to have that special wedding that you deserve. If you have a sweet tooth, and no doubt many of your guests will too. Then desserts will be a good inclusion to your wedding menu. And for something truly different from the norm, cookies might be just the way to go.

From cookies with your faces printed on them to fun cut-out shapes and unbelievable flavors. There is so much you can do. Arrange them in a tower at your wedding desserts bar and serve them with milk or hot chocolate. It’s totally up to you.



Adorable Wedding Donuts

Donuts are fun, delicious, easy to customize, and a great choice for creative dessert ideas. Create a donut wall with your monogram as the background. Ice the donuts in your wedding colors, or arrange them in a tower if their plain. Your guests will love them no matter the display or design that you choose.

You can decorate with blooms between them or even sweets. Arrange them in tiers for another take on non-traditional non-cake wedding options. Your donuts can be delicious and Instagram-worthy at the same time.



Exquisite Non-Traditional Wedding Dessert Ideas

Do you love ice cream? If you’re looking for non-traditional desserts, this might just be king. One unexpected treat to remember from a wedding, ice cream is not only fun. The flavors can be created after your wedding colors for added creativity. Turn cocktail hour into ice cream hour for your guests. And don’t forget the extravagant wedding toppings.



Creative Sweet Wedding Shooters

Create fun, bite-sized desserts of sweet mini parfaits or even cheesecakes. These can come in cherry or chocolate flavors to please the different preferences of your guests. They can be decorated with beautiful blooms, berries, or sprinkled sugar. Put the desserts together, tiered as another option to the non-traditional simple tiered wedding cake, or display in your dessert bar.

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What size are wedding cakes?
This highly differs from the size of tiers and how many tiers are there. There are even wedding cakes that are only one tier, or even wedding cupcakes!
In our case, the most common ones are three-tiers, that were about 30 cm - 22 cm -16 cm in size for all real cakes.


Unique Wedding Dessert Ideas

If you need even more ideas for non-traditional wedding cakes, then consider having a wedding candy bar. This could be one of the most popular spots at your wedding. Not only will kids love it, but you could also add little bags alongside so your guests can create custom candy bags for themselves. Great for guest interaction, plus the little chocolates, gummies, and so on will be loved by all.



Charming Wedding Macarons

You don’t have to look too far for unique non-traditional wedding cakes. Delicate and delicious macarons can be tiered also. Often filled with ganache, buttercream, or fruit curd, this sandwich cookie is another item to add to your dessert list. You can decorate by having them in your wedding colors or even with two different colors put together in one sandwich for a colorful display.

Whether you’re a fan of desserts, or you just want something completely different for your wedding, then untraditional wedding cakes and desserts can be perfect for you. A perfect opportunity to share your tastes and things that you love with your guests. Dress up donuts, brownies, macarons, or even cookies in these delicious and interesting ways for a fun wedding celebration.