Ideas For Castle Wedding Guide 2024

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Hiring a castle for your wedding isn’t cheap, but if you can afford it, do it. A castle wedding venue brings the ultimate princess feeling, one that you will always look back on with pride. Castles are authentic, with history embedded in their walls. So you will get the royalty treatment. Alternatively, you can consider a castle theme, which requires a lot of details. Whatever your choice, we have curated tips from your wedding decor to the ceremony that will help you. Check this post for all the best castle wedding ideas.


Castle Wedding Reception

For the castle wedding reception, choose a theme that works for cohesion’s sake. If you are using outdoors like the courtyard, line the walls with authentic and iconic paintings or mosaics. You can add tons of candles and traditional lanterns for a solemn ambiance. Follow through with blooms and chandeliers to give you the metallic elements needed to express the vintage vibe. For a modern touch, switch the traditional lanterns for led light glitches and multi-colored candles. Candelabras are also great additions matched with string lights for a cozy ambiance. If the castle has a stone pavilion, that could be your ultimate medieval venue, so go for it.


Castle Wedding Ceremony

Work your castle wedding ceremony to perfection with the ultimate wedding decor. Maximize the beams and high ceilings with decor like flowers and high chandeliers. You can also put up floating tea lights to spice up the ambiance. Guests will never look down. Alternatively, use the gardens, terrace, woodlands, or a lake to host a nature-inspired wedding. If the place has mountains, cliffs, hills, or vistas, make them the perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. If you will be hosting indoors, think aisle-lined floral arrangements with a mosaic glass dome as the backdrop. If you are working with the outdoors, lush greenery, urns, and florals are perfect matches for manicured lawns.


Castle-Themed Wedding Ideas for a Table

Castle-themed wedding ideas are simple yet impressive and unforgettable. Opt for a polished sweetheart stone table or sophisticated gold wood table with a delicate linen cover. They are very intimate for both couples and guests.  Follow this base with a blend of old and new place settings to create an heirloom illusion. Think antique glassware and china or porcelain plates paired with contemporary flatware and silverware. Use mismatched vases paired with antique-inspired kettles and cans as centerpieces. Complement these with tall floral decorations on the table and hanging flowers overhead. Match this look with whitewashed cane back chairs for a tasteful aesthetic.


Castle Wedding Ideas

The castle wedding ideas begin with your classic and timeless wedding invitations. Write on crisp white paper with gold lettering and the border with darker accent in torn edges or faded floral motifs. We also love the cute idea of a wax seal and other decorative accents. Wear jewel-encrusted shoes and sparkle to the gods. Pair this with a tulle ball wedding dress, pearl or diamond jewelry, and a glamorous but not overpowering bouquet for a princess look. Make your decor intense, yet airy to show off old money. Use lots of lace, flowers, linens, and gold accents to nail your wedding decor.


Castle Wedding Cake

Castle idea wedding cakes do not favor the latest wedding trends, especially if you want to preserve authenticity. You can make an actual castle wedding cake in hand-painted blue and apricot to look like a real-life castle. Decorate this cake with gold crowns peppered with red rose petals at the base for a romantic look. Optionally, consider more classic options such as the white fondant wedding cake adorned with fresh flowers. If you want to add a contemporary touch, make your cake in geometric or marble shapes. Don’t forget to decorate them with florals, edible jewels, greenery, and berries.

A castle wedding is the dream of the average bride and who says it can’t come true? Live your fairytale by opting for a wedding castle venue and look in this post for inspiration. We have shown you how to decorate the ceremony, reception, cake, and other stunning ideas.