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45 Incredible Night Wedding Photos That Are Must See


If you are having an outdoors ceremony, don’t forget that you can also take pictures at night. Night wedding photos look incredible with string lights in background, sparklers or moonlight. Even if it’s raining, it gives you opportunity to do great shoots! Don’t let anyone tell you its worth cutting down on wedding photography. Get night wedding photos inspiration and keep your photographer after dark.


Photo 1-6: Beautiful Places To Make Some Night Photos

Source: tomhallphotography via InstagramFabio FistarolExceed Photography

Source: Atlanta Wedding Photographers via instagramjenxuphotos via InstagramUhov via instagram


Photo 7-12: Incredible Night Wedding Photos With Lights

Source: ShewandersXSiGHT Photography & Video, Mlaurphoto via instagram

Source: Nirav Patel, Eric Floberg via instagram, Still Frames photography


Photo 13-18: Incredible Night Wedding Photos With Sparklers

Source: Dirty boots and messy hair, Brittani Jessica Pledger Photography, Anna Olette Photography via instagram

Source: Сarmenandingo via instagram Blossomingbride via instagram,  Lauramarthaphotography via instagram


Photo 19-24: Incredible Moon Kisses

Source: Neringa Ridges, Sofia Katherine Photography, Kristy Klaassen Photography

Source: Kelly Hornberger Photography, Filleroelants, Aspect photography



Photo 37-42:Beautiful Photos With Wedding Fireworks

Source: Mikhailkabochkin via instagram, BinaryFlips

Source:, Janelle Elise Photo via instagramcspgram via instagram

Photo 43-45: Amazing Night Wedding Dances

Source: Rodolfomcartney via instagramLaurenscottiAndrialindquist via instagram

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