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42 Yummy And Trendy Drip Wedding Cakes


Unique, non-traditional cakes become more and more popular for wedding events. We mean marble or geode cakes. Taking the internet by storm, drip wedding cakes became one of the hottest trends. Your wedding cakes will be especially creative and unique because the drip can be of any color: white, gold, chocolate, caramel or any other. Love the idea decorating cakes with flowers, macarons, chocolate bars or seasonal fruit and berries. Find a yummy drip wedding cake that impress your guests!



Photo 1-6: Gold Drip Wedding Cakes

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Photo 7-12: Boho & Rustic Wedding Cakes

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Photo 13-18: Perfect Design Drip Cakes

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Photo 37-39: Yummy Masterpiece In Dripping Caramel

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Photo 40-42: Gorgeous Ideas Drip Cakes

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