Comprehensive Guide On How To Write A Wedding Toast

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Giving a great wedding toast could be a tough job, but when you have the right guide, it’s a breeze. We have curated a comprehensive guide on how to write a wedding toast plus samples. However, while having a structure for your toast is one thing, personal preparation is another matter.


We also came up with tips for you, from toast etiquette to stage comportment. So whether you are a couple, friend, parent, or sibling, there is something in this post for you. Check out the limitless options and ideas on how to write a great wedding toast.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a toast speech?

Grab everyone’s attention by making an announcement, then ask everyone to fill up their glasses, introduce yourself and state your purpose.

What do you say when making a wedding toast?

Say words that balance humor and sentiment so that it tugs at the guest’s emotions. Make a few words of wishes, prayers, or blessings for the couple, and keep it brief.


How Long Should A Wedding Toast Be?

  • How long should a wedding toast be?
    The wedding toast should be a maximum of three minutes. However, the groom and father of the bride can have five minutes.
  • When to give a wedding toast?
    The wedding toast comes up before or after the dinner at the wedding reception.
  • Who can give a wedding toast?
    Traditionally, the father of the bride gives the toast, followed by the groom, the best man, and others. However, the toasting order has become diverse and is totally at the couple’s discretion.


What Questions To Ask Before To Start?

Before you put pen to paper, your mind would be a jumble of thoughts. Here is a list of questions to help you detangle your thoughts and put things in perspective. The tips will guide you to crafting the perfect wedding toast.

  • How long do you know the bride/groom?
    Think about your relationship with the couple and how long you know them. This will either prove a trove of information or send you seeking help.
  • What is your favorite memory of the bride/groom?
    Think of a sweet memory of the couple that strikes you the most. If there is a way to relate it to the wedding, then use it.
  • What qualities do you admire in them?
    Talk about the virtues that make you proudly associate with them. List a few and tell the guests about them.
  • How did you understand they were made for each other?
    Think about the moment it struck you that the couple was meant to be. Did anything spectacular happen? Talk about it.
  • What is the tone/ambiance of the wedding?
    The mood of the wedding will help you decide whether your toast will be a largely hilarious or sentimental one. You can guess the tone of a wedding invite if it is casual, traditional, or modern.


Wedding Toast Template

If you want to learn how to write a great wedding toast, here are tips to follow below.

  • Introduce yourself
    Tell the guests who you are by stating your full name and relationship with the couple. You can also throw in a one-liner to break the ice.
  • Congratulate the couple
    Congratulate the couple on their big day and say a beautiful wish. You may also state that you knew they were made for each other (if you were there through their relationship). Talk about how stunning and happy they look.
  • Tell a story about the bride/groom
    Tell a sweet story about whichever of the couple half you’re closer to. Make it a hilarious story or one that showcases their virtues. On the other hand, you may say a funny story about yourself, but don’t overstretch it.
  • Keep it short and sweet
    Be concise, go straight to the point, but ensure your toast has depth.
  • Make a joke
    Throw in some decent jokes that will get a rise out of everyone.
  • End your toast
    Say a wish for the couple and ask the guests to rise and raise their glasses.


Wedding Toast: Dos and Dont’s

Anyone could give a toast, but there are binding rules to ensure a seamless speech. So while preparing your wedding toast, consider this list of etiquette.


  • Do memorize and practice
    It would be nice if you make your speech without sounding incoherent or uttering speech viruses. So after creating your speech, practice in front of a mirror or with friends. Commit the speech to memory so you are not glued to the script when giving the speech.
  • Do focus on the newlyweds
    The wedding toast is not the time to show off your oratory skills or dazzle the audience with your aura. Everything you say must focus on the new couple because it is their day to be in the spotlight. Don’t share it with them.
  • Do infuse sentiments and humor
    Give the guests a good belly laugh by throwing in some jokes. You may also make them shed a few tears by being very sentimental. Either way, you’ve broken the ice and trapped their attention.
  • Do keep it brief
    Keep your speech as brief and punchy as possible. The longer you drone on, the fewer guests are inclined to listen. So, capture the guests in the first 30 seconds of your toast.
  • Tell a story
    Regale the guests with a sweet story about the couple. Something that can make the couple blush, get the guests laughing, or squeeze out a few happy tears.



  • Don’t panic
    It is okay to be anxious, especially if you have stage fright. But wear a smile and don’t panic. Just remember that you prepared and memorized your toast for a confidence boost.
  • Don’t discuss planning glitches
    No wedding planning goes smoothly and we are aware. However, the toast isn’t a time to talk about all the unfortunate occurrences. You are there at the venue and everything looks beautiful. Stick to the positive.
  • Don’t share inside jokes
    We know those hilarious jokes shared within family and friends. Don’t share it in your toast because the idea is that guests can catch onto a joke without explanations. So avoid sharing inside jokes because they would feel awkward.
  • Don’t thank the guests on the couple’s behalf
    Let the couple thank the guests. Don’t do it or mention names because you will be stealing their thunder. Your toast should be about the couple and them only.
  • Don’t talk about exes
    It is a day of joy and not one for reminiscing. So, don’t talk about who broke your friend, son, or sister’s heart. Keep all your toasts on the couple and in the present. Leave exes in the past.

How To Write A Toast For A Wedding Examples To Get Insight

Below are examples of how to write a good wedding toast, specifically for the maid of honor, sister, father, and best man. The templates range from witty to humorous, heartfelt, and sweet. The place of an introduction cannot be overemphasized even if the guests know you.

These samples also throw in some humor while discussing the couple how best they know. You will also share sweet memories about the couple, key information like how you met, and some good virtues. You may pass down some advice and then toast full time to the couple. Get some ideas from the samples below for insight.

Hi everyone! I’m _, the maid of honor, and I’ve known this beautiful bride since we met at summer camp back in middle school.
I was a rather shy child and I was very worried that I was going to spend 2 weeks in the place where I don’t know anyone. But our charming bride immediately approached me and offered to be friends. Since then we have become not just friends, but best friends!
We went through many different situations, and I know that _ is the person who will always support and help – her heart is full of love and kindness for all people.
I am very happy to be here today on such a special day for her! And I am very glad that she met such a nice guy. I want to wish you great happiness, live a long life together and die on the same day! Cheers!

Good evening, everyone. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is _, I’m the groom’s sister. We have always been more than just a brother and sister – we have been best friends since childhood. Yes, yes, we played war games and dolls together. Ha Ha.
And now I also have a sister, and this fact makes me incredibly happy! As you know, they met at the university. And from the first meeting, my brother knew that one day he would marry her. I’ll tell you a secret – he told me about it himself.
_, you are such a good girl and my brother is incredibly lucky! Love each other, respect each other and live your best life together!

Hello to all!
My name is _, I’m the groom’s father – for those who do not know me yet. I remember well how in the summer of 2016 I had a heart-to-heart talk with my son and he said that he wanted to focus on his studies and then on his career, and the family would come later. I told him then – do not promise. You don’t know what’s in store for you next month.
Yes, it happened not in a month, but in 4 months – _ brought _ to us for Thanksgiving. His mother and I immediately understood that there would be a wedding, it could not be otherwise. If my boy introduced us to someone, then he had very serious intentions.
And here we are! Today we have gathered to celebrate the wedding of our _ and charming _. Be happy!

Hi everybody! I’m _, the best men.
I remember very well the evening when _ met _. It was his birthday. We joked later that he had the best birthday present that year.
I’ll tell you a secret – since then every year I go to that bar for my birthday in the hope of finding my best gift there. Ha Ha. But so far unsuccessfully – this is information for all the bridesmaids, just in case.
We never had any doubts that this couple is made for each other. You are similar both in character and even in your appearance.
Let’s raise our glasses to the newlyweds – finding your soulmate is everything every person can dream of!

You have a choice of giving a memorable and sweet wedding toast or leaving a sour taste with your lack of coordination. If you are down with the former, then you should learn how to write a wedding toast. Don’t search too far for tips as we have curated the best guide for wedding toasts. Whether you are a couple, family, or friend, find toast samples and all your questions answered.