Park Wedding: 20 Beautiful Decor Ideas + FAQs

park wedding
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Outdoor weddings are particularly adorable, especially in the right weather. If your wedding will be happening during a lot of sunshine and absolutely no rain or dark clouds, then a park wedding would be a good idea.


Apart from having the charm of the outdoors, park weddings are also affordable as most park venues are free for weddings. If these advantages are looking more attractive to you, join us to explore outdoor park wedding decorations for an extra special day.

Brides Often Ask

Can you have a wedding reception in a public park?

You can have a wedding reception in a public park as long as you get the permit required to do so. The park might also have some rules about playing music, chair rentals, and so on.

How do you decorate a park wedding?

A park wedding already has the beauty of the outdoors. So, asides from leaning on nature, you could add a tent with floral decorations, balloons, and other such ideas.


Ceremony Decorations For Park Wedding

Once you have your designated space and set up the chairs, you can begin to form a picture for the decor. It would be great to incorporate nature as much as possible for the park wedding ceremony ideas. For instance, you can use trees as an altar area by adding large ribbons, a banner, or other hanging décor. Then for the aisle, a traditional or eclectic aisle runner lined with bouquets or flower petals.


Park Wedding Arch Ideas

Keep your wedding theme in mind when decorating the wedding arch. For rustic-style park wedding ideas, you could use vinery, pampas grass, foliage, or fairy lights that sparkle at night. If there’s a pavilion or gazebo, this can be decorated with greenery or balloons for a more formal or traditional affair. Seasonal flowers are a great idea as well, no matter the theme.


Wedding Reception Ideas

The natural landscape of a park provides more than enough beauty for a wedding reception. So, you need not go over the top with décor as this could spoil the already stunning background. Elegant décor is the perfect choice for a wedding. Make sure guests are seated facing any fabulous views or skyline available. Next, you could use décor that suspends over the tables such as a canopy of fairy lights, floating candles, or chandeliers.


Centerpieces For Park Wedding

For park reception ideas you’ll need centerpieces that maintain that breezy and natural vibe of a park. So floral bouquets and foliage, vines and perhaps even candles would do. Hanging plants that overflow onto the table is also a good idea. For more simple park wedding ideas, you could consider succulents.

Table Decorations Ideas

The reception tables also need to be considered when thinking of wedding decoration ideas. Neutral tablecloths can be jazzed up with bright table runners and matching cloth napkins that won’t fly away in the breeze. Another option is floral table runners with flowers that are known for surviving the outdoors such as orchids that don’t mind the heat or vibrant calla lilies. The cake table can be decorated similarly to match the theme.


Light Wedding Ideas

Lighting is dependent on the timing of the wedding and whether you’ll have an open-air reception, or use a tented space. Small chandeliers would be great for lighting up a tent, as well as LED lights. For open-air you could go with patio lights, hanging lanterns, or a canopy of fairy lights to create that romantic evening atmosphere.

Décor Ideas For Chairs

As outside park wedding ideas go, chairs can be décor items as well. Silk ribbons and bows can add more elegance to chairs, transforming something simple into wedding perfection. Sometimes chair covers can do the trick. If you find yourself with mismatched chairs, matching chair covers can give uniformity and beauty at the same time, in any color of your choosing.

A park wedding can mean certain annoyances such as insects or bad weather. However, on a really good day and with the right décor, your guests can enjoy the views and the best of nature. Aside from being pocket-friendly and breezy, park weddings allow you and your guests to enjoy the open air at its best and the effortless décor options it brings.