must take photos of wedding dress

48 Must Take Photos Of Your Wedding Dress


Like most of brides, you spent a lot of time finding a gorgeous wedding dress for your big day. Since you’ll wear it only once, we recommend you make a list of photos with your photographer to highlight best parts of it. In our gallery of must take photos of your wedding dress we want to show best ideas to capture memories forever.


Photo 1-6: Hanging In The Light

Source: Pier 23, dlyadvoih via Instagram, Jana Williams Photography

Source: Dana Cubbage Weddings, Chelsey Boatwright PhotographyElite Photo


Photo 7-9: Getting Ready With Bridesmaids

Source: Lisa Poggi, Sydney Wedding Photographer, Elisha Orin


Photo 10-12: Groom Holding The Bride

Source: Zatrzymaj Czas, Peter & Veronika photography, Ravenberg photography


Photo 13-15: Shot From The Back

Source: Julia Tregubova via instagram, Galialahav via instagram, LundynBridge Photography


Photo 16-18: Full Size With The Amazing Train

Source: Jessica Apap Photographyarsine_karozabridalinc via InstagramSaid Mhamad Photography

Photo 19-21: Outdoor Photos

Source: Kelsie Emm PhotographyOliveavenuephoto via InstagramKreativwedding via instagram


Photo 22-24: Wedding Dress Details

Source: ModawoowMartina Dorta via InstagramAnnacampbellbridal via Instagram

Photo 25-27: Bridesmaids With Train

Source: Claire Thomson, Archetype Studio, Sawyer Baird


Photo 28-30: Charming Brides Photos With Bouquets

Source: matildafox0 via Instagram, Always Smiling PhotographyPeyton Rainey Photography

Photo 31-33: The Bride At Sunset

Source: Wedding dresses official, Anagregoricphoto via instagramDavid Pascolla


Photo 34-36: Great Photo Ideas From The Back

Source: Wedding dresses official, Wedding dresses officialXeniabors Wedding

Photo 37-39: In Boudoir With Dress

Source: Wedding dresses official, Modawoow via instagrammariyazakir via instagram


Photo 40-42: Wonderful Long Tail

Source: galialahav via instagram, galialahav via instagramrobdight via instagram

Photo 43-45: With Brudesmaids Dresses

Source: Michelle Lea Photographie , Amyandjordan via instagramCynthiachungweddings


Photo 46-48: Running On A Meeting With Happiness

Source: Anapatlis, Tali PhotographyAyehk Photography