Expert Tips On Creating The Most Romantic Wedding

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Weddings are all about love and romance. If you are an over-the-top romantic, then you might want to have a romantic wedding theme, the stuff of dreams. As unachievable as that might sound, there are so many ways to achieve your desires for a dreamy wedding. Think soft lighting, warm and cozy ambiance, ethereal details as well as candles and flowers, and you can have that romance not only in the air but at your wedding celebration.


Choose romantic colors such as pastels, soft shades of blush, and ivory as your base and go up from there. If you need more romantic wedding ceremony ideas, scroll down for the ultimate guide we have put together just for you.

Brides Often Ask

What is a romantic-style wedding?

A romantic-style wedding is usually a formal or modern wedding that has the atmosphere of the classic fairytale. This type of ambiance can also be adapted to a rustic, garden, or vintage-themed wedding.


Romantic Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery for a wedding ooze of romance in every area. From the lettering to the style and decoration. These types of wedding stationery often have a lot of floral or lace elements. Handwritten calligraphy is also a feature of lots of romantic stationery, using fonts that lean more towards the type of cursive that is popular with romance. Watercolor wedding stationery can also carry the romance factor. With the right colors, you can have the wedding stationery to match your chosen theme.


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

If you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony, there are so many romantic wedding decorations ideas to use to bring your dreamy fairytale to life. This type of wedding would be big on florals so much that you might consider it a garden wedding. White and red roses often feature in the decor for a romantic outdoor wedding. Their petals can be used to line the aisle, or they can be arranged in a gorgeous floral arch.


Romantic Wedding Party Outfit Ideas

When thinking of romantic wedding ideas in the attire for the wedding party, pink comes to mind as it is one of the most romantic colors. Mauve, blush, and nude dresses would be perfect for a romantic theme. Bridesmaids could wear matching dresses or each could wear a dress in her style of choice in any colors of the pink or nude hue. From floor-length gowns to midi tulle dresses, you can’t go wrong once you have the right color.


Romantic Wedding Reception Decor

The idea for wedding reception decor, whether you are having an outdoor or indoor wedding is that it should be light and airy. From the florals to the candles, or even balloons, everything should carry this light and airy vibe. This type of ambiance can be best conveyed with a color palette that is mostly pastels. Pink and nude hues alongside lush touches of greenery for a storybook type of vibe.

Romantic Bridal Bouquet Ideas

The bridal bouquet for a wedding is usually a gorgeous creation. A garden-style bouquet with pastel flowers held loosely together with silk ribbons would do nicely for this style of wedding theme. Florals such as dusty miller, peonies, ranunculus and anemones in a beautiful arrangement can give you the pastel wedding bouquet that would perfectly fit with your romantic theme. Ensure that your wedding bouquet conveys just the right touch of romance for your big day.


Romantic Style Wedding Cake

The wedding cake for a romantic-themed wedding often features such cute ideas as the pink and nude color palette that is classic for modern romance. For a light and airy cake that spells romance, a lot of florals can be involved. From organic florals to sugar flowers, you can turn your cake into a classical romantic sculpture. A fondant or buttercream cake would work either way to make your cake the focal point for your wedding.

A romantic wedding relies heavily on the right colors. If you are not a fan of the nudes and pinks, you might consider adding accents of silver or gold to your pastel palettes. You could also choose edgy romance and use colors like fuchsia and bright red or orange and plum. Whatever you choose be sure to recreate the warm and fuzzy feeling of a romantic storybook or fairytale garden.