How Long Should Wedding Vows Be? Expert Advice

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Wedding vows are often from the heart whether they are traditional or customized, written from scratch. This is why it can be quite a challenge to determine how long or short they should be. While the content of your vows can be an issue as well, one of the most common questions that we get is, how long should wedding vows be?


If you find yourself considering this while writing your vows, here is all you need to know on the subject.

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How Long Should Wedding Vows Be?

The length of wedding vows can vary depending on personal preference and cultural traditions. However, generally, wedding vows should be brief and concise, around one to two minutes long. This allows the couple to express their love and commitment to each other without dragging on for too long, which could cause the audience to lose interest.


Determining The Perfect Length For Your Wedding Vows

On the question of how long should wedding vows be, there isn’t much need to fret because there is no predetermined amount of time. Timing is all up to the individual, however for the sake of the ceremony timeline and guests, there is a generally accepted duration of anything between one to three minutes. It’s important to share your feelings and promises with your partner, but it’s also important to be mindful of your guests who might become restless at the prospect of lengthy vows.

Here are a few factors that could help you determine the perfect timeframe for your vows.


Duration Of The Wedding Ceremony

Another factor that is vital in determining the length of your vows is the timing of your wedding ceremony. With a short fifteen-minute courthouse wedding ceremony, there would be no need to wonder, how long should my wedding vows be, because there would only be time for one-minute promises to each other.

However, in a well-planned longer wedding ceremony of at least forty-five minutes, there would be ample time for three to four-minute wedding vows. In these sorts of ceremonies, couples can read out vows that detail their love for one another, parts of their love story, as well as their promises and commitments toward the future.


Your Relationship Vibe

The dynamics between partners can also go a long way in determining how long their wedding vows would be. Some couples would like to scream their love from the rooftops, while others are more conservative and private. Some are extrovertive and comfortable with PDA; these types of couples could do with longer wedding vows. Conservative couples, however, might be happy with shorter one-minute vows that are straight to the point.

Checking with your partner to confirm how long their vows are can also help you with your timing. There’s no need to read it, but it’s a great idea to be on the same page time-wise so that none is noticeably longer or shorter than the other.


Time For Preparation

You’ll also have to consider how much time you have to prepare. Heartfelt, lengthy vows can take quite some time to write, this would be anything from days, weeks to sometimes even months. These are the most important words you’ll be saying on the most important day of your life, so you’d want them to perfectly capture your heart.

Also, after writing the vows, you’ll need time to edit them to be even better. So, if you have sufficient time, you could go with longer vows. However, if the contrary is the case, then shorter wedding vows might have to suffice.

Your Comfort

Public speaking is not everyone’s cup of tea. And, this is why the length of your vows is eventually all up to you and how comfortable you are expressing yourself in public. This one factor combined with the length of your wedding ceremony can reveal that sweet spot of the perfect length to make your wedding vows. Whether your vows are short and sweet or long and heartfelt, all that matters is that you mean the words and that your partner loves them. So, be in the moment, express your feelings and make those promises whether they’re the perfect length or not.

It’s easy to get caught up worrying about how long should wedding vows be; whether they’re too long or too short and so on. However, with this guide and a few determining factors, you should easily be able to come to a decision on the perfect timeframe for your wedding vows on your big day.