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How To Write A Wedding Toast: The Ultimate Guide


How to write a wedding toast isn’t nearly as intimidating as it seems. All it takes is a little planning and a little inspiration. Keep reading and you’ll discover how to pace yourself, structure your speech in a way that’s easy to digest and find the insights you need to deliver something personal.

How Long Should A Wedding Toast Be?

The first question that most people ask is how long should a wedding toast be? Too long and you’ll lose your audience’s attention. Too short and you probably won’t make much sense. Four to five minutes is your sweet spot.

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What To Say In A Wedding Toast

The simplest introductions to a wedding toast are the most effective. Even though you’re sitting at the head table or are a close friend/relative, it’s very rare that the entire guest list knows everything about you. Introduce yourself.

Next, explain how you know the couple. Talk about how you met and any shared experiences you may have that relate to the relationship’s development, especially if it’s a funny or charming story.

Keep it clean, but don’t be shy about telling a joke or two. The speech is delivered to the entire guest list, but it’s meant for the couple. Tell an inside joke if you have one.

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Finally, gush over the moment that you realized that they were perfect for each other. Feel free to elaborate on the details. Explaining how you noticed a positive shift in the bride’s day-to-day or how the groom couldn’t stop smiling when he talked about her is always a huge hit with the crowd.

If you’ve known the bride or groom since childhood, good wedding toasts look back to when they were dreaming of the person they would spend the rest of their life with and announcing that the dream has come true.


Wedding Toast Tips

While you’re writing your speech, there are a few things to keep in mind to make things smooth and successful.

  1. How to give a wedding toast starts early. If you give yourself enough time you can start curating your story. Form a collection of anecdotes and make the effort to confirm a few details with other friends or family members if necessary.
  2. Keep it PG-13. There are going to be younger and older people in the audience. You may get a few laughs with your dirty jokes, but you don’t want to risk embarrassing the couple.
  3. There is going to be a photographer present. Clean yourself up and make yourself presentable before you get your toasts quotes going.
  4. Limit your drinks before your speech. Don’t drink so much that you’re wobbling around or slurring your words, and never do it drunk.
  5. Don’t mention ex-girlfriends or boyfriends. Just don’t.
  6. Practice your speech in front of a mirror. Be aware of your posture and your volume. Be confident.
  7. Look the guests in the eye, but set aside some key moments – like the cheers or particular good wishes – for the happy couple.

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How To End A Wedding Toast

When planning on how to end a wedding toast, there are two surefire ways.

  • A simple wish for the best possible future.
  • A quote, poem, or passage that sums up the couple’s love.
  • Of course, the final word is “Cheers” as you and the audience raise your glasses of Champagne.

If you’re still struggling with what to say in a wedding toast, and how to write a wedding toast, think about your favorite romantic movies. What made their wedding speeches great? Was it incredibly insightful? Was it jam-packed with jokes? No. It was personal and it was sincere. Be yourself and make it about the couple, and you’ll do just fine.