Lilac Wedding Colors – Best Ideas For Romantic Brides

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Could lilac wedding colors be THE perfect choice? Let’s see.

  • Works with every skin tone: check
  • Romantic: check
  • Beautiful in every season: check
  • Tons of choices when it comes to florals and stationery: check

Seems like we have a winner!

As you know, choosing your wedding theme and colors early is critical to your wedding planning. Read on to find out if lilac wedding colors are the best choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does lilac symbolize?

Lilacs symbolize spring and renewal. Also, it is a symbol of confidence.

Lilac Wedding Attire

Your first considerations should be yourself, your wedding party, and your guests. Are lilac wedding outfits a good idea?

See for yourself!

A lilac wedding dress, bridesmaids gowns, and suits create a deeply passionate and romantic appeal to your wedding.

Lilac Wedding Dress Ideas

It’s rare for brides to veer too far away from classic white. Transform your classic look without stepping away from tradition with a few simple additions.

  • If you want to keep things simple. A pair of lilac shoes will do the trick.
  • For more adventurous brides, choose any combination of a lilac sash, hairpiece, and gloves. Depending on the weather you can even throw a head-turning shawl into the mix.
  • Daring brides can take things a step further. You can find gorgeous bridal gowns featuring lilac embroidery.
    The trick to making the best decision is to make it work with your theme and time of year. Deep lilacs are most appropriate for late fall or early winter and should be paired with gold for the best pop.

Paler shades of lilac are best served at summer weddings. To complete the look, compliment your lilac with neutrals and natural greens.


Groom Attire Ideas

There seems to be a visual disconnect between black suits and lilac shirts. Wearing a combination of different lilac shades and tints also doesn’t feel quite right.

We feel the best combo from grooms and groomsmen is lilac shirts and ties with grey suits.

The groom should stand out from the groomsmen as well as compliment the bride’s ensemble. Using the same tones that the bride chooses for her gown and accessories, match your ties, shirts, jackets, and boutonnieres accordingly.

Styling tips: Be cautious with your shirt and tie combo. Lilac shades are gorgeous. But, in this case, lilac on lilac has a hard time looking right. If this is the route you choose, make sure that the shirt is light and the tie is dark, or vice versa. You can also create additional contrast with a textured tie for good measure.


Lilac Dresses For Wedding Guests

Your guests are going to love your lilac wedding ideas! As mentioned earlier, lilac has the unique ability to compliment any skin tone. With so many shades that naturally all seem to match, they have a lot of selection on their hands.

If you’re looking for a particular set of lilac shades and matching colors (grey, neutrals, greens) you’ll need to let them know. More on that later.

Styling tips: Aside from how gorgeous they’ll look, there are other reasons guests love lilac suits and dresses. They’re equally formal and casual, depending on how you dress them up. This means they’ll have the opportunity to wear the outfit again at a wide variety of events and occasions.


Lilac Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

Another beauty of lilac dresses for weddings is bridesmaid choices. With other color schemes, the natural desire is to have all of the gowns match. With lilac, that whole notion goes out the window. It’s recommended that you do the opposite!

Styling tips: Allowing your bridesmaids to decide on their length, cut, and shade of lilac will have stunning results. This assortment naturally results in the appearance of a floral bouquet which is great for photos.

Alternatively, consider 2 shades of lilac. Select the dress design that matches your theme, and have half of the bridesmaids wear a darker shade, and the other half wear a lighter shade. Lining them up in alternating order is fantastic for the wedding album and truly creates that Team Bride appearance.

Tender Lilac Wedding Ideas

Lilac everywhere! If you can think of something that belongs to your wedding, there’s a lilac option. Here are a few more details to discover.


Lilac Wedding Invitations

Lilac stationery is beautiful. As the first thing your guests will encounter about your wedding, it’s important to get it right. If you’re printing on lilac paper, choose white ink on light lilac or black ink on dark lilac to make sure it’s legible

Styling tips: In most cases, you may want to pick a white paper with lilac accents or borders. Speaking of paper, lilac is delicate. Consider onion skin paper to match the delicate nature of your design. Believe it or not, onion skin is very strong and easy to print on. This transparent alternative to standard card stock is a sure way to stand out.

Make sure to design all of your stationery at the same time. This will save on the printing costs and create a cohesive look and feel – even with the Thank You cards which most people forget about until the last minute.

Lilac Wedding Bouquets

Lilac wedding bouquets are a delight to create. Flower choices are abundant and complement almost every wedding theme you can imagine. Some are delicate and romantic. Others are vivid and strong.

Allium, lavender, dwarf iris, and heliotrope are just a few of the dozens you can pick from to build your bouquet.
Our favorite, especially for boho weddings, is the cascading hydrangea bouquet. Sticking with the boho option, consider stuffing a wicker basket with lavender and baby’s breath.

Styling tips: Sometimes all you need is a single flower type and some greens to make it work. Other brides prefer 5 or 6 varieties of different shades to create texture. The trick to creating the perfect bouquet is simple. Decide the emotion you want to portray. Decide on small, medium, or large. Then choose the flowers that correspond.


Lilac Wedding Cakes

Lilac wedding cakes are an easy choice to make. White cake with lilac frosting. All white cake with lilac edible flowers. You just can’t go wrong.

We have two strong recommendations for you.

  • First, choose a very simple white, 5-tier cake with cascading roses, leaves, and butterflies. This is perfect for traditional and trendy wedding themes alike.
  • The second option is for brides who demand nothing but the best. This fairytale wedding cake starts with simplicity as well, with smooth white icing. Then it’s draped in roses on top of roses to create a stunning piece of art.

Like with most other wedding details. The cake is determined by your theme and the emotion you wish to portray.

Lilac Wedding Decorations

Lilac wedding ideas extend far beyond getting dressed. You can create the ambiance of your dreams with sheer fabrics and hued lighting in your venue space. You can also take advantage of the complimentary greenery and flowers in your outdoor space. Here’s how.

Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas

With any color wedding theme, it’s important not to overdo things. Lilac is lovely, but you need to let it breathe to be appreciated.

Styling tips: A neutral aisle with a lilac border is best. Your browser can be lilac flower petals on the ground. Or, keep the white on the ground with bouquets of lilac flowers hanging from the rafters or secured to the end chairs.

When it comes to the archway, go nuts! Use a variety of lilac shades for your fabrics, flowers, balloons, ribbons, and whatever else matches your theme dreams. This is a large, central piece. To avoid it washing out the bride and groom, consider a mockup before you go through with the build.

The exception to this advice is a beach wedding. In this case, line your aisle with as many flowers as you like. Lilac petals strewn over sand is a beautiful look that can’t be achieved anywhere else.


Lilac Wedding Reception Decor

Our lilac wedding reception decor recommendations entirely depend on your theme of choice.

Styling tips: A classic wedding theme should use lilac sparingly and focus on whites, metals, and other neutrals. The result should be low-key and delicate. A fairytale theme, on the other hand, can be doused with lilac from floor to ceiling to be fun and fantastic.

A retro theme, like Gatsby, should use a subtle amount of lilac with enough gold and silver to make everything pop. Pour on the greenery and other earth tones and textures for a boho theme.

Alternatively, be a trendsetter. Host the wedding of the future with standard wedding reception decor, and execute a stellar light show. Lilac uplights are new and exciting, passionate and romantic, dazzling, and entertaining all at once.

Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Using lilac as the base color for your seating chart is a risky business. Although the goal is to make it look beautiful and fit with your theme, the priority is to make it easy to read and understand. Choose a very light lilac so that the black print stands out.

Styling tips: Our advice is to rely on lilac as an accent color. Create a lilac border or frame, or perhaps an image to break up space. Leave the text space white. This creates a very delicate yet functional look.

There are options for the creative approach as well. Rustic weddings, for example, are using chalkboards as seating charts. Match the theme by painting the frame lilac! Traditional themes can make use of etched glass framed by lilac and white flowers.

Whatever your ideas for your themes are, there is a lilac solution!


Wedding Table Setting Decor

Lilac table decor can be tricky. Light lilacs are not good for the appetite. If you choose to have lilac tablecloths or runners, make sure it’s of the deeper variety.

Styling tips: Otherwise, leave the table clean white and rely on lilac as adornment as opposed to the main design. Glass candleholders with lilac candles will set the mood you want. Add in lilac flowers and tasteful serviettes to complete the look.

If you’re looking for a more jaw-dropping appearance, metal is where it’s at. Reflective surfaces will create a dazzling ambiance without overpowering your lilac shades.

Don’t forget, you have other colors to play with too. Grey, green, or gold can be strategically used to push a traditional theme into Gatsby, boho, garden party, or fairytale very easily.

For example, swap the white tablecloth with shimmering gold to create an art deco look. Or, amp up the green for the boho look you are after. It’s that easy.

Lilac Flower Arrangements

Choosing your lilac flower arrangements is going to be quite the task. There are so many options to choose from!
When choosing your flowers, make sure that there is some continuity between your bouquet, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and other florals.

Styling tips: Of course, lilac-colored roses are never a bad choice. If you’re aiming to wow your guests, create a simple water feature and toss lilac rose petals in. The shimmering water, floating petals, and sparkling lights are a wondrous combination that’ll make your wedding one remember.

Flowers can take up to 10-15% of your entire wedding budget. You’ll have to balance between seasonally fresh and how much money you’re willing to spend. Lucky for you, lilac-colored flowers are readily available all year long.

There are lots of shades to work with. When choosing your lilac wedding colors, make sure that you have your theme securely in mind. Going a shade darker or lighter can drastically change the look and mood of your wedding. Be clear about your goal and choose the lilacs to make it happen. make it happen.