Cute, Funny, And Romantic Indian Wedding Hashtags

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The saying that “it takes a village to raise a child” holds true when it concerns Indian weddings. There are so many hoops to cross and days of preparation immersed in the rich culture, and we love to see it. So how do you share so much beauty, tradition, and fun with the world? The answer is Indian wedding hashtags, especially for people with large families.

Indian wedding hashtags, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and websites are a way to involve everyone and personalize experiences through photos and videos. So to set the ball rolling, check out our creative list of the best wedding hashtags ideas.


Brides Often Ask

Which Social Media Platforms To Use Hashtags On

The best social media platforms to use wedding hashtags are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. However, Instagram and Twitter remain the most viable choices because they help you the trend and the curation remains forever.


Why You Need a Wedding Hashtag and How to Create it?

Wedding hashtags for couples are organizational tools. These cool hashtags help engage friends, family, and guests, especially those unable to attend the wedding. Couples choose wedding hashtags to document the engagement, wedding planning, bachelorette, and wedding day all under one roof. So it will help you preserve memories, even the ones captured by others.

Creating the perfect Indian wedding couple hashtags is very crucial because you want it to stand out. Be careful that it doesn’t pop up with another person’s wedding. So to ensure unique Indian wedding hashtags, follow the simple rules below.

  1. Keep it relatable to you both as a couple
    The best Indian name wedding hashtags must be meaningful and relatable to you as a couple. This could be a combination of your names, wedding date, venue, quotes from your favorite things, and more.
  2. Make sure it’s unique so it’s easy to find on social platforms
    If you are creating Indian wedding hashtags for Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, they must be unique and easy to find. Make it short, simple, and personalized so that it doesn’t pop up linked to another wedding. You can do this by including specific wedding dates, years, or destinations.
  3. Spread the word and keep it consistent
    Tell your guests, family, and friends about your wedding hashtags. Include it on all stationery, website, and social media platforms so that it becomes consistent.


Wedding Indian Hashtags by Categories

Romantic and funny wedding hashtags will get guests smiling and blushing at the same time. From the west to south Indian wedding hashtags, see some of our ideas below.

Romantic Indian Hashtags

If you want the guests to get starry-eyed, these romantic Indian wedding photography hashtags are simply perfect.

  • #KuchKuchHotaHai
    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is a Bollywood Hindi classic that we all fell in love with maybe as kids. This movie is the hallmark of romantic description. Express your love to the guests and tell them how you feel by turning this title into the best wedding hashtags. Add the groom’s name or name or the combination of your names and wedding date to the phrase to personalize it. For instance, #KhanKuchKuchhotaHai2023.
  • #AboutUS2023
    Make it about you by snatching the whole year, month, or days of the week. Personalize the hashtag by fusing your names with #AboutUS2023. For instance, #PriyadamAboutUS2023. Make it heartfelt, intimate, and tailored.
  • #MossBeLove
    Lighthearted Indian wedding hashtags are very popular among couples. #MossBeLove mirrors “must be love” and we are here for it. Blend the couples’ last names or the chosen of the couple for this intimate yet playful hashtag. For example, #MossBeLoveForTheSurajs.


Funny Wedding Hashtags

Couples with a great sense of humor can reflect this with funny wedding hashtags. These are the types of hashtags that guests would never forget.

  • #YouHadMeAtMahil
    This is one of the Indian wedding hashtags with names that reflect the couple’s reality. The bride is saying that she got hooked on him at the sound of his last name. Couples can replace Mahil with their last names, especially if it holds an appeal. However, if you are also a Mahil, include your name, wedding date, and destination to personalize it. For example, #YouHadMeAtMadhur
  • #SONIyeBALIye
    Quirky and creative, these Indian wedding name hashtags combine the first names of the couple to add humor. The hashtag also includes a popular Punjabi phrase that highlights the cultural flavor of the hashtag. For example, #CHANDRAyeDEEPALye
  • #TwoWongsMakeARight
    All puns intended; this is one of the most innovative Indian hashtags that you can find. These hashtags are best for surnames or fusion of the couples’ names. For example, #TwoWongsMakeARightForTheLochans

We have come to the end of creating these amazing Indian wedding hashtags. Check them out and find any Indian hashtags for weddings that resonate with you. Adopt the following simple steps we listed and you are good to go.