Your Guide To Winter Wedding Colors For Festive Celebration

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The warm weather is still here but for brides who plan, it’s time to start thinking about winter wedding colors. It’s important to choose your wedding colors early. This decision determines your wedding and reception decor. It determines the color of bridesmaids’ dresses and It also plays a major role in your overall wedding theme.


We all know; that the earlier we plan, the less stress there will be. And that’s why we’re here! To help you plan and relieve your wedding planning stress.

Main Advantages To Having Winter Wedding

  • If you’re currently in the process of planning your winter wedding, you’ve made a great choice.
  • You don’t have to worry about the heat and humidity.
  • Venues and accommodations are far less expensive.
  • The photo ops are to die for.
  • The best reason you made a great choice? You’re going to sport a drastically different look than all those spring and summer brides!

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Best Winter Wedding Colors

To get started with winter wedding colors and themes you’ll have to get familiar with the basics.

  • White, based on your gown and the snow on the ground, is your base color.
  • Black is a secondary base that you should strongly consider due to the groom’s tuxedo.
  • When it comes to actual color, there are 2 main go-to’s. Contrasting fire and ice (warms and cools) is a classic technique Ice Princess. Shades of blues and violets for the deep winter.
  • Greens and other bloom colors for when you’re closer to spring or fall.
  • Anti-winter. A surprising display of oranges, reds, yellows, and other summer colors


Wedding Colors For December

December weddings offer a unique challenge, Christmas. It’s also when winter is in full swing. This leaves the outdoors dusted with whites and blues, and the halls decked with reds and greens. Choose carefully. The best winter wedding colors will lean into the seasonal mood without opposing it.

Dusty Blue Color Combination

Dusty blue paired with silvers, whites, greys, and lilacs, create the ultimate winter wonderland appeal. This look is best served at lavishly decorated banquet halls or perhaps a cabin in the mountains. Accent your bridal attire with silver and dusty blue, and ask your bridesmaids to wear gowns in those colors. Adorn your tables and archways with dusty blue, white, and lilac flowers. Follow suit with the rest of your decor.
If there’s snow on the ground and hanging off the pine trees, you’re in for a great photographic treat.


Red and Black Combinations

Red and black is a winter wedding fantasy come true. Transform your home wedding, banquet hall, or most any venue with ease. Fair warning, however, don’t overdo it. Too much and you’ll be displaying a goth look instead. To keep your magically luxurious appeal, use your colors sparingly. Make sure to introduce a few whites and neutrals to keep your reds from popping too loud. Aside from that, feel free to go crazy with deep red roses, shawls, and accessories.

Grey, Red, White Combinations

This is what we call “the perfect balance” look. Grey gowns and decor peppered with reds and blacks are both subtle and drastic at the same time. This chic look seems to be built for a castle wedding, or a large church with generous decorations.


Green And White Combinations

If you are looking for boho or rustic winter wedding colors, this is for you. A free spirit, down to earth vibes seem to thrive in colder climates. Green and white lean into that natural winter pallet and celebrate natural beauty. Choose green fabrics and table settings, but make sure to make use of leaves and other textures to release the full appeal.

Rose Gold Winter Wedding Colors

Elevate your wedding with enchanting rose gold. Incorporate this timeless hue through bridesmaids’ dresses, floral accents, and table settings for a touch of glamour, warmth, and romantic sophistication.


Winter Wedding Colors For February

February is the coldest of the winter months. It’s also an often overlooked opportunity for enchantment. From snuggling up to the fireplace to cozy horse-drawn carriages, there are perks to winter weddings that you just can’t get any other time of year.

Snowy White Combinations

Instead of fighting the cold, start your winter wonderland wedding color options with layers of white. White on white gives the sensation of purity, renewal, and vigor. Since there’s not much color to speak of, rely on texture and light. The right lighting cascading across patterns will bring all of the characteristics of your wedding needs.


Lavender And Gray Combinations

Winter wedding theme colors wouldn’t be complete without lavender and gray options. This color combo introduces a sense of subtle passion and delicacy to your wedding. This is a nice contrast to the harshness of winter. Although this look is suitable all year round at any venue, its most comfortable home is at a traditionally themed wedding.

Silver And Gray Combinations

Silver and gray is an elegant alternative to the white on white option. Choosing a slightly darker shade opens up a few more options when it comes to decor, but maintains that sense of purity. Make sure that this combo is an option you consider for winter wedding colors 2022 and beyond.


Green, White, And Gold Combinations

White and green are seasonal colors. In the winter, you can see it everywhere. Bring nature into your wedding reception and ceremony and make it dazzle with splashes of gold. These winter wedding colors can become gaudy if you overdo the gold. However, Using white and/or green as a base and complimenting with gold will give it that royal appeal so many brides are after.

Red And Brown Combinations

Reds and browns are the perfect fall winter wedding colors. These earth tones are rich with life and act as a great metaphor for your “happily ever after”. This color combo also triggers a very healthy appetite. Use the brown sparingly and rely on pops of red to make things shimmer.

Winter Wedding Colors For January

New Year is over and there’s a long stretch until March Break. This is an ideal time to celebrate, and your guests will welcome the opportunity. The best approach to winter wedding styling is to choose contrasting colors.

Berry And Brown Combinations

Berry and brown go hand-in-hand with a harvest vibe. Traditionally, the harvest is synonymous with hard work, family, community, and unity. Can you think of a better theme for your union of love? Instead of combining 4-6 colors, stick to variations of these 2 to create the visual interest and mood you’re after.

Burgundy And Ballerina Pink Combinations

Red on winter-white is a dramatic, fantasy-filled look. Burgundy and ballerina pink provide the same appeal. But they dial down the drama and turn up the passion and romance. If your goal is to create a visual representation of love, this is the look for you.

Hunter Green And Peach Combinations

You wouldn’t think of green and peach as “winter colors”, but there’s this thing that painters use called juxtaposition. It’s the concept of placing opposites next to each other to stimulate emotion and interest. When it comes to the blues and whites of the cold cold winter, there’s no more opposite than lively hunter green and fruitful peach.

Glam: Gold, Copper And Brass Combinations

Depending on how you wear it and use it on decor, these metal tints are great for a range of circumstances. Dial-in gold, copper, and brass for a surreal retro – Gatsby would be an ideal – theme. Or, drape them over white linens and other fabrics for a wedding fit for a queen.

Navy and Gold Combinations

This is another one of those “balance” looks. Instead of leaning entirely into the Ice Palace theme or rejecting the cold altogether with bright warm hues, choose both. Navy is a classic bridesmaids choice that compliments the season effortlessly. Adding gold trims, table settings, and other accessories balance everything off by showing the bright side of nature.

Tips for Choosing the Right Winter Wedding Colors

  • Considering the Venue and Natural Surroundings:
    Choose colors that complement the venue’s ambiance and natural winter surroundings. For instance, if surrounded by snow, opt for deep hues like navy or emerald to create contrast.
  • Reflecting Personal Preferences and Themes:
    Prioritize colors that resonate with your personal style and wedding theme. If opting for a vintage theme, consider soft pastels like dusty blue and blush to enhance a romantic atmosphere.
  • Coordination with Seasonal Elements:
    Harmonize your colors with seasonal elements. If winter landscapes feature rich green evergreens, consider incorporating deep forest green into your color scheme for a cohesive and nature-inspired look.

Brides Often Ask

How many colors should a wedding have?

When choosing wedding colors for winter, try to keep things simple. The gown and tux usually dictate black and white as two of your choices. Adding one or two accent colors is the safe bet. Adding more than this makes it difficult to manage and easy to turn into a visual mess.

Do wedding flowers have to match wedding colors?

Wedding flowers don’t have to be an exact match to your all-winter wedding colors. But, they do have to match the theme. An example of this would be a dramatic ice blue for your fabrics coupled with a lighter blue in your bouquet.

Wedding color mistakes to avoid?

  • Choosing too many winter wedding colors is the first mistake to avoid. As mentioned, this is a quick way to create visual chaos.
  • The second winter wedding color DON’T is not following science. A color wheel is an invaluable tool for the bride who plans. Choose your primary color. Then, choose either its neighbor (analogous color scheme) or its opposite (complementary color scheme). If you’re looking for cool and charming, neighbors calm each other down. If you’re looking for some POP, opposites make each other look more vivid.
  • The third mistake is making choices without knowing what you’re working with. The venue, for example, is going to have pre-existing characteristics to work with.
  • Mistake #4 is diving into fads. They’re sometimes hard to avoid. But fads come and go quickly.
  • The last thing you want is to throw so much time and money into your big day only to be disappointed a few weeks later. Instead, be true to your own personal taste regardless of if it’s on-trend or not.

That being said, we have a few recommendations coming up that combine seasonal taste and timeless design.

All of this inspiration has no doubt led you closer to a decision. But, remember to keep the big picture in mind. Your winter wedding color choices need to match your gown, venue, reception hall, and your theme. Make all of your decisions together and you are sure to be a happy bride.