30 Flower Girl Bouquet Ideas For An Angelic Wedding + FAQs

flower girl bouquets
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A flower girl is a member of the bridal party like any other, only cuter and definitely more petite. Taking advantage of the cute factor is part of the role of the flower girl, and this is why the flower girl bouquet and her entire wedding look should be taken into consideration.


Since every wedding is unique in its own way, sometimes the duties of the flower girl are unique too. And, this can result in her carrying something a bit different from the traditional bouquet of flowers. There are quite a number of alternatives to the contemporary flower girl bouquet. Come along as we explore a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the flower girl need a bouquet?

While traditionally the flower girl might carry a miniature bouquet or basket of petals, there are other alternatives to the norm, depending on the theme of the wedding.

What else can a flower girl throw?

Aside from flowers, there is a variety of options for what the flower girl can throw while playing her role at the wedding. This can range from throwing items such as confetti and soft feathers to carrying pinwheels, balloons, or blowing bubbles.


Ball Bouquets For Flower Girl

A mini bouquet arranged after the traditional bridal bouquet is a common accessory for the flower girl. However, there are several other options for something more original and unique.

Flower girl ball bouquets can describe several types of arrangements. From pomander flower balls that are cute and fun to carry to ball-shaped vases with distinct flower arrangements. Your flower girl too can make a statement as she steps onto the aisle.


Hoop Bouquet Ideas

A trendy look for a flower girl that can be fashioned after her dress is the flower girl hoop bouquet. Instead of the conventional basket for tossing petals, a metallic colored loop in gold or silver can feature floral arrangements of blooming peonies or any other seasonal flower intertwined. The hoop can be stand-alone or sit on top of a similarly hued basket of petals or confetti.


Flower Girl Pomander Bouquet

A flower girl pomander bouquet, also known as a kissing ball, is a unique and stylish alternative to traditional flower girl bouquets. A pomander is a ball of flowers or decorative elements suspended from a ribbon or cord and is often carried by a flower girl as she walks down the aisle. To fit your wedding’s theme, you can select from a vast choice of flowers and colors. Some popular ones include roses, daisies, hydrangeas, and baby’s breath.

Also, flower girl pomanders are often smaller in size compared to other types of bouquets. It makes them an ideal choice for younger flower girls who may find a large bouquet too cumbersome to carry. It’s always great to opt for flowers that are in season and will be easy to care for on the day of the wedding.


Brooch Wedding Bouquets

While tossing flower petals might be traditional, there is a wide variety of options for a unique flower girl role. A flower girl can be assigned to wear a floral flower girl brooch bouquet while carrying a bunch in her basket.

Handing out one to each guest is sure to put smiles on their faces and hers just before the wedding ceremony begins. A great alternative if you need the venue floor to be free of petals.

Mini Bouquets For Flower Girl

There is space for every type of flower girl accessory out there and fashioning a mini bouquet after the main bouquet of the day is still in trend. A smaller arrangement with seasonal blooms such as garden roses of different hues, and peonies alongside foliage or greenery would make a sweet-smelling bouquet that she would love to carry down the aisle.


Contemporary Bouquets

A contemporary wedding could do with conventional wedding bouquets, even for the cutest flower girl. Going with the theme of the wedding the bouquet could be an arrangement of monochromatic hues or a mix of complementary colors. These could be blossoms of white or deep red garden roses paired with assorted greenery and eucalyptus for that bit of extra.

Basket Flower Girl Bouquet Ideas

A basket flower girl bouquet is one of the charming and traditional accessories you can use to dress up the youngest member of a bridal party. For classic flower girl bouquet ideas, round, dome-shaped bouquets of white roses or hydrangeas or a loosely arranged collection of wildflowers in muted shades can be a stunning choice. Also, the bouquet size can range from small and dainty to larger, statement-making arrangements.

It is also vital to consider the season and availability. Peonies and ranunculus are popular spring and summer flowers while garden roses and anemones are often used in autumn and winter weddings. Ensure that the flowers are securely fastened to the handle. A well-designed bouquet will stay put, even if the little one playing the role of flower girl is a bit active.


Bohemian Flower Girl Bouquets

A bohemian flower girl bouquet for a boho-styled wedding can be designed after the theme of the wedding. A child-sized parasol covered in seasonal wildflowers to walk down the aisle with, or a dark wicker basket covered in ribbons of the wedding colors and filled with petals are all fun ideas.

Bouquets In Rustic Style

If you’re looking for flower girl ideas for a rustic-style wedding, look no more. Consider floral hearts instead of hoops. Heart-shaped wreath-like rustic flower girl bouquets would be fun to carry. An alternative would be wicker bowls adorned with greenery and filled with herbs instead of petals to be strewn across the aisle.


Vintage Bouquet Ideas

Complete a vintage-style wedding with a flower girl bouquet that has a vintage twist. Match the flower girl dress with either a pure white or gold wicker basket or even shallow gold trays to lend that vintage look. Flower crowns and dry petals for throwing can complete the picture.

There is no shortage of ideas for flower girl bouquets. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional or need something less generic and conventional, there is something fun for every aisle.