Must Take Photos Of Your Wedding Dress

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Like most of brides, you spent a lot of time finding a gorgeous wedding dress for your big day. Since you’ll wear it only once, we recommend you make a list of photos with your photographer to highlight best parts of it. In our gallery of must take photos of your wedding dress we want to show best ideas to capture memories forever.


Brides Often Ask

Should I take photos of the wedding dress?

Taking photos of your wedding dress is such a wonderful idea. Your dress is more than just a piece of clothing—it’s a symbol of your love story, your dreams, and your unique style. Capturing it in photographs allows you to preserve these special memories forever.


Hanging In The Light

It is important to shoot your wedding dress in its pre-wedding form. Hang it in a well-lit spot that is also aesthetically pleasing as an interesting backdrop to your bridal wear. For instance, think about a location close to a window or in an open space with abundant sunlight. Display the silhouette and detailing of your dress, as the light will accentuate these features. A close-up can focus on the fabric, lace and any decorations to establish that something wonderful is about to happen.


Getting Ready Photos

The moments preceding the donning of your wedding gown are full of emotions. What exudes excitement and nerves are candid images during hair and makeup scenes, the zipping up or buttoning of the dress, as well as a final shot in a mirror. Have open communication with your photographer so they get these natural and true moments. These pictures not only depict the dress but also the raw feelings that provide your wedding day with genuine meaning.


Wedding Dress Details

The wedding dress is not just a piece of clothing, but an artwork because each detail carries a story. Take up close pictures of the lace, beads or anything that makes your dress exquisite. Use a macro lens to reveal the details. These aspects when emphasized do not only eternalize the quality of workmanship but also give a lovely story within your wedding album.


Charming Brides Photos With Bouquets

Photos with the help of your bridal bouquet create certain cute and elegant charm. Keep the dress and bouquet cohesive by snapping a picture with your floral accompaniment. Try different angels to guide the attention on the dress where the bouquet is only a complementary part. These shots reveal the glow of a bride, while highlighting the harmony of her outfit.

In Boudoir With Dress

Alternatively, imagine an intimate boudoir shoot with you wearing your wedding dress. This part introduces a sensuous and personal element to your collection. Collaborate with a qualified boudoir photographer to guarantee an excellent and empowering affair. Select a spot that suits the dress and makes for an intimate atmosphere. These photos reveal a different side, enjoying both the beauty of the dress and the bride in more intimate setting.


Candid Moments

Capture candid moments that mean the real happiness and laugh intersection between bridesmaids and family. Create small moments of introspection when the dress will take a silent part in your internal reflections. And let the lens record the fine-lyrical nuances as you move freely with grace, unfolding the dress like an ever-flowing story. These candid shots not only show the dress you are wearing, but also create an authentic story of your special day.

Outdoor and Scenic Shots

Take the natural setting of your venue into consideration to create an image that will blend the dress and the surroundings to give you a spectacular picture. While the golden hour, let you to look fantastic in your gown with all details highlighted by the soft, warm, and sunny rays that create a magnificent glow. Take your apparels to architectural or natural backgrounds, with each frame being a work of art on its own. The outdoor shots not only show how stunning the dress is but also provide narrative for the sense of grandeur and beauty in the world surrounding you.