Get The Right Type Of Inspiration For Your Wedding Tattoos

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Wedding tattoos are becoming more popular by the day with modern-day couples. It is a truly good idea to get wedding tattoo designs if you are looking for something that’s not easily removable and longer lasting than a conventional wedding ring. Another cool feature of cool wedding tattoos asides from their awesomeness is that you will never have to worry about losing that expensive and highly sentimental wedding ring.

So, if you are looking for something really cool and totally gorgeous to commemorate your exchange of vows, you might want to contemplate getting a couple’s wedding tattoos. Find out more matching wedding tattoo ideas for a more permanent way to declare your love.

Vows Quotes

You might have sentimental quotes or vows that mean the world to you. This could be a great choice for your wedding day tattoos. With thin lines and not too much detail, you should be able to achieve the desired effect. Be it on your arm, the inside of your wrist, or your finger, it should be perfect.


Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos are a most adorable way to show your long-lasting love for each other, especially on your most special day. Decide the type of hearts that you want with the designer and go for it. These hearts can be full, or half a heart each, colored or made in white ink, it is all up to you.


Ring Tattoos

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Ring wedding tattoos for couples are a fabulous replacement for the conventional wedding ring. You still get the ring but in a more stylish and permanent way. With this option, you can also get more intricate and creative patterns for your rings, some styles, and colors that you have only dreamed of. The perfect twist on the classic ring.


Mr & Mrs Tattoos

One of our favorite wedding tattoos ideas is the Mr and Mrs. Asides from the beauty of simplicity, this is a great choice as it would fit almost any part of the hand, arm, or finger that you choose. Choose the fonts you want carefully for clear and romantic lines. You can also tattoo them further down the finger if you would still like to wear rings.


Queen & King Tattoos

Queen and King wedding tattoos designs are also a great choice, after all, you are a queen who has found her king. This type of tattoo can be depicted in several ways, such as the King and Queen crowns or even a lioness and a lion. How simple or creative the tattoos will be is a choice you will have to consider and personalize to fit you as a couple.

Initial Tattoos

If you wouldn’t like to write out the names completely, initials are also a great choice for your his and hers wedding tattoos. A simple but tasteful way to declare your love for one another and symbolize your nuptials. Initial tattoos are a clear choice for the ring finger or inside of the wrist because of their simplicity which also makes them a gorgeous choice.


Matching Couple Tattoos

Wedding couple tattoos should be creative and hold a shared meaning for the couple. When couples choose matching tattoos, they don’t have to be exactly the same but need to match. This can be seen with bow and arrow tattoos, significant geometric designs, half hearts, and so on. The meaning behind the permanent ink design makes all the difference.

The best wedding tattoos convey the meaning the couple is trying to portray and declare their love in only the most stylish way. If you are looking to drop the conventional wedding ring for something more cool and permanent, then a classy and personalized wedding tattoo might be the right choice.