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Etiquette can be a bit complicated but don’t you worry, we have all your wedding ceremony questions answered! Wedding etiquette and advice is absolutely essential if you want your wedding to be perfect – there are so many things to consider. Find out the most useful wedding etiquette tips to help you guide through every step of the Big day and preparations. You’ll have all your wedding planning questions answered. Everything about who does what, expected behavior, and rules of the wedding ceremony etiquette. Starting with invitations, and thank-you notes you will learn all you want to know about the ceremony and reception.

So you have a shiny new ring on your finger, and you have a lot rushing through your mind. You’re wondering, who do I tell first, what to do after […]

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Wedding Day rules have come a long way from the days of frilly unappealing bridesmaid dresses and party favors for each guest. There are still wedding customs like jumping the […]

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Most people have a budget for their wedding, to keep that spending in check. However, going over budget on some things is totally worth it. Wondering what does a splurge […]

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