Pantone Color Of The Year: Best Trends For Your Wedding Style

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The revered Pantone Color Institute acknowledged across different industries has rolled out its Pantone color of the year 2021. This time, there are two colors, comprising the ultimate gray and the illuminating vibrant yellow.

Pantone Color

Together, they create a vibrant and neutral mix signifying optimism, resilience, and hope, which we need right now. This blend is essential in creating color consistency and a balanced palette mix. It is also versatile for weddings, home remodeling, decor, merchandise design, and more.

Apply these beautiful colors to whichever delightful venture you want to take up in the New Year. However, for the sake of weddings and good times, let’s show you how to use the Pantone mix.

Brides Often Ask

Why does Pantone pick a color each year?

What does Pantone color mean?

Why is the Pantone color of the year important?

What are the color trends for 2021?


Pantone Color of the Year 2021: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating

2020 has been a year of resilience, oneness, reflection, and a laid back mood. And just like in 2016, Pantone has once again chosen colors to dominate the coming year.


Ultimate Gray

Ultimate Gray 17-5104 connotes strength, calm, stability, fortitude, comfort, and resilience. With all the turbulence that the world experiences at the moment, Ultimate gray comes at the right time. It’s a nature-inspired color that we’ll often find with rocks, pebbles, sweatpants. It’s rooted, it’s safe, serene, and very stable. This color promises to always be there, never leaving.



We see a light at the end of the tunnel and this is where the Illuminating13-0647 color comes in. Represented by the vibrant yellow, it signifies, positivity, continuity, hope, and nature. This hue will run alongside ultimate gray, bringing with it some sunshine and vibrance. Its bright nature forms an agreeable contrast to ultimate gray.


How To Use Pantone Color In Wedding Attire

The two Pantone colors of the year, ultimate gray and illuminating are versatile. They can also blend with classic blue, greenery, ivory, and other muted tones.

Guests Wedding Dresses

Ultimate gray and Illuminating have undertones of simplicity and class. From the bridesmaid to groomsmen and guests, enjoy an array of colors.

Styling tips:

  • For the guests, it’s best to keep it simple in a blue dress or grey suit. For example, match the blue dress with a vibrant yellow/amber fascinator and stilettos. Finish the look with a simple moonshine or grey sapphire neckpiece, bracelet, and clutch. For the grey suit, a white dress shirt, ultimate grey, and vibrant floral tie, and brown shoes are perfect.
  • The bridesmaids will pair illuminating or ultimate grey dresses with grey shoes. Match the Illuminating dress with grey Pearl necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.
  • Accessorize with bejeweled gray hair pains or vines. Pair the ultimate gray dress with gold neckpieces, earrings, and a bracelet. Seal the look with bedazzled fascinators or hair accessories.
  • The groomsmen will wear black suits, illuminating bow ties, and pocket squares. Finish the look with illuminating, green, and grey boutonnières, silver wristwatches, black belts, and shoes.
  • This style is perfect for nautical, modern rustic, and minimalist wedding themes.


Groom Wedding Attire

The groom’s wedding attire doesn’t necessarily have to match with the bride or groomsmen attire. However, to create a cohesive palette, there must be a similar touch across the board.

Styling Tips:

  • The groom will wear an ultimate grey suit or tux. He will pair this with a white dress shirt and illuminating blazer or cummerbund. A vibrant or ultimate grey tie and pocket square will work just fine.
  • Match this with a mixture of green, grey, and illuminating boutonnière. To accessorize, work with a silver chain or grey leather wristwatch, grey marble cufflinks, and tie clip.
  • Put this look together on a pair of brogues or dress shoes, a pair of grey socks, and a black belt. If you’re going for a more casual look, ditch the cummerbund and blazers.
  • This look is perfect for beach, whimsical, formal, and coastal themes. It will also work great for industrial-chic and glam themes.

Bride Wedding Dress

The incorporation of the 2021 Pantone colors on the wedding dress depends on personal style and wedding theme. Whether you’re a minimalistic, romantic, bohemian, or just an elegant bride, see how to rock this combo

Styling Tips:

  • The bohemian bride will love an ombre dress of white or Ivory and ultimate grey. Pair this look with grey sandals and illuminating accessories for neckpieces, earrings, and bracelets. Her hair will stay tousled with Illuminating vines holding them in place.
  • The whimsical bride will love her white dress with a touch of illuminating. Illuminating will take the form of embroidery, waistband, or floral motifs. She will pair this with a mix of ultimate grey for shoes and illuminating jewelry plus hair accents. These accents and accessories can either be simple or bejeweled.
  • For the formal, elegant, and sophisticated bride, a white dress would suffice. Pair this dress with ultimate grey stilettoes or sandals. Incorporate illuminating diamonds, citrine, Jade, or beryl for your neck, ears, and arms. Sport a mixture of illuminating, green, orange, and grey corsage.
  • This ensemble will also work for a minimalist and garden-inspired theme.


Wedding Ideas With Pantone Color

From the wedding cake to stationery, and bouquets, Pantone color 2021 gives you splashes of colors to work with. Blend them with matching colors to get an effortlessly delightful look.

Wedding Stationery

Your wedding stationery gives you room to explore your wedding color palette. But it gets better as the illuminating and ultimate grey Pantone colors are perfect for different wedding themes.

Create an ultimate Gray and illuminating Wedding stationery suite with Ivory Floral lace for a rustic themed wedding. Do this in Gatefold Style with white background cardstock, cursive writing in grey and illuminating. In addition, fringe the edges of the card in floral lace.

  • For a rustic wedding theme, use the illuminating damask for the base with black lettering. Finish with grey floral motifs for the edge decor. Bind together with burlap.
  • To fly a monochrome theme, use a base ultimate grey cardstock and write on gold calligraphy. Adhere to each member of your suite to an illuminating ribbon for a clean, simple look.
  • Having a romantic or nature-inspired wedding? Use green cardstock as the base and illuminating as the outer cover. Calligraph your letters in white and create romantic florals on the vibrant cover.
  • Nautical and country weddings will work well with a white base, grey lettering, and illuminating floral motif or damask for decor.

Cake Ideas

The Pantone colors of the year 2021 will redefine wedding cake creativity with its blend of calm and vibrancies. See how to work them into your wedding cake to fit different themes.

Styling Tips:

  • Host a garden-themed wedding in the fall with a matte ultimate grey design backdrop. Furnish it with illuminating satin-finished petals and flashes of burnished cute tones. These fall hues combine sweet potato cake, candied pecan crunch, and a base note of maple buttercream.
  • Create a soft dramatic cake that exudes soft elegance with its illuminating floral-painted tier. Choose accents of handmade sugar blossoms in vibrant tones to fall on a grey backdrop for a rustic wedding.
  • Whimsical wedding cakes look better on a clear white fondant base. Follow this with a gradient of illuminating and ultimate grey watercolor petals sweeping up the tiers. This will give an illusion of floating in the winter air.
  • If you’re hosting a glam themed wedding, create a tiered delight with an illuminating top and ultimate grey bottom. Alternate with a watercolor icing blend for the top and bottom in geometric stencil matte grey finish. Run a creeping greenery vine through it for some freshness.


Wedding Bouquets

Your wedding bouquet is a collection of memories that become keepsakes long after the wedding. See how to curate illuminating and ultimate grey flowers, accents, and accessories for a gorgeous bouquet fit for any wedding.

Styling Tips:

  • Match Vibrant yellow bridesmaid bouquets of sunflower with grey roses and white floral accents for a whimsical wedding. This helps the bride stand out from the dual palette arrangement.
  • For a coastal wedding, combine dusty grey roses with creamy neutrals, eucalyptus, and a hint pop of Marsala. Alternatively, you can have an all illuminating bouquet with a touch of gray accents. Wrap up these beauties with vibrant illuminating ribbons.
  • Host a country wedding with a show-stopping huge king protea bouquet. Mix up the color with grey, neon, illuminating, pale, sage green, and red. Complete this colorful assembly with a silver bouquet holder.
  • Go the Bohemian way of wildflowers and blooms, complete with greenery and peach roses. Incorporate ultimate grey pins and brooch accents in the flowers. Wrap them up in a combo of illuminating and vibrant ribbon or bouquet holder. This will give that sensual yet wild forest-inspired look.

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Aisle Decoration

Forge an array of colors by creating a canopy ceiling to enhance your venue interiors. Suspend ultimate grey and illuminating lanterns and honeycombs from vaulted ceilings. Hang up pom-poms to create a laid back backdrop for the dessert tables and Marquees.

You can also awaken the rustic vibe with stacks of mismatched wooden boxes filled with personalized accents at your photo booth. Throw in mismatched ultimate grey and illuminating empty wine bottles, bespoke signs, letters, vases, or storybooks. You can shop these items online or find them in your attic.

Complement your table with an illuminating candelabra finished with grey roses, off gypsophila, and garlands of grey crystal beads. Put these together to get a stylish, chic, and uber-luxurious reception.

For your outdoor wedding, try out sunflower walls laced with creeping delphiniums vines and ultimate grey rose stems. This creates a stunning backdrop for your table, bar, and lounge.

Styling tips:

  • Set up a romantic indoor wedding aisle with faux marble grey floors and white carpeting in the middle. Sprinkle yellow petals on the carpet and stand white potted yellow flowers at strategic points. Drape the focal point with grey curtains and install yellow chandeliers and lighting overhead. Finish this look with grey single chairs.
  • For a more rustic look, firstly pair brown carpeting with ultimate grey lighthouse lanterns. Choose brown wooden chairs with a blend of illuminating, brown, and ivory garlands attached to them. Create an assorted floral topiary to stand at the end of the aisle.
  • If you’re hosting a modern or classic themed wedding, pair pristine white chairs with marble floors. Create illuminating wreaths to hang white stands. At the end of the aisle, create a wall of colorful florals including greenery, yellow roses, peonies, and artificial grey accents. This gives an overall simple, clean, and colorful look.


Table Setting Décor

Styling Tips:

  • To set a romantic Pantone-themed table, choose ultimate grey and illuminating tall marbled candles as centerpieces. Experiment with hand-cut, hexagon-shaped menus polished grey plates. Infuse your wedding date and monogram into every item. Tie this whole look together with white or black table runners.
  • To pull off a tropical-themed table setting. Dot wooden tables with illuminating accents of yellow blooms in white stemware on ultimate gray linens. Also, adorn the tables with illuminating votives and centerpieces of scabiosa, roses, privets, peonies, and sweet peas.
  • If you’re up for a monochromatic look, apply the illuminating color as your base. Then create cohesion with ultimate grey monochromatic centerpieces, linens, and glassware.
  • Make your table more interesting by choosing a colorful theme. Use atypically shaped illuminating place and menu cards. Alternate between grey and vibrant yellow plates and glassware. Match napkins and centerpieces to this setup and add some white chargers.

Reception Ideas

The ambiance of your wedding reception will set the tone of the event. Discover how to apply Pantone color for the year 2021 to fit different wedding themes.

Styling Tips:

  • Establish a formal and classy look with vibrant yellow fabric for the background. With this approach, apply the ultimate grey and white for your table decor and floral arrangements to get a perfect look.
  • In place of an escort card table, create a greenery wall with hung colorful vibrant yellow and ultimate grey escort card. Put this at the entrance so that they can easily be picked up. Include the guest’s seat or table numbers so they find their cards easily.
  • If you’re doing without carpeting, suspend flowers overhead the guests to create a cozy intimate space. Create these flowers in blends of ultimate grey artificial accents, yellow roses, orchids, carnation, and greenery. These are perfect for modern, country, and even vintage-themed weddings.
  • Give your wedding a tropical feel by jazzing up your entrance and bar with chalkboard signage. Drape them in an assortment of ultimate grey and illuminating flowers.


Colour Trend Report for Autumn/Winter for 2021/22

The fashion color trend report by Pantone for autumn/winter 2021/2022 for LFW showcases resourcefulness and ingenuity. They surround us and awaken the desire to create in artful combination, where contemporary meets cultural or nature blends with urban. Creating a perfect balance between fun and practical, they say yes to paradoxical artful statements. The colors this season were based on Pantone Fashion and their heartwarming hues that reflect our natural environment. More so, they were the toast of the season at the London Fashion Week. The BTS members and models raved about them. By the end of the event and at the time of reporting, these colors were chosen.

Encouraging the freedom of creative energies and combining them with nature and quirkiness, there are two palettesrobust and classics.

The colors on the robust palette offer a burst of colors and a fresh perspective of the arts.

They include;

  • Green Bee: This is a grassy green with a refreshing twist that embodies rest, growth, and expresses nature
  • Pantone Tomato Cream: Akin to a buttery brown, it carries a heartwarming aura that ministers comfort.
  • Ibiza Blue: Totally genderless, this relaxed yet whimsical color is the beginning of a romance, a dynamic island blue hue that captures our attention
  • Illuminating yellow: This happy, bright yet classy color assures you that it will be a good day. It is joyful, friendly, and optimistic with the promise of a sunny day
  • Winery: Highly sophisticated, this color cloaks you in elegance without going overboard. Its color expresses finesse and poise
  • First Blush: More powerful than the baby pink, it gives a backbone that assures you of stability while maintaining a delicate and tender nature.
  • Downtown Brown: This toned-down brown color effortlessly combines bougie, authenticity, and class. It is metropolitan with some swagger
  • Daylily: This is a bright yellow sophistication with an orange hint that will never go out of style. It promises good tidings while adding elegance to the mix.
  • Clear Sky: This color embodies clam while offering clarity. Reflective of the cool blue on a cloudless day
  • Red Alert: Here is a flirty color, yet maintains poise and leaves an impression. It’s quite impactful and with a suggestive presence.

The second palette is referred to as the classics. This is because they are versatile and without limitations to time and seasons.

The colors on classic palette include:

  • Perfectly Pale: Sandy beach beaches come to mind. The color signifies fun, endurance, and comfort
  • Ultimate Gray: This is a color that says, “Go, I’ve got your back,” without shouting. It embodies composure, quiet assurance, and reliability
  • Olive Branch: Such stable and tasteful green olive with a brown infusion that it signifies growth. A perfect color that is demure yet asserts.
  • After Midnight: This is the tough black infused with blue, which symbolizes class, mystery, and style.


Pantone color of the previous years

For two decades, Pantone Color Institute has released a total of twenty-three colors of the year including 2021. 2016 and 2021 have two colors each, all forecasting global color trends but let’s look at the outgoing color.

Pantone color 2020

The 2020 Pantone color of the year is classic blue, looking like the sky and synonymous with the return of a new day. It signifies dependability, trustworthiness, constancy, and credibility. These traits are very much needed in the current high-stress situation we are in. It’s also deep and calm, making it resonate with so many people.

Classic blue is a versatile color that can stand on its own and also blend with other colors. To use…

  • Classic Blue is a work of art, so whether touch or full option, they work for cakes. Apply it as crystal geodes, adorned colored flowers, ombré icing accents, or watercolor artwork.
  • If you’re veering away from an all-blue bouquet, apply it as accents. They range from classic blue ribbons, a sprig of thistles to your bouquet or buttonholes.
  • Have the bridesmaids wear classic blue dresses or get them matching classic blue swatches.
  • As the bride, take something classic blue to your wedding. For example, it could be a touch on your dress, bouquet, or hair.
  • To avoid overwhelming the eyes at the wedding, set the table with minimal classic blue. Incorporate it strategically at different heights. Like the plate, the goblets, the candles and, the candelabra.
  • Switch up your venue from formal reception to disco ready in a heartbeat. For example, fix up a mix of classic blue and neon heart-shaped lights in the background at the reception.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere at your lounge with classic blue throw pillows on muted tone couches. At the ceremony, design your altar with classic blue drapes and asymmetrical greenery.

Pantone color of the year 2021 isn’t one but two; ultimate grey and illuminating. They will work together to bring about a powerful color presence for users. Synonymous with hope, stability, and positivity, the usefulness and application of this duo are endless. So if you’re getting married in 2021, check out all the Pantone wedding ideas. You’ll also get a touch of Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.