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Wedding ideas with candles are refreshing and fast becoming a favorite. This is because the lighting is a major planning detail and wedding candles are huge contributors. Depending on the wedding style and theme, they set the ambiance with a warm colorful glow. Romance, calm, and soothing energy are the hallmark of a candle-lit wedding. What more could guests want.


There’s also wedding candle decor that saves money on centerpieces. Candles are beautiful, they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors; perfect for tables, aisles, floating. Etc. They work beautifully with jars, vases, floral arrangements, and venues. So for that beautiful wedding of yours, let’s show you how to work the candles in.

How do you make a wedding centerpieces candle?

Centerpieces with candles are very popular. Candles can be combined with flowers, greenery, lanterns and other wedding decor elements.

Wedding Centerpiece with Candles

Incorporate your Wedding Centerpiece with Candles in various creative forms. Opt for a vintage romantic look with delicate florals, greenery wreaths, and pewter lanterns. The mood for an evening wedding is ever perfect. Candelabras are a great romantic vibe to a winter wedding. Fix tall candles at the table ends for understated elegance or surround with impressing blooms for a glam look. For a woodland earthy vibe, adorn the tabletop with greenery, succulents, and birch wood candles. It’s a rustic look that milks and complements nature’s elements at the same time.


Candle Arrangements for Wedding

The correct candle arrangement for a wedding is crucial to get the perfect look. Your wedding candle sizes are determinants of how you intend to use them in executing lighting plans. For lighting large areas, you’d need bigger and sturdier candles like pillars. But for stunning centerpieces, tea lights and votives are the most versatile. They take your decorative scene notches higher because they’re both functional and aesthetic. Lastly, consider longevity and use only candles with a guaranteed number of hours.


Candle Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

Create a southern-gothic ambiance with towering candelabras ring to become one with Spanish moss. You’ll get a romantic and dramatic effect. For tropical glamor and minimalist sophistication combo, adorn an all-white aisle with metallic lanterns and spread the metallic motif through your wedding decor. Incorporate vintage candle pillars and abstract chandeliers and twinkling candlelight for a timelessly elegant feel. For a more traditional look, opt for gold-mirrored stands, brilliant scones, and clusters of candles bordered by petals. We also love embedding candles into crystal beading and shimmering to evoke a winter snowfall effect.


Hanging Table Decor Ideas with Candles

Hanging table decor with candles cast a shimmering glow on guests. Hang up hurricane candles above all tables and decorate with greenery and floral to beautify an industrial space. For garden-inspired weddings, votive candles entwined in cascading succulents are your best bet. Lanterns are very versatile and work vintage, rustic, country, and woodland weddings. They give off a whimsical charm. Throw in some moss, tulips, and orchids or everything romance.


Floating Candles Wedding Centerpiece

Floating candles wedding centerpieces can add magic to your decor. Create an elegant ambiance for a formal wedding with white candles of varying colors and sizes in classic cylinder vases. Add glass gems and diverse flowers in white and other colors and fill with water. If you’re going for a more casual look, use simple mason jars, dessert dishes, drinking glasses with a single flower, and candles. Cluster them at the table’s center or put them around bowls of fruits and candles. Go with your theme and seasonal element to suit the wedding style.

Tall Candle Wedding Centerpieces

Tall candle wedding centerpieces are colorful additions to your reception table decor.  They bring a seasonal and themed cohesive look to the table as they match with dinnerware, other centerpieces Think tall candles in blush tones that express romance, whimsical, and pastel feel to your table setting. Dark shades and hues like deep green ad Burgundy scream subtle romance and neutrals give the best rustic appeal. If your wedding is in the fall, opt for plums, orange, and marigold tall candles. Blacks, dusty blue, and grey are the best winter frosted hues. Cluster or make them sparse, the effect is charming.


Perfect Decor Combination – Candles and Flowers

Suspend whimsical floral arrangements with stately candelabras as they cascade, giving some drama. Floral candelabras make lasting statements. Mount your candles on raised aesthetic platforms with wreaths and cascading garlands fixed to the elevation. This gives the whimsical vibe perfect for fairytale weddings. For a fuss-free, organic, and attractive rustic look, arrange tables with simple candles of varying heights and fresh garlands of flowers.

Wedding Candles Ideas with Greenery

Utilize nature by combining greenery with candles. Bring life to long reception tables by arranging candles on a bed of moss. Throw in textured greenery and bright floral stems for a forest wild look. For modern industrial touch, opt for flameless candles in stunning shapes and asymmetry, mismatch them with greenery for an eclectic look. Going traditional? Mix white gold, and navy candles with lisianthus, freesia, hydrangeas, dahlias, olive berries, and some svelte lace to nail the charm. Create a whimsical look with enchanting lanterns surrounded by succulents and moss for a woodland-inspired wedding.


Bohemian Wedding Candle Decor

Hang up yellowish and brownish paper lanterns to invite an alluring Bohemian sensation to your ceremony. Revamp your reception decor with white candles in different sizes and shapes. Decorate these white candles with emerald succulents and lush green garlands. You can also place them in marbled holders for an enchanted look.

Rustic Wedding Candles Ideas

Transform your venue into a beauty of lights and air with rustic wedding candles ideas. Incorporate pastel tones, glass-encased, satin gloved, and champagne-gold metallic candles into your overall decor. You can also hang up lush pergolas and lanterns to create a dreamy wedding atmosphere.

There are numerous wedding ideas with candles that are gorgeous, creative, and budget-friendly. From the aisle to tables, overhead, and everywhere, candles fit perfectly. Infuse them into your decor in diverse colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your theme. And for the mother of all inspiration, look through our catalog.