Best Brother Wedding Speech For Groom And Bride

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If you are the brother of the bride and groom, it is an honor that you’ve been delegated to give a brother’s wedding speech. This is a show of love so huge that you cannot mess it up. So come along as we guide you to pulling off an unforgettable speech at the wedding. Think funny, witty, quirky, or heartfelt, we’ve got you covered. See our curation of wedding speech ideas and tips.


Brother Of The Bride Wedding Speech Examples

Hi all! My name is -, I am the elder brother of our bride.
We are here today on such a wonderful occasion – my little sister is getting married. Do you know that the groom is my friend? Today I am doubly happy!
I’m so excited that I have a direct bearing on today’s events – I introduced _ to _ when she was 16 and he was 19. On that very day, I realized that these two were made for each other.
Let’s raise our glasses to the beautiful newlyweds! Be happy my dear ones!

Good evening everyone! Who does not know me, I am _, the brother of our bride. As an older brother, I always looked after _, protected her. I confess to you all – I did not even notice how she grew up and became such a beautiful young woman. And here we are today at her wedding. Wow! It’s incredible!
By the way, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who was able to join us on this special day today, it is very valuable.
In childhood, she was often sad that I play with my friends more than with her, that I didn’t draw dresses with her, and I didn’t want to play with dolls with her, and so on. I promise if you have a daughter – I will make up for it all and be just the best uncle!
Be happy, congratulations again!

I _, and I am the brother of our gorgeous bride. Hi all! I am very happy to be here today on this wonderful and such a special day!
With _, we have a difference of 2 years, and we have always been very close and spent time together. We are not just brother and sister – we are best friends since childhood! And I am very happy to see her so happy today! And to see so many people here who came to share the joy of this day with our family.
Let’s drink to _ and _, you are the most beautiful and charming couple in the world!

The perfect way to write a brother-to-sister wedding speech is by fragmenting your thoughts. Break them into sections that work for you. We say thank you to all the people that are important first. From your siblings to their spouses and parents. Then elaborate on the relationship you share with your sister. Emphasize this part with a couple of relatable stories.

Tell the guests about your encounter with her spouse and how you know they were made for each other. Extol some virtues on the partner and finish by giving them your brotherly advice. Round up your entire speech by making a toast to the new couple.


Brother Of The Groom Wedding Speech Examples

Hi all! My name is _, I am the brother of our groom. I am honored to be here today and glad that so many people came to celebrate with us today.
As an older brother, I always looked after our _. I watched him grow up and how closer we become to each other. Now he is not only my brother, but also my best friend.
I am incredibly happy that he has found a girl like _ – she is incredibly beautiful, smart, kind and will be just a great mother for my nephews.
Let’s raise our glasses to the newlyweds! Live long and happily together!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!
Who does not know me, I _, the brother of the groom.
From the first day when _ introduced me to _, I knew that we would gather here with you. I’ve never seen him love someone so much before. And I’m very happy, brother! Be happy!
To the newlyweds!

Hi all! If someone sees me for the first time, I am _, the brother of the groom. I am incredibly glad that we are all here today. There are so many close people for our family here, so many important people for our newlyweds. This is amazing!
_, I can’t imagine a more perfect woman for you than _. She is definitely the love of your life – a smart, beautiful, kind girl who is your soulmate and you have the same life views and life goals.
It’s truly great!
Let’s raise our glasses to the newlyweds! _, welcome to the family!

Pull off the best wedding speech ideas for your brother by laying bare what makes your brother tick. Lay into him for most of your speech and get nice on him as you round up. Share traits and stories of your brother that endears him to everyone.

If he is the cry baby, hopeless romantic, or macho man until love hits, tell the guests for some good laugh. Don’t forget to turn your charm on his spouse and remind him how he hit the jackpot. Celebrate their spouse and say a quote that relates. Finish with some pieces of advice and a toast to the new couple.


Wedding Toasts for Brother’s Speech

Tailor your toast to reflect the unique relationship you share with your brother and the couple, injecting personal anecdotes for a heartfelt touch. Strike a balance between humor and sentiment, ensuring your toast brings laughter and tears of joy, making it memorable for the newlyweds and guests.

  • “To the couple: May your love be as enduring as our childhood memories and as boundless as the adventures that lie ahead. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness!”
  • “Here’s to a union that’s as timeless as our shared laughter and as enduring as family bonds. May your journey be filled with love, joy, and countless beautiful moments.”
  • “To my brother and his beautiful bride: May your days be filled with love, laughter, and endless shared dreams. Here’s to building a lifetime of cherished memories together!”
  • “A toast to the newlyweds: May your love story be filled with chapters of joy, passion, and unwavering support. Here’s to creating a future as beautiful as your wedding day.”
  • “As we raise our glasses, let’s celebrate not just the union of two souls but the blending of two families. May your journey be adorned with love, understanding, and a lifetime of shared adventures.”


Brother Wedding Speech Guide

The groom’s brother is arguably the assistant groom and his speech can last ten minutes or less. It is also fine that the speech comes up last after dinner or while it is going on. The best brother’s wedding speech is special because it is the time to tell all your drunken stories and share anecdotes.

You are going to reveal the playful, serious, and intentional man getting married through stories. This is also an opportunity to emphasize the relationship you share and let him know that you love him and would support him for life. You will never forget such a speech.


How To Write The Brother’s Speech At A Wedding

  • Personalize your speech
    The brother’s speech at the wedding must be personalized because you know your brother more than most. Everything you say should be authentic, meaningful, and relatable to your brother. No generic or cliché words because that would be making a mockery of your relationship.
  • Organize your thoughts
    Always create an outline that works for your entire speech. Don’t wing it or get so spontaneous that your speech starts sounding incoherent. Regardless of the tone, keep your thoughts curated.
  • Do thorough practice
    Practice every time until you are very confident in your speech. Consistent practice will help you fish out errors and sappy talks while solidifying the tone. Also, it will be beautiful if you can give a speech about your brother off-heart. However, not everyone is good at memorizing, so you can take a speech card with you.
  • Break the ice
    Make sure to include some funny jokes or punchy one-liners that will break the ice and get guests to relax.
  • Write and edit
    Write down your speech early enough, edit it to perfection, and print or save it. Don’t leave this task until the last minute.

The Best Brother Wedding Speech Outline

  • Introduce yourself
    Whether you are giving a brother speech for your sister’s wedding or your brother’s, you must start by introducing yourself. The guests must know your name and your affiliation with the groom or bride.
  • Welcome guests and newlyweds
    If you are the first in line to speak, welcome everyone immediately as they take their seats. Also, welcome the newlyweds and talk about your excitement witnessing the wedding.
  • Share some stories about the bride/groom
    Share beautiful stories about the couple, especially the half whose sibling you are. Gather stories from your childhood, especially if he or she was a playful and happy child. You can also chip in his funny quirks and habits as an adult. Say some reasons why he or she is a great person and how much you love them.
  • Say some words about the new spouse
    Don’t forget to serenade the new spouse because that’s one of the ways to make your sibling happy. Welcome them officially into your family and tell how enthusiastic you are to nurture your relationship.
  • Wish something to a couple or give an advice
    Say some prayers and wishes for the couple. You can also give them some potent advice especially if you have been married for a while.
  • End with a toast
    Raise your glass together with the guests and toast to the couple.


Wedding Speech Tips: How To Give

  • Please stay sober
    It is a day of joy and fun, but you don’t want to break your brother’s heart by acting weird or slurring your speech. So lay easy on the drinks.
  • Be yourself
    Go all out but be in control. Also, be as authentic as possible because that is what will appeal to the guests.
  • Show some emotion
    It is okay to feel mushy and sentimental. Show it and let your love shine through your eyes, but don’t go overboard.
  • Say a joke
    Tell a joke which could be personal or about your brother. Ensure it is decent and don’t share inside jokes or private information.
  • Measure your tone
    Your speech will come last when the guests are probably tired and over it. Keep your tone lively and upbeat. This will make the guests perk up.

What Not To Say

  • No exes
    Leave the exes in the past and don’t mention them even as a reference. You don’t want to ruin your brothers or sisters’ thoughts with what might have been.
  • No politics
    You don’t know the affiliation of every guest sitting in the audience, so to avoid ruffling feathers, don’t talk about politics. Not even as a joke.
  • No negative point of view or prediction about marriage
    If you don’t believe in marriage or there are so many divorces, keep it to yourself. Speak happily, say happy, and only be positive.
  • No inside jokes
    Keep the inside jokes for close family. Don’t tell jokes that guests will struggle to understand.
  • No sexual talk
    Leave the men’s talk for the bar or club. Don’t bring sexual talks, no matter how subtle, to the wedding.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do brothers give wedding speeches?

Brother speeches aren’t common at weddings, but it lies with the couple. So yes, they can give speeches after the best man speech or before toasts.

How do you write a sibling speech for a wedding?

Prepare and don’t wing it. Make the guests laugh within the first 30 seconds, honor your parents, and remember to welcome your new sister/Brother.

What do you say at your brother’s wedding?

Introduce yourself, share sweet memories of your brother, sing of his virtues and leave him and his new spouse with your best wishes.

We have curated an interesting brother wedding speech for the groom and bride, complete with tips and templates. So if you are looking for speech inspiration for your sibling’s wedding, search no more. Check this post for all the best ideas that you can imagine and pull off a memorable speech for your sibling.