Pantone Color Of The Year: 2023 Viva Magenta Wedding Trends

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It’s an exciting time of year! Everyone who works in, or has a passion for, the arts looks forward to the moment when the Pantone color of the year is announced.


The wedding industry is no exception. The visual arts, as well as our entire lives, are heavily influenced by color. The slightest shift in hue can change a negative vibe to a positive one or a cool feeling to a warm one.

The Pantone Color of the Year is most likely to have the biggest impact on society. This year, the renowned organization has chosen Viva Magenta.

Brides Often Ask

What Are The Color Trends For 2023?

The color trends of 2023 will focus on:

  • vibrant celebration
  • a reconnection with nature, and
  • comfort with a new identity.

While vibrant hues will dominate the primary color scene, warm neutrals and wood tones will play a strong supporting role.
Viva Magenta achieves all of this in a powerful yet somehow reassuring way. This signifies that, as a society, we have regained our direction and passion, and that we are very optimistic about celebrating this newfound direction in life.

  • Blank Canvas:
    The Behr Paint Company has independently named Blank Canvas their color of the year. Although Pantone’s color of the year is more exciting, this hue is particularly inviting and calming, providing the perfect environment for Viva Magenta to thrive.
  • Rich Brown:
    The natural inspiration of wood tones is nothing new. This year, however, you can expect an infusion of gold, silver, and jewel undertones that demonstrate just how much we value our natural resources.
  • Soft Bold:
    Previous years have been wrought with anxiety, prompting very assertive color choices. While artists and designers will retain the confident spirit of these passing bold colors, they will make use of their softer, more accommodating variations.

Why do we have a Pantone Color of the Year?

Because color is highly representative and possesses the ability to reflect what society is at this moment in time.


What Is The Pantone Color Of The Year 2023?

The Pantone color of the year 2023 codes are#BB2649 and PMS 18-1750. These codes allow designers to color-match their products when working in any visual medium. For the more visually inclined, Pantone’s color of the year is known as Viva Magenta.

The Pantone Matching System means that the color, despite possessing different physical properties, will remain visually consistent when looking at fabrics, paint, or a screen.

The color is highly symbolic of the times. It’s meant to represent the newfound strength and energy we emerge from trying times. It both celebrates the moment as well as our collective optimism for the future. It’s energetic and evokes the power of, and reconnection to, nature.

For the wedding industry, Viva Magenta will be very important in 2023. It’s a powerful color, so wedding planners will want to be cautious or intentionally bold when creating their theme palettes. Color experts recommend pairing the Viva Magena with neutrals and wood tones or pairing it with equally impressive opposites on the color wheel.


Pantone Color Wedding Attire

Viva Magenta promises to be very versatile. Traditional weddings are likely to use the color as a primary accent supported by neutrals, soft metallics, and wood hues. Alternatively, adventurous brides will pair Viva Magenta with drastic blues and greens to create dazzling color palettes.


Bride and Groom Wedding Attire

Viva Magenta is a little too powerful for a traditional wedding gown. However, the Pantone color of the year is classic, romantic, and energetic. These are perfect qualities for grooms’ ties, cummerbunds, and pocket squares. It’s also a great accent color for the bride’s gown.


Guests Wedding Dresses

Viva Magenta seamlessly slips into most wedding themes.  Wedding guests wearing the color will compliment the harvest palette of fall weddings, the florals of summer weddings, the endurance of winter weddings, and the vivaciousness of spring weddings.

Guests will appreciate the effortless matching of both silver and gold accessories.

Wedding Makeup and Accessories

Brides will have an easy time applying Viva Magento to their makeup and accessories. Magenta falls into the traditional category of red lips and nails. It can also be treated as an iconic ’90s look or an exciting gilded aesthetic.


Wedding Ideas

How you use Pantone’s color of the year entirely depends on the wedding theme you desire. Whether you want a traditional, edgy alternative, or something in between, Viva Magenta promises to breathe life into your big day.

Wedding Stationery

When it comes to wedding stationery, brides will choose between bold and soft. For the bold approach, tap into the energetic nature of Viva Magenta by using lots of contrast on a white or neutral background. For something softer, leverage its connection to nature with swooping lines and triadic hues that will keep the color of the year grounded.

To make the most of 2023’s color of the year, use Viva Magenta as the base to produce a defiant, captivating.


Cakes Ideas

A classic 3-tier wedding cake adorned with Viva Magenta icing is easy to imagine as a first approach to a Pantone color of the year on a wedding cake. To get a little bit more creative, look no further than nature. There are plenty of fruits and flowers that fall under the color of the year’s analogous color scheme.

For a modern twist, design a nude cake doused with Viva Magenta flower petals. Shine a magenta LED spotlight on it to imbue the cake with the aura of the color of the year.

Wedding Bouquets

Viva Magenta offers unlimited wedding bouquet combinations. Pair with white flowers and luscious greens for a traditional approach. Depending on the season you can also mix and match other pinks, reds, and purples, and pale blues. Each combination presents a unique emotional appeal. Make sure to have your wedding theme firmly defined when you are testing out the Pantone color of the year.


Wedding Decoration Ideas

Although it’s a highly pronounced color, Viva Magenta oddly doesn’t compete with other bright colors. The Pantone color of the year also doesn’t demand attention. You can feel free to experiment with every rainbow color without worrying about visual chaos.

Aisle Decoration Ideas

Nature and movement are inherent to Viva Magenta. Douse your aisle and archway with magenta flower petals, flowing fabrics, and sash chairs. Whether indoors or outside, your walk down the aisle will be complicated by the sense of movement and energy the color provides.


Reception Decor

Almost every wedding theme you can think of can find an anchor to Viva Magenta. The Pantone color of the year offers romance for traditional weddings. It’s both wholesome and strongly connected to nature, which lends itself to bohemian and rustic wedding themes. It’s also prominent in nature from early summer to early fall, making it very accessible for outdoor themes. You can even combine Viva Magenta and gold with an art deco aesthetic for the perfect Gazby glam!

Extend this thinking to your lighting linens and florals for the wedding venue of your dreams.

Pantone Color Of The Previous Years

For two decades, Pantone Color Institute has released a total of twenty-four colors of the year including 2022. 2016 and 2021 have two colors each, all forecasting global color trends.


Pantone Color 2022

Thematically, Very Peri is very forward-looking. It attempts to represent the emotions we all share about the near future. Simultaneously, the color represents how we all got here and harnesses those emotions as well

  • Very Peri would be a very bold choice as the main color of your wedding palette. Brides and grooms are likely to prefer the traditional route and to enhance their black tuxedos and white wedding gowns with splashes of the award-winning hue. For grooms, think boutonnieres, ties, vests, shoes, pocket squares, and other accessories.
  • Be cautious with this color. A light purple on white could be difficult to read. If you are taking our design advice, make sure that the letters are large enough for even your most elderly guest to read.
  • Very Peri makes for a delicious-looking icing hue. This can be applied as a highlight to a traditional white cake with dried purple flower petals for additional ornamentation.
  • Finding an exact Very Peri Pantone match in nature will be difficult. However, there are some very close matches that will do the trick perfectly. Lavender, bellflower, balloon flower, and allium, or just a few of the options you have at your disposal. Compliment the purple colors with a variety of greens, whites, and textures for best results.

Pantone Colors 2021

There are two colors, comprising the ultimate gray and the illuminating vibrant yellow. Ultimate Gray 17-5104 connotes strength, calm, stability, fortitude, comfort, and resilience.

We see a light at the end of the tunnel and this is where the Illuminating13-0647 color comes in. Represented by the vibrant yellow, it signifies, positivity, continuity, hope, and nature. Its bright nature forms an agreeable contrast to ultimate gray.

  • The groom’s wedding attire doesn’t necessarily have to match with the bride or groomsmen attire. However, to create a cohesive palette, there must be a similar touch across the board.
  • Illuminating will take the form of embroidery, waistband, or floral motifs. A bride can pair this with a mix of ultimate grey for shoes and illuminating jewelry plus hair accents. These accents and accessories can either be simple or bejeweled.
  • Your wedding stationery gives you room to explore your wedding color palette. But it gets better as the illuminating and ultimate grey Pantone colors are perfect for different wedding themes.
  • The Pantone colors of the year 2021 redefine wedding cake creativity with its blend of calm and vibrancies.
  • Make your table more interesting by choosing a colorful theme. Use atypically shaped illuminating place and menu cards. Alternate between grey and vibrant yellow plates and glassware. Match napkins and centerpieces to this setup and add some white chargers.


Pantone Color 2020

The 2020 Pantone color of the year is classic blue, looking like the sky and synonymous with the return of a new day. It signifies dependability, trustworthiness, constancy, and credibility. These traits are very much needed in the current high-stress situation we are in. It’s also deep and calm, making it resonate with so many people.

Classic blue is a versatile color that can stand on its own and also blend with other colors. To use…

  • Classic Blue is a work of art, so whether touch or full option, they work for cakes. Apply it as crystal geodes, adorned colored flowers, ombré icing accents, or watercolor artwork.
  • If you’re veering away from an all-blue bouquet, apply it as accents. They range from classic blue ribbons, a sprig of thistles to your bouquet or buttonholes.
  • Have the bridesmaids wear classic blue dresses or get them matching classic blue swatches.
  • As the bride, take something classic blue to your wedding. For example, it could be a touch on your dress, bouquet, or hair.
  • To avoid overwhelming the eyes at the wedding, set the table with minimal classic blue. Incorporate it strategically at different heights. Like the plate, the goblets, the candles and, the candelabra.
  • Switch up your venue from formal reception to disco ready in a heartbeat. For example, fix up a mix of classic blue and neon heart-shaped lights in the background at the reception.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere at your lounge with classic blue throw pillows on muted tone couches. At the ceremony, design your altar with classic blue drapes and asymmetrical greenery.

The Pantone color of the year did not disappoint! Viva Magenta is a powerful yet gentle color that perfectly captures the sentiment of today and our collective aspirations for the future. The wedding industry is sure to have a lot of fun with the possibilities this color brings, and we look forward to seeing it absolutely everywhere.