Use These Funny Wedding #Hashtags To Announce Your Love

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Announcing your engagement to the world? Elevate the excitement with catchy and funny wedding hashtags for your social media posts. Opt for punny tags to add humor and ensure easy recall. These examples will not only make your Instagram pop but also bring smiles to your loved ones tagging along with your wedding journey!


Funny Wedding Hashtags

How do I choose a wedding hashtag?

The best way to look for hashtags is by looking at other businesses within the same sector to see which hashtags they are using. It is important to stay within your field, but you can specify it more by focusing on a certain object.
For example: as wedding planners, if we post a picture of a white-themed wedding dinner we will for sure use #wedding, #weddingplanner #weddingdinner but we can also go a bit more into detail by using #whitetabledesign #whiteflowers #whitedecoration etc.Destination wedding expert, Rhiann Janak

Funny hashtags for wedding are easy to remember and easily the best way to tag memories that you want to last forever.

  1. #TurnUpForWhite
    A spin on the couple’s name. The last word can change to fit the name of the couple using it.
  2. #SwirlForever
    This would be a clever and fun choice for an interracial couple.
  3. #FunDateToSoulmate
    This one definitely speaks for itself.
  4. #BestMateToSoulmate
    For the couple who started as friends.
  5. #CookiesAndCream
    Or any other fun name you like to call each other.
  6. #VivaLaCouple
    If you’d like to add a bit of French?
  7. #OneForTheRing
    A take on a popular song with a spin on the last word.
  8. #OnceYouGoWhite
    Another take on the last name. ‘White’ can be replaced with another name.
  9. #ToTheBestestDay
    Tribute to the best day of your lives.
  10. #ThisTheSeasonToBeHooked
    Another name for wedding season.


Funny Wedding Hashtags Indian

This category features light-hearted and humorous hashtags tailored for Indian weddings, capturing the vibrant and joyous spirit of the celebrations with a touch of wit and cultural flair.

  1. #CurryMeAwayWithLove
  2. #NaanStopCelebrating
  3. #SamosaAndSarees
  4. #ChaiTimeWedding
  5. #BollywoodBashBride
  6. #DholBeatsAndWeddingFeasts
  7. #RaitaAndRomance
  8. #JalebiJokesAndJingles
  9. #TikkaTalksAndTieTheKnot
  10. #MithaiMadnessMarriage


Funny Beach Wedding Hashtags

This category features playful and humorous hashtags perfect for couples embracing the laid-back vibes of a beach wedding. From puns to wordplay, these hashtags will add a touch of fun to your seaside celebration.

  1. #SandAndSilliness
  2. #TideTheKnot
  3. #ShellWeWed
  4. #SeasTheDayIDo
  5. #WaveGoodbyeToSingleLife
  6. #SandyToesAndVows
  7. #BeachPleaseSayIDo
  8. #SunSandAndSoulmates
  9. #MermaidForEachOther
  10. #CoralMeCrazyInLove


Funny Wedding Hashtags With Last Name

Here are some examples of funny wedding hashtags incorporating last names:

  • #HitchedHarrisons
  • #ForeverFunnyFletchers
  • #LaughingLopezLove
  • #MarryingMerrymans
  • #GigglingGarciasTieTheKnot
  • #HilariousHarringtonsSayIDo
  • #WittyWongsWedding
  • #JokingJohnsonJubilee
  • #ComicalCartersCommit
  • #HappilyEverHilariousHills

Feel free to mix and match or customize them to suit your style and sense of humor!

Punny Wedding Hashtags

Sometimes the most hilarious wedding hashtags are the punny ones that are even easier to remember because of reference.

  1. #TwogetherForever
    As they say, no pun intended, but the two belong together.
  2. #OneHellOfAWedding
    Hell, but only in the nicest of ways, for that couple who enjoy being unusual.
  3. #TwasBentToBe
    Is the last name Bent? Then it was meant to be here.
  4. #LetTheHornesBegin
    Another last name pun if the last name is Horne.
  5. #HolyPatrimony
    Combining the word Matrimony with the name of the bride or groom is a pun on its own.
  6. #HisAndHerStory
    One for the memories and marriage books.
  7. #InHealthAndMoreHealth
    For when you feel like adding a positive prophecy.
  8. #HitchedInLove
    The only way you want to be hitched on such a special day.
  9.  #WhiteyEverAfter
    Another spin on the ‘White’ last name.
  10. #TwogetherEverAfter
    Each partner together forever, only with the funniest wedding hashtag.


Fairytale Wedding Hashtags

If you are having a castle or Disney-type wedding, then these fairytale wedding hashtags might be just for you.

  1. #OnceUponADream
    As fairytales and weddings are all about dreams.
  2. #DreamComeTrue
    They are also about dreams coming true.
  3. #JustCantWaitToBeHitched
    Simba couldn’t wait to be King, but you have a different wish.
  4. #HappilyEverJonas
    For the bride hooking up with a Jonas or other.
  5. #EverybodyWantsToBeABlax
    Tune into the Aristocats for some inspiration, using your last name.
  6. #HitchMe
    As opposed to ‘eat me’ from Alice in Wonderland.
  7. #OurMagicalRide
    There is no fairytale without some magic.
  8. #OurWonderland
    Another take on Alice in Wonderland but personalized.
  9. #MeantToBe
    The classic prelude to the end of every love story.
  10. #HappilyEverAfter
    The true classic for the couple wanting the fairytale wedding and marriage.

Bonus: Funny Wedding Anniversary Hashtags

Wedding anniversary hashtags are all about enduring love that lasts forever.

  1. #ContinuingForever
    Proving that your love is still on, until forever.
  2. #NoLimitLove
    The hashtag for a love that is as limitless as it is strong.
  3. #PerfectlyImperfect
    The couple that knows they are not perfect, but perfect for each other.
  4. #EternityTogether
    The anniversary hashtag to celebrate eternity together.
  5. #NowForeverAndAlways
    Choosing each other now and always, the perfect hashtag for it.
  6. #MyForeverLove
    That enduring love that goes on forever.
  7. #BetterTogether
    When you know that you are only better when you are together.
  8. #TwoIsAlwaysBetter
    Always better than one, is undoubtedly two.
  9. #LoveOfALifetime
    Celebrate the love of a lifetime with the right hashtag.
  10. #HappiestTogether
    When you are only happy when you are together.

How do you make a catchy wedding hashtag?

Combine names, use wordplay, add the wedding date, or incorporate shared interests to create a unique and memorable hashtag.

What is the best hashtag for a wedding?

The best hashtag is personalized to the couple, reflecting their names, relationship, or wedding theme. For example, #ForeverSmith or #JonesInLove.

Are wedding hashtags still a thing in 2023?

Yes, wedding hashtags remain popular in 2023. Couples use them to share and collect memories, creating a digital narrative of their wedding day.

Online posts for your wedding would be incomplete without the right hashtags. Whether you need funny wedding hashtags ideas or nerdy wedding hashtags, we’re here for you. Use these fun and well-curated hashtags to find all your wedding-related posts for only the best memories.