Pantone Color Of The Year: Best Trends For Your Wedding Style

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Colors are the main attraction of weddings because they tie all the details together. Colors help create cohesion that translates to beauty from attire to the tiniest stationery. And in the spirit of unforgettable weddings, a new Pantone color of the year is unveiled.

Pantone Color


Classic Blue is the Pantone 2020 color of the year. And together with other colors, it will make a creative wedding palette. You can maneuver this palette to fit chic, rustic, nautical, beach, Gothic, and any wedding style. Set the mood and send a message.
We’re here to help you with that by showing you how to combine Pantone color in this post.

Brides Often Ask

What is the Pantone color for 2020?

The 2020 color of the year Pantone chose is Classic Blue. Let’s delve into the details.

What does Pantone color mean?

Pantone is the standard color language affiliated to the Pantone Matching System. They are a set of spot colors created from 18 basic colors. Pantone colors are very important to manufacturing and creative processes. This is saying that Pantone colors are basically color codes that represent a specific shade. Pantone has profiled a total of 1,867 colors with codes and numbers assigned to them. This helps people identify shades along the same or different gradients with just codes.

How are Pantone’s main colors chosen every year?

Pantone is a printing founded in the 1950s. It was first based in New York, but now in Carlstadt. It started choosing the main color every year since 2000. Pantone chooses a color of the year that decides from trend-forecasting research performed by the Pantone Color Institute. Pantone announces its color of the year every December based on what’s happening in our global culture in real-time. It draws inspiration from the reigning color in fashion, marketing, style, interior decor, graphics, textiles, and other industries.

Why is the Pantone color of the year important?

The Pantone Color of the Year is important because it is a color trend forecast that guides consumers. Its importance lies in the fact that it’s used for consumer products and designs created for clients. Also, some sectors like fashion and other creatives renew their look every year according to the new color. These new colors help with marketing and product creation.

Main points on why and who uses these colors?

Pantone colors help creatives and manufacturers to verify that colors match clients’ specifications. This extends to beauty, fashion, production, art, and sport where colors are important. Also, Quality Control firms employ Pantone colors during inspections of mass-produced goods to make sure they match clients’ requirements.

How to use color for a wedding theme

    PANTONE 19-4052 also known as Classic Blue is timeless, simple, and enduring. It is stable, dependable, restful, and portrays clarity. It also exudes peace and tranquility, synonymous with a new day.

    Pantone 2020 color of the year works great with many colors. But the theme and mood of your wedding determine your additional colors. For a crisp, clean, and classic look, blend white with classic blue. It acts as a natural complement to the Pantone color, working perfectly for coastal, traditional, or glam wedding styles.

  • If you want to speak class and sophistication, go with a monochromatic look. Layer classic blue with stunning shades of blue like royal, sky blue, deep blue, and any other shade. There can never be too much blue. You can also punch up classic blue by incorporating orange accents. This gives a bold look for modern wedding themes.
  • Combine a zingy industrial-chic wedding theme with some sunshine by infusing golden yellow. This color palette is also great for art deco weddings. The visible bursts of gold and yellow accents spread positivity.
    If you’re thinking of toning down the classic blue, apply soft pastel colors. Subdued colors like dusty rose and pale pink give an earthly feel for a neoclassical wedding.
  • For a dramatic yet natural look, throw in greenery and metallic-like gold and copper. To give your wedding look some extra hotness, merge classic blue with Terracotta. And when you want to embrace stability, incorporate charcoal or cement gray in your wedding palette. This is perfect for a rustic wedding look

Why use a color theme according to Pantone?

Using the color theme according to Pantone helps you stay ahead of trends.

Pantone Color Wedding Attire

There are many ways to incorporate the Pantone color of the year into your wedding attire. From the dress to shoes and accessories, see the combination below.


Bride Wedding Dress

  • For the daring bride, take a chance on a classic blue wedding dress for modern weddings. Pair this with champagne gold pair of shoes. To accessorize, incorporate gold neckpiece, earrings, and bracelet. For the bouquet, make a combination of classic blue, white, and dusty rose flowers.
  • A minimalistic bride will wear a white dress with classic blue accents. These accents may be the bodice, a bow behind, waist ribbons/belts, neckline embroidery, or floral motif peppered around the skirt. Match this dress with ivory shoes and copper accessories. Finish up with a blend of classic blue, cream, and dusty rose flowers.


Groom Wedding Attire

  • A classic blue suit is quite the eye turner on the groom. Pair suit white or cream shirt. Incorporate classic blue, cranberry, or buttery yellow ties. Incorporate waistcoats/cummerbunds and boutonnières that match the tie color. Finish this look with a hazelnut belt and pair of lace-up shoes. Should his attire match with bride and groomsmen’s attire?
  • The groom only needs a touch of the bride’s attire. For instance, pocket square, ties, and boutonnière colors will be decided from the bride’s bouquet. The groomsmen can wear a different suit color. For which theme some design or accents will be better?
  • For a modern playful theme, incorporate a buttery yellow waistcoat or bow tie. Go along with plum or cranberry ties and boutonnières for a whimsical wedding. For a beach wedding, maintain a monochromatic look in blue.


Guests Wedding Dresses

Styling tips for guests, bridesmaids, and groomsmen:

  • For guests, choose a classic blue dress and shoes for formal weddings. Accessorize with statement gold neckpiece and simple gold stud earrings. You can go colorful with a golden yellow dress for summer outdoors. Pair with classic blue shoes and jewelry. For a sophisticated theme, choose a monochromatic look with touches of copper as a belt, shoes, clutch, or headpiece.
  • Bridesmaids will wear a stunning classic blue dress with gold shoes. Accessorize this look with gold, rhinestone, or crystal jewelry and hairpieces. For the groomsmen, go with cement or charcoal gray tuxedos. Match with classic blue ties and a mix of blue and leafy green boutonnières. Finish the look with black or hazelnut brogues.
  • For which theme some design or accents will be better? The above color combination and accents are perfect for modern, boho, rustic, beach, and whimsical weddings.

Pantone Color Wedding Ideas

With the 2020 Pantone color of the year, you can create a cohesive look for your wedding. From stationery to cake and bouquets, check out some wedding ideas.


Wedding Stationery

  • The hallmark of wedding stationery is theme, mood, and unison. Colors that work best with classic blue are ivory, white China, light blue, gold, and dusty rose among others. Stretch this palette across your invites, envelopes, place cards, menu cards, RSVP, and thank you cards.
  • Try a classic blue damask stationery suite with ivory floral borders and white lettering. This is perfect for formal weddings.
  • For a beach or whimsical wedding, choose a classic blue for the cardstock with white China pressed-in background. Incorporate light blue for the lettering to give the perfect finish.
  • If you’re having a rustic wedding, choose white cardstock with a classic blue leafy motif bordering the edges. You can also opt for a rose laser cut classic blue stationery for a glam wedding. Present the suite with gold ribbons around it for the perfect finish.

Cake Ideas

Applying the Pantone color 2020 to your cake gives it an artful look.

  • Depending on your theme, a classic blue cake with dried pink floral accents suit garden weddings.
  • For woodland weddings, opt for tiered marble cakes with blueberry accents.
  • For industrial chic weddings, choose cream-colored cakes with classic blue gum paste flowers and gold topper.
  • Choose a classic blue cake with coral buttercream, adorned with pink flowers, and greenery for a rustic theme.


Wedding Bouquets

  • The trendy classic blue inspired wedding bouquets are stylish.
  • Combine some peonies, wildflowers, and lilac accents for a romantic theme.
  • For formal weddings, choose ranunculus, anemones, tweeds, and purple roses.
  • Go rustic with pink roses, gentians, and greenery accents. And for bohemian themes, combine red and pink roses, forget-me-nots, brunneras, and blue lilacs.

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Classic blue is a brilliant addition to your wedding decor color palette. You can include it in your table setting, aisle, venue decor, floral arrangements, and more.

Aisle Decoration

  • Choose classic blue carpet flooring with cream rose petals sprinkled on both sides for a traditional wedding theme.
  • Convert this to a glam theme by adding gold lanterns at the altar for some warmth.
  • For rustic themes, opt for a burlap curtain for your arch. Pepper the borders of the arch with purple roses, peonies, irises, and greenery.
  • For whimsical weddings, line the aisle to the altar with flowers in classic blue vases. Hang purple, gold, and white string lights overhead.
  • For garden weddings, sprinkle purple and white rose petals all the way. Finish this look with an altar wall of red, purple, and white roses with gold accents.


Table Setting Décor

  • Cover your table in white lace cloth and top it with the classic blue table runner.
  • Choose Royal blue napkin on gold flatware.
  • Opt for place and menu cards in classic blue with white lettering.
  • For centerpieces, set up blue Chinoiserie vases and Orange accents.
  • You can also choose painted mismatched wine bottles with tree slices in them for centerpieces.

Styling tips: Surround your centerpieces with classic blue taper candles in thin brass candlesticks. Finish the look by suspending greenery and floating lanterns overhead. This table setting is perfect for rustic, coastal, woodland, romantic, and modern weddings.

Reception Ideas

Depending on your wedding theme, you can either blow the classic blue up or tone it down.

For boho, chic, and art deco wedding themes, tone up by combining classic blue with orange and golden yellow. An example is mismatched lounge couches in these colors.

Going woodland, camp, rustic, or minimalistic? Merge the classic blue with white, soft pastels, and cement gray.

The Pantone color of the year, classic blue, is a unique one that’s easy to work with. Its stability is evident in its functionality. It is artful and has an aesthetic appeal that’s evergreen. The color is also easy to find and incorporate in your wedding. From your attire to décor, regardless of the wedding theme, this flexible color brings your wedding dream to life.