Drip Wedding Cakes 30+ Ideas & FAQs

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One of the latest trends in wedding desserts, drip wedding cakes are a drool-worthy confectionery loved by many. This one-of-a-kind wedding cake is a great idea for almost any type of cake, from naked cakes to fondant cakes with pops of color. Can be used to achieve a whimsy finish for a casual wedding or a sleek one for a classic wedding. It’s a win-win design.


Drip wedding cakes can be in singles or tiers, they can be accessorized with flowers or toppers, and they come in different flavors. Scroll down for more inspiration on drip wedding cakes of various designs, flavors, and mouth-watering drip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who started the drip cake trend?

This decadent drip cake trend was started off by an Australian cake designer, Katherine Sabbath. They were inspired by a 90’s TV program called “Goosebumps”.

What size is best for a drip cake?

A drip cake can consist of 8- or 6-inch cakes of 3 or 4 decent-sized layers. If you want extra height, you could add more layers, or try slicing widthways also known as torteing.


Drip Wedding Cake Trend

The drip wedding cake gained popularity when couples started to look for an alternative from the traditional white-tiered cake. It’s also a great choice because there are so many ways to style the drip cake in line with your tastes or wedding theme. It can add a splash of color to a neutral cake, or a touch of sleekness to a monochrome, minimalistic cake design.

Drip cakes are versatile and don’t have to be dripped in just frosting. They can also be adorned with anything from berries, figs, or trails of flora and fauna.


Types of Wedding Cakes Drip

  • An earthy, naked three, or single-tiered cake dripping in chocolate ganache would be great for a fall, backyard wedding. Decorate the cake with red flora and gorgeous berries for a decadent finish.
  • A modern or classic wedding would do well with a white three-tiered drip wedding cake covered in dripping caramel. Adorn the cake with blackberries, blueberries and greenery to tastefully contrast the white icing.


Gold Drip Wedding Cakes


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