Unique Design Combinations For A Black And Gold Wedding Theme Plan

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If you are looking to have an elegant and classy wedding celebration, then a black and gold wedding theme could give you the stylish event you need. A base of black and gold takes the level of sophistication and elegance at any event one step higher than what it was before. You will get the shimmer of gold and the black that mutes it in just the right places. A contrast that works and is easily incorporated into every aspect of a wedding.


From the natural gold hues of strategic lighting and festive feathers to black tablecloths with gold runners, stylish gold centerpieces, and more. There are numerous wedding accessories and decor that can help you pull off this fantastic look. Read on for unique ideas on black and gold wedding reception themes, black ivory and gold wedding theme, and more such stylish combinations.

Brides Often Ask

What does gold mean in marriage?

Gold often symbolizes wealth in marriage. A gold wedding theme or wedding dress is symbolic of prosperity, success, and material wealth. It is a promise of happiness and money in the marriage.


Black and Gold Wedding Attire

There are many ways to incorporate this theme into your wedding attire that will only make you look more elegant, and uniquely so. To add a twist to it, a black and gold could also be a rose gold black and white wedding theme. This would work for all types of formal weddings.


Bridal attire

The bride could wear a white wedding dress with black and rose gold embellishments along with black or rose gold wedding shoes with glittery gold accents. Or, she could opt for a shimmery gold statement dress with muted accessories in black and rose gold.


Groom attire

The groom could don a black suit with rose gold accessories. Another option is the usual suit with rose gold accents and a gold and white boutonniere.


Guests’ attire

The bridesmaids and guests could wear similar colors, just more muted. Such as black dresses with rose gold shoes and so on.


Wedding Bouquet Ideas

  • Creating bouquets can be fun and even more interesting when you’re trying to style one with a black and gold palette. In adding some natural creativity to the mix, you could try an emerald green-black and gold palette. This would be perfect for a black-tie or even a rustic event.
  • Go for a bold and edgy look with white florals and emerald green vines. Weave white poppies in between a clutch of ranunculus, black calla lilies, Queen Anne’s lace, and cream-colored orchids for a voluminous bouquet. Tie it all together with dramatic and bold ribbons of gold and black trim for a stunning and sweet-smelling presentation.


Black and Gold Stationery

Your wedding stationery needs to be designed with your wedding theme in mind. In fact, the style and color palette of your stationery from invitation to place cards sets the tone for the entire wedding.

Add a timeless look to your wedding stationery by designing in black gold and white wedding theme, black diamonds and gold wedding theme, or even a gothic-elegant theme wedding.

Order all black and white invitations gilded in gold and affix a gold stamp in your initials to up the elegance. You could also use an all-black gothic gold style with dramatic vintage accessories to accentuate the look. These choices would be great for a black-tie, classic, or gothic-style wedding.

Black and Gold Wedding Decor

Styling your wedding décor after your chosen theme is one of the main ways to ensure that the theme is translated into every aspect of your wedding celebration. For a more unique look, it would be a great look to style in combinations such as a burgundy black gold, and ivory wedding theme or wine red and black wedding theme depending on your tastes.

Consider a silky gold tablecloth with lush table runners of black silk florals. In addition to that, black chargers alongside gold plates and gold and black menus and table napkins. Add white blooms in gold vases mixed in with some greenery for the win. An elegant look for a formal black tie or ballroom wedding.



Ceremony Wedding Decor

Whether you are holding an outdoor wedding ceremony or an indoor ceremony, it is important to tie everything together with this theme. So, every aspect of the wedding ceremony would need to be covered. For instance:

Wedding arch

Consider a glittery circular gold wedding arch adorned in white flowers or white flowy fabrics. This metallic arch accessorized in this fashion would be more of a black white and gold wedding colors, which makes it even more unique. flowers, fabrics, candles, metallic arches.

Wedding aisle

Frame your wedding aisle with drapes of tulle along the outside of the chairs, white florals, and signage in bold black font and gold gild for that elegant effect.

Your wedding program could be in white or black, designed in stylish fonts and decorated with gold and green leaves with white florals. A fabulous choice for vintage, formal, or even a rustic style wedding.


Reception Wedding Decor

Start your reception wedding decor with unique all-black chairs or gilded stools to get that sophisticated and stylish look going. Whether you’re choosing to do a rose gold ivory and black wedding theme or even a black and gold, blush theme wedding, this would be perfect as a base.

Other aspects could include:

Backdrop Decor:

A backdrop of white and glittery gold balloons with pops of black would match the primary theme of the day.

Table Decor:

Your wedding color combination should breathe into every part of your event. Gilded gold lanterns would be perfect as table centerpieces alongside gold vases holding white or burgundy florals.

Flowers Arrangements:

White floral arrangements accented with natural gold hues from lush feathers or dry grains would add a rustic touch.

Wedding Signs:

Consider making all wedding signage black with glittery gold outline or white, with black outlines.

Balloons Decor Ideas:

Allow your ceiling contribute to the decor of the room. Add white, black, and gold balloons suspended in a canopy above your wedding party.


Black and Gold Wedding Cake Ideas

You could consider a black forest cake with gold accents and white flowers. You could also go with the traditional white cake with a black and gold sugar floral arrangement draping down the delectable confectionery.

Either way, wedding desserts also play a part in lending to your wedding theme. If you want a more unique presentation, consider adding macaroons in pastel colors or even red and black for some added contrast to your dessert table. Candies pop, cupcakes, and other desserts in these elegant colors will bring your dessert stand to life.

Add timeless elegance to your wedding with a black and gold wedding theme. Create the perfect wedding celebration with this stylish theme running through every aspect of your big day.