Wildflower Wedding Bouquets The Best Ideas & Tips

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If you find you are a bit on the wild side and would prefer an unconventional wedding bouquet to the traditional one, then you just might benefit from the joyous and colorful nature of wildflower wedding bouquets. From sunflowers to ornamental grasses, leaf foliage, unruly blue cornflowers, red poppies, lavender, sunshine daisies, bulrushes and sprigs of rosemary, it is hard to go wrong with this choice. Sunflowers in particular, asides from their obvious beauty, signify longevity, adoration and loyalty. So, brides who want wedding wildflower bouquets, would often not leave them out.


No matter the season for your wedding, wildflowers would always be a unique choice for that special bride. The mix of dried and fresh flowers, colors, vibrancy, uniqueness and that air of abandon and the varieties of blooms, give a certain type of bride, the perfect bouquet of their dreams. Wildflower wedding bouquets may lack structure, but they give you the element of lovely surprise in unexpected combinations that are always effortlessly beautiful.

So, come along to the wild side. Find the wildflower bridal bouquet that is made just for you.

Brides Often Ask

What is in a wildflower bouquet?

Remember, wildflower bouquets don’t just contain flowers, but also grasses, grains and herbs, which add texture and vibrancy. You might also want to dial up the wild element with a helping of wheat, bulrushes – even a few rosemary sprigs.


  • Daisies:
    Daisies show cleanliness and faithfulness, making people happy with their white petals and bright centers. Great for a fun and silly bouquet of wildflowers, they bring happy cheer to your special day.
  • Baby’s Breath:
    Small white clouds of baby’s breath make a magical and romantic atmosphere. It helps to make things bigger and more magical, mixing well with different kinds of wildflowers for a beautiful arrangement.
  • Queen Anne’s Lace:
    Queen Anne’s Lace looks like a fancy, curtain-like plant. It seems sophisticated and beautiful. Ideal for rustic or bohemian looks, it adds everlasting beauty to your flowers.
  • Sunflowers:
    Sunflowers show happiness and are bright with warm colors. Their big, yellow heads make a lot of energy and wealth to flowers, making them happy and fun.
  • Lavender:
    Lavender’s thin purple spikes not only smell nice, but they also add color. Great for a calm, loving feeling, it gives peace and pretty nature to your group of flowers.
  • Poppies:
    With colorful and eye-catching flowers in different hues, poppies stand out. They are perfect for making a wildflower bouquet. They have strong colors and attract attention with their daring nature.
  • Cornflowers:
    Catching the beauty of summer fields, cornflowers with bright blue give natural grace. Perfect for weddings in the open air, these soft wildflowers make a pretty simple bunch that displays the beauty of nature at its best.


Tender Wildflower Wedding Bouquets

Choose a gorgeous color palette to create a tender wildflower wedding bouquet. If sunflowers reign in your floral arrangement, then you can consider other similar yellow blooms. This would be a great idea for a fall or summer wedding, rustic or bohemian as well. Consider dahlias, pansies, daffodils and even freesias, depending on their availability and the time of year. Complete the arrangement with the sunflower in the color and size of your choice. For a bit of contrast, you could choose to add red and green sunflowers to set off you’re your bouquet and give you a couple of unique wildflower wedding bouquet pictures.


Amazing Wedding Bouquets With Wild Flowers

Find ways to add fun accents to your wildflower bouquet wedding. No matter the choice of flowers for your wedding bouquet, adding white and green succulents to your arrangement can help make a subtle statement. For some texture, add some pinecones as well. Even though the bright blooms will make the major statement, there is no harm in adding some texture. And with wildflower wedding bouquets, you will be breaking no bridal rules.

Dried flowers are another element to add to your bouquet to make them even more amazing. They are highly picturesque, last longer than fresh blooms, and only make the natural colors of your fresh petals look even brighter. You can’t go wrong with some bunny tails, foliage and even dried berries.


Beautiful Wedding Bouquets With Field Flowers

Wildflower bouquets often help you make a dramatic impact as they are unexpected. Each with a unique composition, it is difficult to tell what you will get with a wedding bouquet of field flowers, but you can be sure that it would be beautiful. Pair bright yellow sunflowers with deep purple shaded blooms, swooping calla lily alongside huge amounts of ornamental grasses such as bunny tails, pampas grass and leaf foliage. The contrasting colors, textures, mix of dried and fresh flowers, will cause you to fall in love with organic or fake wildflower bouquets all over again. Your bouquet should reflect your personality, and it is sure to be a hit on your most special day.

Lovely Wedding Bouquets With Daisies

Daisies are a most delicate and beautiful flower. A lovely choice if you are wondering how to make a wildflower bouquet. Start small and grow, adding one beautiful field flower, and the next, and the next. Cascading bouquets are a most lovely creation, and pairing daisies with larger size sunflowers can give you just the recipe you need to create a most gorgeous cascade of blooms. Add white roses and chamomile, and you would have created the most romantic cascading floral arrangement any bride would love to have, wild side or not. For a slightly wider touch, you can add springs of rosemary, grains like wheat, grasses and bulrushes.


Wedding Bouquets In The Spirit Of Provence With Lavender

Lavender has a cool color that looks great paired with almost any number of field or wildflowers you might have available. Add sunflowers, corals, tangerines and magentas for a color combination that is sure to look fantastic in your wedding photos. The smell of the lavender along with the beautiful and bright colors of the other flowers to contrast its cool color, makes for a dynamic wildflower bouquet DIY. Apart from just how gorgeous this arrangement can be it is easy to create yourself and can be budget friendly if you choose to DIY. A most beautiful floral arrangement with wildflowers that look like they have just been freshly picked from the fields, is all the natural beauty that you need on your big day. Great for a summer or fall wedding.

Bright Wedding Bouquets With Sunflowers

A rustic, bohemian or whimsical wedding would benefit greatly from sunflower wedding bouquets, whether they are silk wildflower bouquets or the real deal. For a wedding bouquet that looks freshly picked, consider an arrangement of ranunculus, sunflowers, anemones and dry pampas grass all tied together with a silk ribbon in a color of your choice.

Another option would include daisies, eryngium, sunflowers and dahlias with the sunflowers being the focal point. You can hardly go wrong with an armful of these fresh and beautiful summer flowers. They are sure to put a smile on your face and complete your bridal look for your most special day.


DIY Tips for Creating Wildflower Bouquets

Selecting and Harvesting Wildflowers
Make your wildflower bouquet by choosing flowers that match the colors of your wedding. Collect flowers from fields, gardens or buy them at the local store. Pick flowers with different stages of bloom for a fuller look. Put them in cool water and change the water every two days to keep them fresh. Wildflowers usually stay fresh for 5-10 days.

Arranging Techniques for a Natural Look:

  • Making a pretty wildflower bunch needs combining nature’s beauty in an artful way. Picture old-fashioned or simple weddings, where things are not perfectly lined up. This gives a relaxed and personal appeal to the event. Imagine gentle flowers swaying together with stronger ones, making a beautiful weave of feelings.
  • As you collect your wildflowers, imagine a beautiful painting coming together. Join different stem lengths and thicknesses with a creative look, letting nature’s mistakes make the flowers more attractive. Pick plants that look like a natural field. It should be beautiful in its own way.
  • To make your plant idea come alive, use floral tape to hold the stems in place. This will help you create a beautiful flower arrangement. Make the bohemian style cooler by using twine or lace. This will add a bit of classy wildness to it. As you wrap, try to use a safe but a little bit loose hold that reminds of the easy-going feeling of picked flowers.
  • Add feelings to what you make by using family treasures or special charms that belong to you. These smart ideas not only make your flowers stand out but also put special moments right into the core of your bouquet.
  • If you want a classic-looking wedding or a farm style one, this wildflower bouquet method works great with all kinds of wedding styles. Imagine the amazing beauty of wildflowers, skillfully arranged into a plant showpiece. This perfectly shows your love story.

Average Wildflower Wedding Bouquet Prices

Choose cheap wildflower wedding bouquets that cost between $75 and $150. They are both affordable and pretty. The cost of wildflowers changes depending on their type, how big the bouquet is made and the price of flowers in that area. People who like doing things by themselves can spend less money, but they need to count the cost of tape for flowers and string. Make plans in advance to choose better items and save money.

While most sunflowers are yellow, they also come in colors of marigold, orange, red and even in green. They are a popular choice when choosing blooms for wildflower wedding bouquets and bring all the warmth and color into any floral arrangement. Add some ornamental grasses, dried sprigs and berries to your collection and you have the wildflower bouquet of your dreams. If your wedding has a color theme, you could go monochromatic even and have a white wildflower bouquet. There is no limit to your choices and creativity with a wildflower wedding bouquet.