Pantone Colors Of The Year [2000-2024]

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Looking for your wedding palette inspiration? Take any color combination from the Pantone color of year collection!


We’ve collected in a list below Pantone Colors of the year 2000-2023. Browse and get inspired!

Brides Often Ask

When did Pantone start color of the year?

The Pantone color of the year started in the year 2000.

How is Pantone Color of the year chosen?

Pantone chooses its color of the year by studying color trends throughout the year. They consider all parameters like fashion, marketing politics, industries, and social media.

What is the wedding color of the year?

Peach Fuzz is the color of the year 2024. This soft and velvety peach tone emanates a spirit that embraces the mind, body, and soul holistically.


2024 – Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz has been specifically chosen to encapsulate our shared desire for self-nurturing and fostering connections with others. This soft and velvety peach tone emanates a spirit that embraces the mind, body, and soul holistically.

“Peach Fuzz” was chosen for its radiant warmth and contemporary elegance, embodying compassion. The hue seamlessly merges the youthful with the timeless, offering a tangible embrace. Beyond aesthetics, it symbolizes a universal need for warmth, connection, and
enduring comfort, making it the perfect choice for a meaningful and impactful color selection.

Incorporate “Peach Fuzz” into your wedding style by choosing bridesmaids’ dresses in this gentle hue, featuring floral arrangements with peach-toned flowers, and using tablecloths or napkins in the same shade. Enhance the atmosphere with peach-tinted lighting, and consider incorporating the color into stationery, favors, and even desserts for a cohesive and elegant wedding theme.


2023 – Viva Magenta

Viva magenta is one of the trendsetting colors in fashion, decor, and design for 2023. Also, Pantone has chosen viva magenta as the Pantone color of the year wedding for 2023. Viva magenta is a hybrid color of vibrant pinky or hot pink with hints of purple and it belongs to the red color family.

This color is assertive but not aggressive. It matches great with yellow and turquoise and is elegant in the most dominant color categories. Powerful, brave, and fearless were used to describe the colors of Pantone. It exudes class as some members of royalty, celebrities, influencers, models, and first-class citizens have worn this color.

It is a perfect color for bridesmaids’ dresses at weddings and wedding accessories like necklaces and bracelets. Also, designers can decorate the aisle with it. This is one of the color trends that have been influenced by the Pantone colors of the year history since 2000.


2022 – Very Peri

Veri Peri is the Pantone color of the year 2022, which is a mix of violet shades of blue and deep red. This color represents creativity, a mix of cool and fierceness, transformation, consistency, positivity, and stability. This color is perfect for outdoor weddings at the beach or poolside weddings.

Think about a vivid shade of periwinkle and you have Veri Peri. You can match this color with pastels, yellow, and gold. Infuse this color in your attire, cake, floral arrangement, or arch decor.


2021 – Illuminating and Ultimate Gray

For 2021, there are two stunning hues named Illuminating and Ultimate Gray. The best part is that this combo works together effortlessly. The stable calm Ultimate Gray blends with the sparkly Illuminating shade of warm yellow to inspire, fortify, embolden, excite and assure.

What else do you need on your big day? Incorporate these colors plus peach, orange, or green in your backyard, woodland, and grand ball wedding. The best places to feature them are your table decor, invitations, and photo booth.

2020 – Classic Blue

If you’re looking for Pantone wedding color palettes with solid and dependable vibes, think of classic blue. The mood of this color ranges from self-assured to relaxed and reflective to somber.

Classic Blue is an expressive shade perfect for vintage and garden weddings when paired with gold, pink, white, or powder blue. They give your stationery, floral arrangement, Centerpieces, and cakes a timeless look.


2019 – Living Coral

Living Coral is the perfect combination of mellow and vibrant. Pair this color with green and blue to create a warm and eye-catching color palette at your desert, farm, barn, or country weddings. Infuse them into your stationery, cake, table runners, and arch decor to conjure a serene and comforting environment.

2018 – Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet mimics a purple-toned Pantone color wedding palette to create a peaceful and mystical atmosphere. We love this color for industrial chic weddings, especially when mixed with oak brown. You can also use this color as backdrops when paired with neutrals or mustard.

Add these colors to your Centerpieces, aisle decor, chair decor, and lighting for the ultimate romantic ambiance.


2017 – Greenery

Greenery remains one of the most popular Pantone colors of the year history release. This versatile color symbolizes nature, freshness, growth, strength, and vitality. Greenery is a perfect color for every season and it stands individually, combined without other colors or act as accents.

Work it into neutral, bright, pastel, metallic, and even deep shades, it will shine. It is a great addition to the bohemian, rustic, farm, woodland, and country weddings.

2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity

Mindfulness, tranquility, and relaxation are three words that describe these two amazing hues from Pantone. Rose Quartz and Serenity would create such a comfortable and romantic ambiance that sets the wedding mood.

Match these colors with silver, sage green, neutrals, and gray for your traditional, garden, and minimalist style beach weddings.


2015 – Marsala

Marsala is a very stable color that gives off earthy vibes. It tilts between shades of red wine and reddish-brown. This cool color is versatile and creates a sleek organic look when paired with brown, metallic gold, green, and ivory.

You can also play around with shades of light blue and blush if you’re more daring. Work this color into a desert, vintage, or a formal sophisticated wedding.

2014 – Radiant Orchid

If you have a very active imagination, Radiant Orchid lets you explore. It expresses authenticity, creativity, and fun. Match this color with red, pink, gray, turquoise, or peach for the ultimate show-stopping venue decor. Think red chandeliers on peach table covers, gray flatware invites, and napkins. You’d love it.

This Pantone color is suitable for a modern and vintage-themed wedding because it’s effortlessly timeless.

2013 – Emerald

Emerald like the mix of bright green and yellow is the epitome of luxury, boldness, and radiance. So if you’re having a grand ball-themed or vintage wedding, this is your color. Work into a palette that contains gold, beige, blue, yellow, green, and black.

You can spread this color through your attire to lighting, napkins to the chandelier, and centerpieces to floral walls, and backdrops. For this color, use less is more and use greenery in your floral decor to create an organic ambiance.

2012 – Tangerine Tango

Tangerine Tango is a Pantone color of the year wedding assembly that crosses orange andante. It sets the mood for fun, drama, and seduction. This color has plenty of energy and would match the hot summer season.

Match this color with turquoise, white, green, and orange to create your palette for indoor weddings. Think restaurants, halls, barns, chapels, and estates on a hot summer afternoon.

2011 – Honeysuckle

Looking like the sunny red, Honeysuckle Pantone wedding color is a hue that positively reflects energy and vigor. It looks hot yet delicate and would work for princess-themed and romantic weddings. We also love this color infused into the Wonderland wedding theme idea, especially paired with white, light brown, and pink.

2010 – Turquoise

Are you having a beach, Nautical, or tropical destination wedding? Your best bet is Turquoise, synonymous with serenity, romance, sweeping emotions, and comfort. This color brings a spark to the big day. Pair it with any two of these colors: white, brown, yellow, and green for more alluring depths.

This color palette thrives better in the outdoors.

2009 – Mimosa

Imagine the feeling of sipping on some Mimosa on a hot day. The vibrance, warm and engaging nature of this color speaks optimism, hope, and innovation. Mimosa is one of the best colors for summer and fall weddings with its cheery hue. Feel free to add it to your backyard, beach, and indoor wedding decor.

It matches well with light brown, sunset yellow, blue, sea green, and bright red for a vibrant space.

2008 – Blue Iris

Blue Iris is one of the best Pantone colors of the year history yet. It features a combo of calming seep blue and dark purple that connects with your mind. It is a color with soil, depth, strength, and stability. If you want to set a serene mood, make it the primary color of your wedding palette. But to brighten it a bit, cream, gray, and light purple are fine matches.

This palette is suitable for desert, enchanted, cultural, and woodland weddings among others.

2007 – Chili Pepper

Chili Pepper is a spicy hue that’s subtle but assertive. It’s in your face to see and feel at glam and sophisticated weddings. It is a deep red shade that screams presence, cheer, and outgoing attitude. Best to match it with cream, white, green, and brown depending on the wedding theme.

This palette works for minimalist, bohemian, romantic, and rustic-themed weddings.

2006 – Sand Dollar

If you are in love with neutrals, Sand Dollar is your go-to color. This is an organic shade that tilts between beige and cream, releasing warmth, health, and comfort. It is perfect for a desert, forest, or Arabian-themed wedding. If you want to maintain a neutral vibe, pair Sand Dollar with white color.

But if you want some life and drama, work some rustic brown, terracotta, and gray into the wedding palette.

2005 – Blue Turquoise

There’s Turquoise and then there’s Blue Turquoise, a color that can’t be ignored. We love this nature-inspired deep shade of aqua sky that expresses temperaments. It is as calm as the sky as it is wild like the ocean waves. Use this shade for your beach, nautical, coastal, and lakeside wedding.

If you want to ramp up the vibe, pair it with red, black, brown, silver, or green.

2004 – Tiger lily

Tiger Lily is an exotic member of the Pantone wedding color palettes. This color is a fresh, vibrant reddish-orange that simply lights up your space. You can work this color into a modern or glam wedding. Think floral decor, hair accessories, attire, place cards, napkins, and even lighting. We love it!

If you want to tone it down, pair it with neutrals like cream and ivory. But if you want to complement it, peach and burnt orange are stunning colors to consider.

2003 – Aqua Sky

If you want to create Pantone color wedding for a sunset affair, the aqua sky is a calming color to consider. These deep bluish-green colors mirror the sky on cloudless days, symbolizing tranquility and hope. Match it with gray, cream, and brown for the country, park, and rustic weddings.

2002 – True Red

Featuring among the Pantone colors of the year history, True Red sets the mood for power, love, and romance. Match this color with cream, brown, and silver for outdoor weddings, and accent with greens. You can also infuse this color into your attire or accessories if you’re having a casual wedding event.

2001 – Fuchsia Rose

Fuchsia Rose is bright and alluring, expressing sensuality and woman. This color tilts between deep pink and bright red, solving a dilemma for anyone that can’t decide between both colors. It is everything perfect for indoor, garden, and enchanted-themed weddings.

We love the collaboration between this color and sea green, moss, black, cream, and brown.

2000 – Cerulean

The first-ever Pantone color of the year released is Cerulean. This sky blue alternative heralded the new millennium with a symbol of peace and fulfillment. It is suitable for basically every wedding theme, from indoor to the outdoor, beach to farm, and halls to ballrooms.

Cerulean is also versatile and pairs well with beige, green, brown, gray, and champagne gold as accents.

We’ve listed and discussed the Pantone colors of the year history from past to present. The colors are from the past, but they’re timeless and still trendy. So if you’re looking to curate your color palette for nuptials, these Pantone wedding colors are inspiring pointers. You’ll also find matching colors for pairing and the wedding themes suitable. So check them out and start planning your big day.