Must-Take Wedding Photos On Your Big Day [Guide for 2024]

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There is a lot to do when planning a wedding, but in all the flurry of activity, it is important to remember to plan the wedding photos as well. The one way to capture all of the memories of this most important day of your lives, is with fantastic photos. So, take the time you need and all the help you can get with unique wedding picture ideas to inspire you. Whether you need traditional wedding photos or spontaneous snaps, you can get that and even more with the right help.
Read on to discover all of our top wedding picture ideas for gorgeous wedding photos you will treasure always.



Wedding Ceremony Photos

Wedding ceremony photos are best scheduled to follow the program of the event. Each aspect of the wedding ceremony should have a set of shots. Capturing the emotions that flow throughout the event is also a great way to document the day. Be it a smiling guest, tears of joy from the bride’s mother, the beaming smile of a father walking his daughter down the aisle. Capturing these moments will make the wedding album even more precious.
A program for the wedding ceremony photos could include:

  • Wedding prelude
  • Procession
  • Readings
  • Wedding vows
  • First kiss
  • Recession.



The Magnificent Bride Wedding Photos

The bride will no doubt be the main subject for most wedding photos. In creating a photo outline for the bride, it is important to start from the dress. It is genius to start bride wedding photo ideas by capturing the all too important wedding dress first. The importance of the wedding dress to every bride makes it a focal point for the wedding.
Capture your choice of wedding dress from every angle, perhaps hanging in a unique location. The bridal photoshoot should include shots of the wedding dress where every embellishment and every detail is photographed. End the shoot with photos of the bride finally wearing the dress.



Gentle Wedding First Look Photos

The first wedding look photos capture that moment the bride and groom see each other on their wedding day. This is an opportunity to get some of those must have wedding photos of the day. This is even more important than the getting ready photos, and there are two ways to do this.
Traditional: Traditionally many couples prefer to see each other at the altar, so the wedding first look photos are captured right there. As the bride walks down the aisle and sees the groom and he sees her, that is the moment.
Creative: Some couples prefer a more creative alternative where a photoshoot is arranged just before the wedding. This would involve getting ready early and choosing the perfect spot where the couple can meet and the photographers are positioned strategically to capture all the emotions and reactions.



Wedding Picture Ideas for Kiss

No wedding album is complete without pictures of the couple kissing. There are lots of wedding photos ideas that help make the best couple kiss pictures ever.
There are some must have photos that any wedding collection would be incomplete without. And, it is essential to capture the most stunning of these photos at the very best times. When the kiss is authentic, natural and most romantic. Certain times during the wedding standout and every wedding photographer would have to look out for them. This includes:

  • The first kiss at the wedding ceremony.
  • The kiss at the end of the wedding recession.
  • The couple’s kiss while cutting the wedding cake.
  • The kiss right at the beginning or even the end of the first dance.
  • And others.



Cute Wedding Photos of The Bride and Groom

There are so many opportunities to take cute wedding photos of the bride and groom during a wedding, but some should not be missed at all. Apart from the getting ready photos and first look photos, another great time to get these great wedding photos is when the couple is arriving at the ceremony.
More and more couples are preferring to take natural photos instead of posed shots. So, if this is an option that you like, the arrival to the ceremony could capture all of the excitement in these precious moments. For instance:

  • The groom arriving at the venue
  • The bride stepping out of the car
  • The bride climbing up the steps, if there are any.
  • And more.


Traditional Wedding Photos the First Wedding Dance

There are lots of magical moments at a wedding, but one that tops most is the magic of the first dance. It is essential for the couple’s first dance to be captured. This intimate and yet public moment can be captured in a way that the focus never leaves the pair of the hour.
While the first dance in itself can be stressful and being photographed while doing it, relaxing and having fun can go a long way. It would help you enjoy the day and enjoy each other. The genuine smiles, emotions and perhaps a shared kiss, would also make for the most fabulous first dance wedding photos.



Family wedding Photos with Parents

Photos with family cannot be left out of the wedding collection. Couples particularly cherish those wedding photos taken with parents. It is important to take wedding photos with our loved ones as they often put their all into helping make the wedding day a success. They are also an important part of your lives and your relationship.

The best times to get family together for these pictures is usually after the wedding ceremony and before the wedding reception. Pictures of parents can also be taken at those adorable moments of the father daughter dance, mother son dance, and others.


Ideas with Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Group shots are always fun shots, and this rings most true when taking pictures of the bridesmaids and groomsmen at a wedding.

There are many styles of poses for the wedding day photos involving the bridal party. The groomsmen can pair up with the bridesmaids for the shoot, or the bridesmaids can have a shoot with the bride, and the groomsmen with the groom. There would obviously be lots of fun and laughter, but the location and poses for these photos are always vital. You could choose to incorporate the natural landscape, or take advantage of props at the wedding such as a floral backdrop, balloons or comical hand held signs.



Magic Night Wedding Photos

Night time wedding shots can be great if you get a good angle on the available lighting. Something else that can be incorporated is the sunset if you can catch it just at the right time. So, consider when the sun will go down when creating the schedule for your wedding photo shoot.
Your wedding décor should also be considered when thinking about magical night wedding photographs. Would you have candles or a canopy of fairy lights? LED lighting or normal bright light? This can determine how you go about getting those dreamy shots. Fairy lights, candles and lanterns can help you create the fairy tale type photographs that many couples dream of.
The location of the wedding also plays a role in nigh time photos. Would it be beside a lake? Then be sure to take a picture that captures the glimmer of the moonshine over the water to act as a backdrop.


Best Wedding Photos for Getaway with Sparklers

The perfect getaway after the wedding reception would need to be captured by excellent photos. It is important that the photographer knows every detail to plan the photoshoot alongside. Sparklers are a great idea to get those dreamy shots.
The couple can arrange to hold the sparklers themselves, or the guests or even the bridal party. Either way the sparklers would need to be in front of the lens as the couple make their getaway. Capture images of the smiles, the bride lifting her gown, the getaway car or carriage, the couple getting in, the waves and so on. The sparklers add the dreamy effect and result in only the best wedding photos.

Get wedding photos that you will treasure forever. With these tips, you are sure to capture every smile, every tear and all the emotions that make for the most spectacular wedding day snaps.