Wedding Greenery Decoration 35+ Best Ideas

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Couples are fast switching regular florals for wedding greenery. In other cases, greenery forms a stunning base, while florals enter as accents. We are in support because greenery for a wedding is versatile, inspiring, inexpensive, and timeless. Greens give room for creativity and personalization without limits whether indoor or outdoor.


Imagine green bouquets, garlands, and wreaths in the autumn looking magnificent. Wall of greenery, the curtain in greens affixed with string lights, centerpiece, traipsing table runners, signage, arches, and the whole nine yards. There’s so much you can do for less cash. To inspire you, check out these Amazing greenery wedding ideas.

How to choose the type of greenery for wedding bouquets and reception decor?

Whether you want your reception decor cascading, fixed, hanging, or a selection of items for the bouquet; consider some factors. Your wedding style and the greenery symbol are key players in your choices of greenery. You also have to think about the season, choosing foliage that can withstand the weather. Another factor is your personality, especially with the bouquet. Would you like a huge or simple bouquet, dramatic or demure, plain or with a pop of colors? Lastly, your budget is a major factor.


Greenery Wedding Bouquet

Lush greenery for wedding bouquets is a stunning piece to carry down the aisle. It gives plenty of room for creativity as greenery comes in gorgeous shades, textures, and shapes. The combinations are to die for with plants like eucalyptus, amaranths, ferns, myrtles, dusty millers, and super versatile succulents. Go bold with an oversized greenery bouquet, and add some cascading tendrils or wispy trails for an elegant, romantic touch. If you’re minimalistic in style, go for a small posy few greenery and singe floral for an understated look.



Wedding Arch Greenery Decor

To create the perfect wedding arch greenery decor, whether overflowing or with few leafy accents, apply texture. Give your arch more dimension with varying shades and textures of greenery for a magnificent arch. Think garlands of round leaves like eucalyptus as the base, adorned with vines or branches for a subtle look. To get a wild vibe, incorporate greenery, smaller colorful leaves, and a rush of vines to go round your arch or cascade. Greenery arch is great for coastal, woodland, rustic, country, and garden-themed weddings.



Hanging Greenery Wedding Installations

Greenery can give your venue a facelift from the simply draped garlands to the complex light embedded vines. Hanging greenery wedding installations is a smart way to save cost and it’s trendy.  Hanging greenery lets you replicate the outdoors inside. It’s quite easy. Attach delicate vines, garlands, or leafy branches cut like rafters to your ceiling. This gives the venue a calm whimsical feel, with an illusion of largeness.



Attire for Brides and Grooms with Greenery

It may look funny and weird for the couple to hang bulks of greenery on their attire, but there are other ways to incorporate it. The bride can wear a dress with green accents while the groom wears a green cummerbund, tie, boutonnieres, or vest. The bride can accessorize with green hairpins,  hair halo, or tiara with green gems. How about a sexy green garter for a finishing touch? To style correctly, use the right shade of green that complements the attire. Also, use strategically so that the color doesn’t overpower or distract your overall look.



Wedding Signs with Floral Decor

Drum up a whimsical feel with eucalyptus as accents draped over the neutral palette welcome sign. This creates a calming balance with the scents of greenery wafting about. For a more romantic and organic look, add greenery garlands to natural wood as they merge into the verdant vista above. Fairy tales and garden-inspired weddings will look perfect with baby’s breath on wooden signs or turning an acrylic sign box into a garden terrarium.


Wedding Cake Decor with Greenery

Cake decor with greenery can add vibrancy to a bland-looking cake at almost no cost. They’re versatile, cost-effective, and can be adapted to fit almost all wedding themes. Choose monsterias, ferns, or eucalyptus and scattered buds as the base for a rustic affair. If you’re choosing glam, choose thistle, fern, gold accents, and intricate sugar flowers. Wildflower combo is the perfect Bohemian choice.



Greenery Wedding Table Runner Decor

Table runners are gorgeous but greenery takes it to new levels. It infuses freshness, nature, and the outdoors, matching every color and theme. Use diverse textures of greenery, herbs, air plants, and succulents to create something unique. If you prefer a more colorful look, combine in different shades, incorporate fruits and artificial accents like fabric. Embrace bright for summer and try pale for winter.


Wedding Centerpieces with Greenery

Whether tall, wide, short, or narrow, wedding centerpieces with greenery are the best. Greenery wildly arranged come off rustic and look perfect on round large tables because they consume space. Low planters, garlands, or cocktail of Italian Ruscus, lavender, willow eucalyptus, rosemary, and ferns are narrower and great for boho, country, and woodland weddings. Large venues with high ceilings absorb tall centerpieces, while shorter pieces work anywhere. The catch is for your centerpieces to work for the venue and not against it.



Greenery Wedding Reception Decoration

Greenery wedding reception decor is the epitome of romance and modernity. Choose simple and fresh greenery combined with herbs to achieve a contemporary take on rustic and Bohemian decor. Greenery and plants like lambs ear, ivy, sage, boxwood, thyme, eucalyptus, ferns, and the likes can be utilized to create a pared-back approach. Think of strapping them around the back of chairs, venue backdrops, over dinner tables, at the bar, lounge, and photo booth. Throw in accents and lights for a vibrant finish.


Fake Greenery for Wedding

Rustic, wanderlust, Bohemian, enchanted, woodland, or whimsical, faux wedding greenery look as real as life. Their sturdy trunks and stately branches are colorful and attractive. They are impressive and add drama to wedding venues. They come with an option like the willow eucalyptus garlands, cascading silver ragwort, moss sheets for stage, grass panels for a backdrop.Etc. To get the best of fake greenery for a wedding, buy the ones made of silk material and mix your colors. Also, opt for wooden trunks and anchor them in the soil if necessary. This helps them last longer with a realistic look.



Amazing Greenery Decor For Chairs


Greenery Wedding Decor For Stairs

Wedding greenery is a welcome trend for venue decor, accessorizing, bouquets, and more. They’re versatile, refreshing, and costs less. Options for couples are endless because they exist in shades, sizes, and textures. We’ve put decor ideas together using greenery. From modern weddings to rustic, there’s something for everyone.