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Wedding Movies That We Can Watch Many Times


Wedding movies are more than romance, which happens to be the general consensus. Good wedding movies have plots full of suspense, funny, action-packed, and lessons. They also give highlights to what goes on behind the scenes of planning real weddings.

We compiled a list of wedding movies, from popular wedding movies on Netflix to classic wedding movies. We also threw in some upcoming wedding moves, all of which you should see.

Top End Wedding (2019)

wedding movies top end wedding 2019

Overview: This is romantic comedy wedding movies at its best. Centered on Lauren (Miranda Tapsell) and Ned (Gwilym Lee), they get engaged and in love. But to have their top end wedding, they must unite newly separated parents of Lauren. They have only 10 days, and they set out to find Lauren’s mom. The couple set out on a pre-romantic honeymoon and adventure road trip to northern Australia. In the enthralling landscapes and wild beauty of nature, the depth of their love gets tested and strengthened. Will they find Lauren’s Mom? Will they have their dream wedding? Find out!

Why watch: This is one of the new wedding movies to watch because it shows the strength of love. Lauren cannot have her wedding without her parents, and Ned loves her enough to go on the journey with her. Watch with your bridesmaids and shed a tear or two.


Something Old, Something New (2019)

wedding movies wedding march 4 something old something new 2019

Overview: Willow Lake Inn, together with Olivia and Mick are ready to plan a wedding for the couple. The wedding of their dreams. But there comes a twist when Olivia develops cold feet. She starts having second thoughts and this tests their love. Will they go through with the wedding? Why the cold feet all of a sudden? Did she discover anything? I’m expectant.

Why watch: This is one of the wedding movies 2019 from the March 4 series to look out for. Watch it because, asides the romance, this is a real-life situation. In the midst of all the fun wedding preparations, doubts could creep in for the bride or groom. How do you handle it? What do you do? This is real life translated into marriage movies.


Marriage Material (2019)

wedding movies marriage material 2019

Overview: If you love funny wedding movies sprinkled with some action, watch out for this one. This is a romantic comedy that will keep you glued to your seat. Jennifer Morrison has a man, Alex, who’s interested in marrying her. But he must be the perfect marriage material. She gives him a list of things he must change about himself to win her hand. He takes up the challenge, plans to secure her love, and be the last man standing. Yes! He’s not the only one who wants her. How did it turn out?

Why watch: We’re intrigued about the length a man can go for love. How much of a husband material can a man be? Would he win her heart in the end? This is a real-life situation and ideal for a bridal shower or indoor stags party. Have fun and learn to go for what you want.


Wedding At Graceland (2019)

wedding movies wedding at graceland 2019

Overview: This is one of hallmark 2019 upcoming wedding movies slated for June. Lauren, a fast-rising star and her fiancé Clay will get married at Elvis Presley grand above in Graceland. She has only returned from a successful tour. Lauren juggles wedding preparations, album release, and family arrivals for the wedding. It is a tough period, but for her, it’s family first. Was she able to pull it off? Did one part of her life suffer for the other? Was she able to meet up with her work and family commitments? You should see this.

Why watch: This is a romantic drama to help working brides through wedding planning. You’ll find out that you’re not alone. And you can do it. You’ll see support from family, her beloved, and friends. There’s a lot of fun to have at the end of the day.


Love, Take Two (2019)

wedding movies love take two 2019

Overview: Another assemblage from hallmark movies for June. This movie revolves around Lily, a reality TV producer, and Scott, her college sweetheart. She takes a trip to her hometown to shoot an episode of her reality TV. And then, she reconnects with Scott. But unfortunately, it’s discovered that he’s a groom to be on her reality TV. Yet, their reconnection reignites the bond they share. And this changes the chain of events.

Why watch: Did they have their happily ever after? Does true love ever die? Will there be a switch of brides at the reality show? What will happen with Scott’s original bride, with the wedding planning underway? Many questions on your minds and you must satisfy that curiosity come June. So, this is a must watch!

The Last Bridesmaid (2019)

wedding movies the last bridesmaid 2019

Overview: She’s always the ever-present bridesmaid, and never the bride. Of all her friends, she’s the last bridesmaid standing. The rest is off the market. But for how much longer? Well, once again, it’s her cousin’s wedding, and she’s the bridesmaid per usual. But something happens. She gets two suitors! A drop dead gorgeous best man and an awesome videographer. Does this mark the end of her spinsterhood? Do we get to see her off the market too? Who is the one for her? Sweet Best man or hot videographer?

Why watch: This is one of the movies about weddings that create new weddings. When you attend a wedding and find love, most times, it’s eternal. In this movie, you’d find lots of romantic quotes if you need some. You’d also watch the interesting battle to win her love. Something she’s waited for all her life.


In The Key Of Love (2019)

wedding movies in the key of love 2019

Overview: Maggie is a photographer who is shooting the wedding of her ex’s sister, Jennifer. This puts her in the same space with her ex, in a reunion unplanned. There is tension, things heat up and get very rocky. But, on the wedding day, Jennifer asks Maggie and her brother to sing their favorite duet for her first dance. We hear that songs are powerful. But is it strong enough to give them their happy ending? Can it reignite the wonderful love they share? Keep watch!

Why watch: We’ve all been there at some point, and although uncomfortable, it was fun. Being in the same space with an ex, fire sparks between you two. But in this movie, we will find out how strong their favorite duet is. Would it get them back together? This will keep you at the edge of your seat, and get you “awing”.

The Week Of (2018)

wedding movies the week of 2018

Overview: This movie is about two fathers (Chris Rock and Adam Sandler) who are total opposites of each other. But they must coexist in the same space for the sake of their children’s wedding. With lots of squabbles and dysfunctional occurrences, they can’t wait to get the wedding over with. Will they get along? This was one of the top wedding movies for 2018.

Why watch: Between Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, your lungs will blow out from laughter. It is not one of the movies with a wedding in the title but it shows us real weddings. The struggle for families to get along, the many disagreements. And how it weighs on the couple. It is fun to watch, especially for couples on the heat of wedding planning.

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I Love You, Man (2009)

wedding movies wedding i love you man 2009

Overview: This is the story of Peter, a very successful estate agent. With a high paying job, and the love of his life, Zooey, he’s fulfilled. But when he proposes to Zooey, he realizes that something is missing. The devotion he gave his job and woman robbed him of the time to make friends. So, he has no one close enough to be best man. He arranges dates with men and hits it off with Sydney. And then, the attention shifts from Zooey. Problems start, and he has to find a way to balance his loyalty all-round.

Why watch: This is one of the wedding movies on Netflix to watch again. It teaches the place of work-life-relationship balance. Watch as Peter Klaven struggles to retain every part of his life. Who wants to be alone? No one I guess. This is the fight for preservation and love.

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Jenny’s Wedding (2015)

wedding movies jennys wedding 2015

Overview: Jennifer Farrell is gay and everybody knows that. Well, except for her immediate family who is in for a rude shock. She decides to get married, and it’s to the same woman whom her family thought was her roommate. This brings the chaos of untold proportion. The family is in a dilemma. Do they accept Jenny’s way of life and adjust, or reject it and lose her?

Why watch: We are in love with this one and we think you should watch it. This is because we believe family is everything but is it? Discover how much love her family has for her, and how much they can take. Is she selfish imposing her ways on them? Or are selfish for not accepting her? By the way, Katherine Heigl is Jenny. A face we love on our screens.

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Wedding Unplanned (Jour J) (2017)

wedding movies wedding wedding unplanned 2017

Overview: When Alexia, Mathias’s girlfriend sees a wedding planner’s card in his pocket, she thinks it’s for their wedding. Without a proposal, Alexia says yes. She didn’t know that the card belonged to his mistress. Now, Mathias will hire his mistress to plan a wedding to a woman he doesn’t love. He gets caught between a bride he doesn’t love and a mistress he can’t claim.

Why watch: This is drama and romance. You should watch it because this movie piques our curiously. Who will Mathias get married to? Will his bride find out that a rival handles her wedding planning? Who gets to be the bride? Will Mathias lose both women? Let’s keep fingers crossed.

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The Decoy Bride (2011)

wedding movies the decoy bride 2011

Overview: Lara Tyler is an international film star who’s getting married to renowned author James Arber. But, Marco, a paparazzo keeps sabotaging wedding plan. He wants to take shots of the wedding of the year. Lara and James move their wedding to the Island of Hegg, yet Marco them down. He’s quite persistent. Now they need a decoy, and Kate comes on board. But when she meets James, a fire ignites and everything becomes complicated. What happens next?

Why watch: One of the most famous wedding movies of its time, it is fun, dramatic and romantic. It has depth, suspense and shows us nothing is in black or white.

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Monster-In-Law (2005)

wedding movies monster in law 2005

Overview: Kevin is a doctor who falls in love with Charlotte. He’s close to his mom, Viola, a newscaster who only got fired from the anchor desk. She’s in bad shape, and Kevin is the light in her life. He takes Charlotte to meet his mom for the first time over lunch and proposes. Viola doesn’t like it, she will not share Kevin. So she sets out to sabotage the relationship and wedding. But when Charlotte discovers this, she decides that two can play.

Why watch: This is the return of Jane Fonda to our screens. A romantic, comedic and action-packed debut after 1995. The battle of two women over a man. But this time, it’s mother-in-law and fiancée. Watch how Kevin struggles to balance his love for mom and fiancé.

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About Time (2013)

wedding movies about time 2013

Overview: Tim discovers at 21years that he comes from a family where the men can travel in time. He decides to make his life better by traveling in time to correct things. This sees him go to the north of London to study law. He becomes one, meets an insecure Mary, and falls in love. With his powers, he plans the perfect proposal. He also gets his wife in for baby delivery in a flash. But he soon discovers that there’s only so much he can do with the powers. It won’t save him from life’s ups and downs.

Why watch: If you love science, fiction, and laid back romance. This is for you. And, you get beautiful marriage quotes from Tim’s father. He talks about marrying someone kind. It’s only six years, but I could rate this a classic wedding movie.

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27 Dresses (2008)

wedding movies 27 dresses 2008

Overview: Jane works for Kevin as a bride attendant. She is romantic, selfless, and idealistic, but never the bride. And she is in love with her boss, but he doesn’t know. She keeps living life on a normal until her sister Tess catches the eye of her boss. This makes her reevaluate her life. Will she ever find love? Is there a problem with her?

Why watch: This is a romantic comedy with Katherine Heigl as Jane. She executes this role so well, you’d want to cry for her. There’s a lot to laugh about too.

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Rough Night (2017)

wedding movies rough night 2017

Overview: Five friends from college, led by Kate Johansson reconnect for a bachelorette. The rent out a beach house for the weekend. It’s a night of eating, drinking, stripping and lots of witnesses. Everything gets pretty crazy and goes downhill from there. They discover lots of things about each other. And there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Why watch: This is a girl’s night out type of drama. Sit with the bridesmaids, watch a movie and have some laughs.

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Destination Wedding (2018)

wedding movies destination wedding 2018

Overview: Lindsay and Frank are guests at a destination wedding. They find themselves traveling together, and we realize they have lots in common. They hate the wedding, bride, groom, themselves, and even each other. Their animosity towards each other grows as they stay in the same space for the wedding duration. Their feelings towards the whole affair isolate them from the other guests. So, at the end of the day, they stay stuck with each other and keep sparring. But what happens when animosity graduates to romance?

Why watch: The heart wants what it wants, and it connects Keanu Reeves with Winona Ryder once more. This romance, comedy, and drama will keep you glued to your screen. Find out if they overcame their bad blood go fall in love.

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The Princess Bride (1987)

wedding movies the princess bride 1987

Overview: This book is an adaptation of Williams Goldman novel, the Princess Bride. A man, separated from his beloved must find and rescue her. She’s the damsel in distress. They will battle the forces of Florin kingdom if they must be together. Could they conquer these obstacles to be together?

Why watch: The Princess Bride is an old wedding movie. A cult classic that is action and romance pack. If you’re big on the “till death do us part” kind of romance, you’ll love this. The starring actors brought this movie to a head and made it evergreen.

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

wedding movies my big fat greek wedding 2002

Overview: Toula is in her mid-thirties and unbothered about it. Her parents want her to back to Greece from the States and get a proper Greek man to marry. She’s adamant, until she sees Ian at her family restaurant, likes him, but doesn’t get noticed. She then does an overhaul on her life. Took a job at a travel agency, switches glasses for contacts, and begins night computer class. Once again, she meets Ian and he asks her out. But he isn’t Greek and he’s vegetarian. Now, Toula will broker peace between her scandalized family and Ian’s upper-class parents.

Why watch: It is modern, good-hearted, lovable and eccentric in a delightful sense. Family in this context is everything, and we must embrace them. Our heritage is another we must preserve. This movie touches romance, comedy, drama at all points.

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Muriel’s Wedding (1995)

wedding movies muriels wedding 1995

Overview: Muriel is insecure, hates her life and is socially inept. She feels rejected by friends and family for reasons unknown. Muriel seeks solace in ABBA songs and fantasy wedding where she stars as the bride. She lives in limbo until Rhonda came along, a friend worth many. Rhonda encourages her to take charge of her life and be in control. They both take a trip to Sydney, Muriel begins to mature. And they encounter experiences that set Muriel’s life on a positive roll.

Why watch: Engaging, funny, heartfelt and quirky. It’s set in Australia and captures the average insecure girl. Shows how life can take a turn for better or worse in a flash.

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Serendipity (2001)

wedding movies serendipity 2001

Overview: Sara and Jonathan stumble into each other on a busy winter shopping day. The attraction is intense and they spend the day around Manhattan with each other. Both of them are in different relationships and that may be a problem. But at the end of the first meeting, Jonathan suggests they exchange numbers. She refuses and says they should leave it to fate. If they’re made for each other, they will meet again.

Why watch: Will the couple meet again, and are they made for each other? This is a romantic flick we find ourselves going back to watch. Fate, love, romance, and comedy is top notch. The whole plot is superb and will leave you thinking what’s next.

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Bachelorette (2012)

wedding movies bachelorette 2012

Overview: Becky is about to marry Dale, and the other high school friends will host a bachelorette. Regan, the maid of honor is an overachiever who secretly has a grudge that she didn’t marry first. Gina comes across as hardcore and sarcastic, but is a closet romantic. Katie is closer to snagging the hedonist title. She’s a beauty who loves the good life. When Becky insists she wants a low-key and decent bachelorette, the bridesmaids take off to go have their party. What happens next?

Why watch: These four characters come together to give an explosive romantic comedy movie. Spiced with some drama and action, they give characters interesting twists and turns. It shows that friends may not be as happy for you as you thought they were.

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Stop The Wedding (2016)

wedding movies stop the wedding 2016

Overview: Anna gets a call from her mom belle, that she’s getting married to a movie star. The problem is that the movie star, Sean Castleberry is notorious for being a serial divorcee. Anna moves home to stop the wedding. Clay, the son of Sean on hearing of this father’s new quest moves home to pay off the newest “gold digger” and stop the wedding. Anna and Clay are enemies because Clay thinks they’re gold diggers. But Clay will work with Anna still stop the wedding. And maybe they’d fall in love too. Did Belle and Sean’s wedding hold? What became of Anna and Сlay?

Why watch: This is an interesting and unpredictable one from hallmark movies. Clay and Anna cannot stand each other but are about to find love in strange circumstances. Romance, comedy, and drama.

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Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016)

wedding movies mike and dave need wedding dates 2016

Overview: This movie is somewhat based on a true story. It features two men Dave (Zac Efron) and Mike (Adam Levine) who are unserious about life. Seeing that their sister gets married in Hawaii, and they don’t want to ruin it, they need dates. They begin a hunt for two dates and hit it off with Alice (Anna Kendrick) and Tatiana (Aubrey Plaza). They envisage a fun time. But soon discover that the girls are uncouth, schemers, and beat them to their own game.

Why watch: This is one of the best funny wedding movies of 2016. One that will give an unlimited night of fun to the wedding party. Wedding scenes in movies as this are action-packed. So, get ready to experience lots of laughter, suspense, romance, and intrigue.

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Bridesmaids (2011)

wedding movies bridesmaids 2011

Overview: Anna’s friend Lilian is about to get married, and she’s a bridesmaid. She’s broke and her life is a hot mess. But her friends (other bridesmaids and bride) don’t know. Anna will bluff her way with ease through the pre-wedding ceremonials with ease. She covers her hardships and inadequacies well. But will her friends find out that she isn’t very honest with them? How will they react?

Why watch: This is one of the bride movies that show the strength of friendship. Who knows how far Anna went for the one she loves? A full comedy-drama, but with lessons to learn. And sometimes, you’d also realize that girls only want to have a little fun.

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Maid Of Honor (2008)

wedding movies maid of honor 2008

Overview: Patrick Dempsey on this one! He’s the maid of honor who’s in love with his best friend. But his best friend isn’t aware of that, and she’s engaged to another. Worse still, she asks him to be her maid of honor and he agrees. But he has a plan, and that’s to win her heart. Is it even possible that she feels the same way, and he doesn’t know too? Will the wedding go on? Find out!

Why watch: This is one to anticipate if you’ve not watched it. And if you have, it so much fun to watch again. Doctor McDreamy of Grey’s anatomy as a maid of honor. How far will anyone go to win the ones they love? Would he bear watching her get married? We can’t wait to see this movie again. One of the best movies about a wedding to watch.

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Just Married (2003)

wedding movies just married 2003

Overview: Just married is a romantic comedy written by Sam Harper based on his marriage. It is about Tom, a nighttime traffic road reporter and Sarah, an upcoming writer from a wealthy family. They both fall in love but have nothing in common. Tom’s friends try to make him see that he’s not fit for her. Sarah’s family also disapprove of Tom. But this makes their love stronger and they got married. Off they went on a month-long romantic honeymoon to Italy. And the struggle began. Sarah’s ex, Peter wants to break them up and get her back. Hardships and second thoughts play their part. Will their marriage survive like Sam’s?

Why watch: How long can a couple stay together with an ex hell-bent on destroying happiness. A family that doesn’t want you, meddling friends and tough finances. This is raw, although funny.

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What Happens In Vegas (2008)

wedding movies what happens in vegas 2008

Overview: Jack’s a single man from Manhattan, a no good and has phobia for commitment. He’s employed by his father, Jack at his furniture shop. Joy’s a polished trader on NYSE who’s engaged to Mason and losing herself. She keeps modifying her life to suit her fiancé. Jack’s father fires him from the shop, and Mason breaks it off with Joy at about the same time. They both go wild, visit Vegas, bump into each other drunk, and get married at midnight. A divorce becomes imminent, but Jack hits a 3million lottery. Joy wants rights to the money too, but a judge refuses to divorce them. He says give marriage a trial.

Why watch: This romantic comedy between Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz is one of the most famous wedding movies. Will they stay married? Full of fun, laughter, and lessons. This is a must watch.

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The Five-Year Engagement (2012)

wedding movies the five year engagement 2012

Overview: Sous chef Tom surprises his girlfriend Violet with an engagement ring on their first year anniversary. But since then, it’s from one obstacle to the other. Whenever they plan to set a date, something comes up. This went on for five years long. And at some point, they began to doubt if they were really meant to be together. Find out what happened. Did they eventually make it down the aisle?

Why watch: This is a funny wedding movie bound by romance. It is intellectual and with depth. It gives a refreshing twist to love and determination. Ideal for couples about to walk down the aisle.

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Bride Wars (2009)

 wedding movies bride wars 2009

Overview: Two childhood friends, Anna and Liv have a checklist for a perfect wedding “must dos “. The most important of them is to get married at the iconic New York Plaza hotel. They turn twenty-six and have everything they need, including love. Both have their weddings set at the same venue, but a clerical error causes a clash in date. Liv is a lawyer who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Anna is a teacher who is soft and kind. But we are about to discover that she’s got claws too, and she must get her perfect wedding. Who gets married at the venue?

Why watch: This romantic and action-packed movie is full of fun, love, betrayal, and commitment. Will their friendship survive this test? Are they willing to lose the love they share to a wedding day? Watch it.

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The Wedding Planner (2001)

wedding movies the wedding planner 2001

Overview: One of the top romantic comedy wedding movies, Jennifer Lopez delivers yet again. She’s Mary, a single and successful wedding planner. She caters to an exclusive clientele of the wealthy. She’s under pressure from her father, Sal to get married. She meets Edison, a successful pediatrician and goes out on a date with him. But Mary discovers that he’s engaged, to an internet tycoon named Fran. And Fran wants to hire her to plan their lavish wedding. Will the wedding go on?

Why watch: This romantic comedy movie bring suspense, twists, and intrigues. Will Mary and Edison follow their hearts? Will the planner upstage Fran the bride? You need to find out and have fun with this movie.

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Wedding Crashers (2005)

wedding movies wedding crashers 2005

Overview: John and Jeremy are longtime friends and divorce negotiators for a law firm. This makes their views on marriage twisted and cynical. Every weekend, they make it a duty to crash one or two wedding reception. They fill up on food and booze. Williams, a potential presidential candidate announces the daughter’s wedding, the event of the year. John and Jeremy crash as usual but something happens. John falls for Claire, the bride’s sister, while Jeremy attracts a woman he doesn’t. This is where it all begins. It’s all fun and games until someone gets caught up!

Why watch: Movies like wedding crashers are timeless. They are always a delight to watch anytime. Watch John and Jeremy who do not believe in marriage get caught up in their own web. Will their relationships change their views on marriage? Will they stay committed?

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Four Weddings And A Funeral (1994)

wedding movies four weddings and a funeral 1994

Overview: Charles, an Englishman, and his friends are not lucky with love. This fosters Charles phobia for commitment. He meets Carrie at a wedding, falls in love with her, and feels she’s the one. But after one magical night, she goes back to the states. Charles and Carrie’s paths keep crossing over four weddings and one funeral. Their timings are always off, but Charles begins to think they were actually meant to be. By the way, Carrie gets engaged to another. Will Charles break through the barrier of commitment phobia? Will Carrie break her engagement?

Why watch: This is one of the old wedding movies that get me nostalgic and sentimental. A light romantic comedy that touches love, commitment, and determination. Will they follow their hearts and come together?

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The Wedding Singer (1998)

wedding movies the wedding singer 1998

Overview: Set in the 80s, this movie is about Robbie (Adam Sandler) and Julia (Drew Barrymore). Robbie, a vocalist whose rock hand is struggling takes to singing at weddings. And his charming personality helps him make so much money. Julia is a waitress at his wedding who he fell in love with. But she’s engaged to a man who’s unfaithful. Robbie is also engaged, so he keeps his distance. The vocalist gets stood up at the altar, and this makes him stop singing at weddings. He almost quit music. But now, he’s on the quest to stop Julia from making a mistake by marrying her fiancé.

Why watch: The wedding and a singer is a dramatic, comedic and romantic movie. It’s funny, sweet and beguiling. A must watch for those who love romance and comedy, well put together.

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My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

wedding movies my best friends wedding 1997

Overview: Julian, a culinary guide’s writer anticipates a proposal from her college buddy Michael. They agreed that if they’re both still single by 28 years, they’d get married. But at 28, she expects his call, he calls and she’s happy. But the news changes her world. He invites her to Chicago for his wedding to an heiress named Kimmy. Julian enraged and jealous tells her editor George that she’d do anything to get him back. She does crazy things to ruin the wedding but, Michael becomes more besotted with Kimmy instead. Then she steps it up a notch to do unpalatable things. George remains the voice of reason.

Why watch: This is a bittersweet old wedding movie with a refreshing twist. Romance, drama, and comedy with some action. Will Julian get her wish? Will Michael fall in love with her?

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Runaway Bride (1999)

wedding movies runaway bride 1999

Overview: Ike is a writer for a newspaper. He writes about Maggie, a columnist portraying her as a man-eater. This is because she’s dumped three men at the altar. Maggie reads this damaging article, complains to the newspaper. And he gets fired for his chauvinistic views! To redeem his image, he pursues an interview with Maggie to get her own side of the story. He wants to write from her point of view why she has commitment phobia. In the course of this, they fall in love. Will she make it to the altar this time?

Why watch: This is a combination of comedy and romance which brings Julia Roberts back on our screen. Full of fun, laughter and sweet romance, a classic for all time.

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Father Of The Bride (1991)

wedding movies father of the bride 1991

Overview: George’s daughter, Annie comes back from a study in Europe with some news. She’s engaged and will Wed soon. She’s getting married to Bryan, a successful communications consultant. But when George sees the amount the wedding costs, he’s in shock. The wedding preparations gives him time to reflect on all the good times he shared with Annie. He also gets sad that he’d lose her pretty soon.

Why watch: This an old wedding movie that is a goodie. A brilliant remake of the Vincente Minnelli classic. An unbreakable father-daughter bond. It doesn’t have the word wedding in its title, but a good one for the wedding.

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Over 30 wedding movies and we’re tempted to watch them all over. This is a compilation of upcoming wedding movies, classic wedding movies and best wedding movies of all time. It’s not all the movies that have a wedding in their titles. But one way or the other, they depict the essence of love, wedding, and fun surrounding it.