Average Price Of A Wedding Band: An Updated Guide

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The major ingredient to make your wedding reception a memorable one is the quality of the music you give the guests. You want the dance floor to be full of party rockers vibing to great songs. To achieve this, get only the best bands because putting songs in seamless flow isn’t easy. But first, you must search, armed with information about the average price of a wedding band. The band has at least 6 members who will perform live at your wedding reception. They will also emcee the event and run the show during your reception. They come with their equipment and are the life of your event.


Depending on the type of wedding band you have in mind, we’ll show you how much they’ll cost you.

What Is The Average Price Of A Wedding Band?

The average wedding band costs $4,019 according to a real wedding study. This depends on your budget, where and when you’re getting married.
In some places, couples will spend an average wedding band cost of $720. The costs can go as low as $500 and hitting up $900. In other places in the United States, a band ranges from $2,850 to $6,488.

Is A Wedding Band More Expensive Than A Wedding DJ?

The average cost of a wedding DJ is about $1,231 lesser than the average cost of wedding bands. So, yes, a wedding band is, in fact, more expensive than a wedding DJ. This is because a DJ will perform solo, unlike a wedding band that comes with a fully functional team.

What Impacts The Average Price Of A Wedding Band?

The average wedding band cost is a total of many factors which we will list below.

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  • The team: The more people there are on the team, the more it will cost you.
  • Experience and expertise: A band with more experience and pedigree will charge you more than what an upstart will. Before you commit to payment, check out their repertoire by looking up their social media and SoundCloud.
  • Songs: If you’ve got a specific wedding playlist or a song you want the band to learn, you’ll pay more. The cost depends on the band you’re hiring, so be sure to find out.
  • Time: The average cost for a wedding band largely depends on the time they play for. The number of hours, and where they play. Apart from the reception, do you want them to play for the cocktail hour and after-party? Do you want them to also play at your rehearsal dinner? All these things count.
  • Additional Equipment: If your band is providing the lighting, projectors, speakers and all, it will attract additional fees.
  • Distance: Bands who are billed to travel to your wedding will charge you extra to cover gas, accommodation, mileage, etc.


Kinds Of Wedding Bands

Bands come in different types. There is a dance band that plays almost every genre. While other bands are specific in the kind of music they play. Some play jazz, Rock and roll, Motown, Latin, country big band, funk, etc. So be sure about your music style.

If you’re sure of the wedding band you want, go ahead and hire them directly. But if you’re unsure about what’s best, go through a music agency. There are music agencies that specialize in recommending bands to people. And, lots of bands are well registered under them, while others are independent.


Tips On Saving Money On The Wedding Band

Wedding bands are expensive. Let’s not skirt around that. But there are sure ways to save money on a wedding band. Few tricks below:

  1. Get a venue with gears: Hiring a wedding band with all the extras you need will cost you almost a king’s ransom. It’s always advisable to hire a venue that had all the microphones, speakers, lighting, and most of the sounds needed. This will cut the cost of your band fee significantly. If your band has to supply any equipment, keep it at a very necessary minimum.
  2. Perfect your timing: Make your order of event for the reception very brief. Allocated the most important events to the beginning and get it over with. No slacks and drawls in between. This will minimize the amount of time your band will perform. Keep their playtime to four hours max.
  3. Get married on an off-day or off-season: During the peak season, everyone charges over the roof. This is because they are very booked. But marrying during the offseason when people are less likely to get married will save you cost. Also marrying on a weekday will reduce cost because there are no jobs during the week.


Do You Have To Tip Your Wedding Band?

Yes, you should tip them. As a matter of fact, every member of the team should get a minimum of $25 and up to $50. Also, take a step further by writing them a review on their social media handles online. You can also go ahead to give them a reference.

Questions To Ask Your Live Wedding Band Before Hiring

Hiring a live band will cost you good money. And you sure don’t want to invest money without asking the right questions. There are a few questions that you just ask before making your hire. Find some of them below.

  • What music genre is your specialty?
  • How much does your band charge for weddings, per time, day, and season?
  • Have you performed at my wedding venue in the past?
  • Do you have a SoundCloud, video list, music list, compilation, or any collection of your songs?
  • What’s your full team like and how many will be present at my wedding?
  • What instruments and how many do you intend to bring to my wedding?
  • Will you do the setup and breakdown, and does that cost extra?
  • Do you require breaks when performing? How many and how long are they?
  • Are you open to learning new songs for my wedding?
  • Will you be able to help me pick the right songs for my wedding reception?
  • Can I see a demon or video performance that your team has done?
  • Are there other equipment that you provide? And, at what cost?
  • Are there other services you offer?

These questions are not exhaustive but very important.

If you love the feel and vibe of live bands, enjoy it at your wedding. It will cost you a good amount of cash, but it’s worth it. There are different types available to suit your style and the average price of a wedding band varies on some factors. From timing to extra equipment, distance, number of people, and more. Knowing how much a wedding band costs gives you proven data to base your decisions.