Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding DJ


While the average DJ may simply blend into the crowd, a bad DJ can truly bring down the vibe of your wedding, while a great wedding DJ can transform the room into a space that is comfortable and fun for everyone. Instead of simply choosing a family friend with good musical taste, or the first result on your internet search, check out these important pointers for selecting the DJ that will truly make your wedding reception into a magical experience:

1. Consider What You Want

When selecting a wedding DJ, you need to narrow down your search to people who can truly meet your needs. Do you want someone who will sit quietly and spin music all night without interruption, or do you want a DJ who will get the guests involved and have fun? Do you want someone who knows their country or someone who has more eclectic tastes?

2. Do Your Research

When you’re looking to create a shortlist of DJs, the best next step is to find and explore their web presence, watching their videos, if they have any. You can also contact potential DJs and ask them for samples so you can find out if the DJ you’re looking at will be able to create the atmosphere you want.

3. Meet Up In Person

The most important step in selecting your wedding DJ is to meet up or talk over the phone with every candidate on your shortlist to make sure that their style will mesh with your wedding, your staff, and your guests. Don’t be afraid to be picky, and make sure to ask questions that will let you get the best idea of who you’re working with!

4. Balance Enthusiasm & Experience

While an old-timer DJ may know what he or she is doing, a jaded, worn down performer may bring down the atmosphere at your gathering. Similarly, a first-time DJ may be all enthusiasm and excitement, but will most likely not have the know-how needed to create the best show for you.

5. Ask About Their Equipment

If you have special ideas for your reception, be sure to ask your candidate about whether or not they can support this dream, and about what other additions they might have to offer. You should also check to make sure their speakers can properly accommodate the venue.

6. Make Sure They Listen

When you talk to your potential wedding DJ about playlists and requests, see how attentively they listen to you, and how enthusiastic they are about your wedding. If he or she seems disinterested or resistant to your ideas, you should cross them off of your list and look elsewhere for someone who can share your vision.

7. Ask About The Back-Up Plan

What will they do if there is an emergency, or if they are unable to make it to the event? Knowing that you have all the bases covered is the best way to feel comfortable and enjoy your wonderful wedding reception.